Relationship ruining friendships and relationships

relationship ruining friendships and relationships

When It's Not You, It's Them: The Toxic People That Ruin Friendships, Families If you're in any sort of relationship with someone who is toxic, chances are. What are the relationship pitfalls that keep us from maintaining the passion, Why love fades and people in relationships grow apart is one of life's great. After you establish a new love relationship, your friends can become just as jealous as a scorned By Jerry dating someone new, it threatened Mike's routine.

Now they know you don't have food poisoning. And now you're demoted. You feel like you have to document your entire vacation. Online If you don't post photos of the sunset in the Bahamas, did you ever really go? If your desire to give people vacation envy via social media overshadows your desire to have some actual time off and be unplugged, rethink your priorities. Facebook stalking has replaced the usual "getting to know you" part of dating.

relationship ruining friendships and relationships

Not so blind anymore. The mystery of getting to know someone is gone. Sometimes that's a good thing, but the fact that it's a forgotten practice is a little sad.

9 Reasons Technology Has Ruined Relationships, Friendships and Your Life

Alone time isn't actually alone time. Online The idea that we are so bored without our phones during the five or so minutes we are in the bathroom is actually a little disturbing. Whatever happened to just bringing in books when we use the john? Or maybe you just sit by yourself for three measly minutes without anything distracting you? Also, the percentage of phones dropped into toilets has risen dramatically over the years.

That's a scientific fact. There's added pressure to make things "official" on Facebook.

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Online Sadly, there are a lot of people out there who don't count their relationship as real unless they have that FB verification. It doesn't matter until everyone on Facebook sees it in your profile info! And if your boo doesn't want to make things Facebook official, you are probably constantly questioning why they are holding out.

Is there someone else? Are they still playing the field? And now you are paranoid and ruining your relationship before it even started. And speaking of Facebook official, if you experience a breakup or go through some other horrific life crisis, everybody knows. We talked casually like I didn't confess like 2 weeks ago and I flirted with her on instinct ignoring the heavy tension.

It was pretty awkward, but after seeing her and all I remembered why I loved her and I began questioning my emotions again. I realized I was in denial and I decided to prioritize my own emotions instead of our friendship which was very hard I never felt so deeply enough for someone before I felt like it was worth it. I build up the courage to ask her to "talk" on Wednesday 2 days later and she accepted. Then that day comes I find myself waiting 3 hours at school waiting for her to come.

At this point my driver was there and I was convinced she wouldn't come and just when I was about to leave there she was with her bestfriend. I gasped and literally ran upstairs and hide in a classroom. I had prepared for this but damn. After a couple of long breaths I ended up following her to the gym and asked her to come talk so she did ,noticing what was about to go down. I proposed we went to an isolated classroom as I didn't want any intteruptions.

I closed the door and that's where my problem began. I didn't know where to start I didn't have a speech prepared or anything nor how to go about it. She wasn't looking at me she was looking away sitting on a bench as I looked at her, I took a deep breath then started talking.

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I started with what makes you think me confessing my feelings to you is fake I wouldn't joke around with my feelings. She said she knows and she didn't know how to react at all. Then I start telling her that I couldn't contain myself and let these feelings subdue without saying anything, it was stronger then me. She looked at me with apathy and asked me exactly what I was emplying.

I told her I was in love with her then bang,She didn't say anything at first,I was waiting for some reaction but she looked away from me and I was standing there trying to make her look at me She said she had to go to practice so she tried leaving and I blocked the path leading to the door She spent nearly 5 minutes trying to get out using excuses I told her I wanted to go out with her Not giving up I slammed her to the wall and made her look at me not that hard no worries.

I told her to say something, and She said she didn't want to ruin our friendship.

5 Friends That Will Break Your Marriage

And that's where the problem startedI told her it was ruined the second I started falling for her and that I knew this is how things would end up, she said she didn't want that but I told her thts the risk of loving your bestfriend. And I told her I was aware of what could happen and accepted it, I couldn't just ignore these feelings for this friendship as strong as it was. I kept telling her yes or no? She kept escaping my graps but I kept holding her.

The hallways were empty and I looked at her lips her eyes trying to read her but she was still looking away. We spent 5 minutes struggling and I kept asking her questions trying to make her just tell me how she feels but she didn't break. Finally I told myself am I actually going to get rejected cuz she was being stubborn not answering me clearly, Judging by her actions I guessed she didn't love me then I gave up her trying to contain her.

She was surprised suddenly stopped trying to get away as she looked at me slightly hurt. I couldn't tell if she actually had feelings and she seriously cared for our friendship or she was using it as an excuse. I grew pissed cuz i thought she was using our friendship as an excuse to reject me.

I never got rejected so i felt I took a jab to my pride although I was still optimistic, all I wanted was for her to be clear with her feelings. I tried reading her eyes but she wasn't looking at me.

relationship ruining friendships and relationships

She finally said she doesn't want to let go of our friendship AGAIN and at this point she opened the door I told her that she should take time to think about it that I think I went a bit too directly there. She agreed and she said she'll give me her answer on Friday.