Raylan and boyd relationship tips

raylan and boyd relationship tips

At what point did you decide that Raylan, Boyd and Ava would all survive? . And that's what tips the balance of not taking Ava in? Raylan and Winona's long, complicated relationship seemed to be veering toward the two. That's because over the course of four seasons, Boyd Crowder, most flat-out entertaining ways to spend 47 minutes with your clothes on. Which brings us to Boyd's other relationship: the one with Timothy Oliphant's Raylan Givens. Raylan's more charming, and faster on the draw, but Boyd's smarter. Will Raylan finally kill Boyd, bringing his long, loquacious run to an end? Or will First, prison severely strained Ava and Boyd's relationship.

Don't let them see you sweat. Apparently, Black Pike is here to help us realize God's great plan. And all they're asking us to let them do, is cut the top off our mountain. Well, my people pioneered this valley when George Washington was president of the United States.

And as long as we've been here, the story's always been the same: And what do they leave behind? Poundments full of poison slurry and valleys full of toxic trash! You know what happens when million gallons of slurry breaks loose? The gates of hell open! Those poundments are built strong to keep the slurry back.

The gates of hell open, and all that waste rolls down through the hollers and poisons the water and the land and everything it touches! Mining company has a has a word for those leavings doesn't it? And that is what our lives will be if Black Pike has their way with our mountain. With all due respect, Mrs. Bennett, Black Pike will replace the mountaintops and leave money a lot of money in the pockets of the working people of Bennett and Harlan counties.

Is that a fact? Yes, ma'am, that is a fact. Well, that's something to consider. To an outsider, it's probably hard to understand why we're all not just lining up and saying, "Where do we sign? We got our own way of courting, and raising children!

And our own way of living and dying. My heart's still pounding. You've had enough fun for today. You sure you know what you're doing? I'm making it up as I go, but I sure am happy you elected to come along. Getting this property seized is an inevitability.

You wouldn't be the first who tried, Missy Thing. Now, sit your bony ass down and listen to my counteroffer while there's still pieces of you big enough to find! You pick the devil you run with. My daddy ain't never did shit for me. Never give me nothing. Debts and Accounts [2. You just go on and do what you do, and I'll just cleaning up after ya, and sooner or later this problem's gonna solve itself. You figure out that next time before you open your mouth to me.

I've been wondering if I'm just a criminal at heart, ya know, truly my father's son. My name is Boyd Crowder. You can come after me if you want but it will be the last thing you ever do, I promise you that. Any number of people who are trying to kill me.

Well I gotta talk to some people Either you let me go, or I'm gonna have to give you the slip. I love this shit. This shit gets me hard. Well, we've both been warned then.

You did kill my baby. But I was the one that let him become a nitwit. Now, I'm not taking the blame, mind you. Coover had plenty of time to straighten himself out. And you did save Loretta. Saved me from living out my days with her blood on me. I'm not sure it makes us exactly even, but I made a deal with your Aunt Helen to keep the lid on, and I intend to honor it. If the police chief wants to kill a guy, he ain't got to send anyone.

He just waits for the guy to show up on his turf, and he rolls up on him with a bunch of his police officers. You know, that way, he can make it look like the guy died resisting arrest. Or if that don't fly, well, hell, he could just, uh, disappear the body down an old, boarded-up mine shaft. I think you need to call for some backup. We ain't calling anybody. So, are we finished? As long as you understand that the next time we have this conversation, it won't be a conversation. You want to be in charge?

Is that what this is about? I want what's coming to me. Your actions jeopardize my plans in any way, I will let you swing for it. By which I believe you mean, that's a damn good plan you got there, son! Give me one reason why I shouldn't come up there and kick the living shit out of you. I'll give you 15 reasons in the mag, and one in the chamber. We can draw him out. How would we do that? Take you to the middle of town, tie you to a tree, and wait?

I said I said, you don't you have to do this, Raylan! Of course I do. This is who we are, Dickie. This is who we've always been.

Givens, Bennetts going on what? Nearly a hundred years now. And this is how it ends. It can just end. Are you asking me or are you telling me? Well, if it makes you feel better, you can tell people I asked.

Doyle, I need you and your boys to put your guns down. And why would we do that? Maybe you don't wanna see your brother's brains fly through the air. Do you dumb-ass peckerwoods understand English? On the ground, hillbillies! You pull that trigger, your life is gonna change. And not for the better. Now, I want you to ask yourself what your daddy would want you to do. I want him here to tell me. What did you do? Same thing I did to Loretta's daddy.

It was already in the glass, not in the jar. Put an end to my troubles. Get to see my boys again. Get to know the mystery. Boyd, I've been to Mexico, I don't think you'd like it. There's a lot of Mexicans. Raylan, if a book could only be judged by its cover, you'd be a best seller. You want to keep buying quality bud, you gonna have to take all this off our hands. Stay out of this! Pull your head out of your ass, son. This is serious weight, and these are dangerous times.

Now, you want this to get ugly? Of course that's not what we want, Mr. We appreciate you coming by. You're lucky I was already in Knoxville. If I'd come eight hours from Memphis for this, I'd be obliged to kick somebody's ass! So I am gonna have to kill you. But I'll tell you what, there's this game I like to play. I'm gonna put this gun between us and have the pizza man count it down from When he gets to 1, we both go for it, so you got the same chance I got.

That sounds fair, right? As a matter of fact, as I recall, last time we met, you told me the next conversation we had "wasn't gonna be a conversation". This is a different conversation. I like your hat. There much call for cowboys these days? You would be surprised.

Well now, Raylan, you're talking to a man who's sleeping with his dead brother's widow and murderess, so if you're looking for someone to cast stones at you on this matter, I think you've picked the wrong sinner. It bears a striking resemblance to the creature from "Alien". It's 6 weeks old, Raylan. Don't come running to me when it busts out your ribcage.

When did ya get married? Two months before I got divorced. You know, back in the old days, we used to use the phone book. But people don't even have phone books anymore. We still used to tell people, "you have the right to remain silent as long as you can stand the pain". Bernard, did you ever hear me argue with your dad about the best way to train a dog?

There was a time I thought that, uh, pain was the only thing a dog remembers. But it was your daddy who taught me a dog also remembers when you elect not to hurt him.

And if you can get your dog to not just remember, but to learn from the not hurting, then he's yours for life. But some dogs, though, they take you not giving them the hurt that they deserve as weakness. And after that first pass, well, they can't ever be taught. You got no choice but to put that dog down. You ever see what happens when you put too much lye in the scalding water? Well, it burns off the hair and the hog's skin besides. Now, I'm gonna give you a choice, Bernard. I can pour some of this here on the back of your hand, see, turn the heat on the pressure hose up near boiling, and then we'll take this hand, and we stick it in under the stream till I decide we square.

Then we take your hand out, pour on some vinegar, and hope that lye hasn't eaten down to the bone. Or you promise me that you will never fail me again in any capacity, and we can all go on back about our evening. Now, before you choose, I'm gonna tell you what. That first way hurt like nothing that you ain't ever felt, but it'll square us. Second way doesn't hurt, but it'll mean next time you screw up, I'll have to take that as a sign that you don't respect me anymore.

Now, can I assume from your face that you're choosing door number two? These boots aren't made for running. And yet chasing fugitives is a marshal's primary function. That's not how Russian Roulette works. You're not playing Russian Roulette dumb shit, you're playing Harlan Roulette! Well, I-I set him up for Dickie Bennett, strung him up in a tree. I don't know, is that a friend? We're old friends, aren't we? You strung me up, and left me for dead.

raylan and boyd relationship tips

I thought that was water under the bridge. The Devil You Know [3. Just wondering if and when we're ever gonna actually make a move on something worth moving on. And I told you that time is coming. Well, you know what they say: Devil, knowing me the way that you do, whatever led you in your imagination to believe that you could pull this off? Was I not entitled to that, after everything that we've been through? I know how much it hurts. I've been right where you are, laid out on the ground and holding my chest, looking up at the ceiling, trying to find my breath.

Devil, I was lucky I made it back. Son, you ain't gonna make it back. You want some help with the pain? You close your eyes, son. Thick as Mud [3. Well, maybe Lawrence Nightingale really did take him prisoner. Lawrence instead of Florence. Have you been pissing? He took my kidneys, Raylan, not my dick! Your kidneys are for pissing. So why don't you try taking a leak, and if you can do it, then we know you still got your two kidneys.

Come on, come on. You mean I have four kidneys? Honey, if I started arresting people for committing adultery, I'd never make it home for supper. Boyd, have you heard the saying, "the most successful war seldom pays for its losses"? Prison doesn't offer much, but it does give a man ample time to read. When The Guns Come Out [3.

Sneak up on a man like that; good way to get yourself shot. By you in your boxer shorts there? I think I got the drop on you this time, Arlo.

I got no interest in shitkicker-on-shitkicker crime. But you will not drag me into this. The next time you set up an operation in this county or any other it better not have my God damn family name on the deed or so help me God, I will lose this star and the dance we do subsequent to that will not end with you finding Jesus in a hospital bed.

Shit, I guess my invite to this little "partay" got lost in the mail. No, actually, you just weren't invited. No, see, this here is my partay, and if you want to partake, you got to see me first. So if you got business in here, you need to go outside and wait your turn. And what if I got no patience and I hate waiting? I didn't bring a knife. You still don't even know what you done, do you?

I was just trying to clear the playing field. You know, get us control of things— Ellstin Limehouse: Say you was able to start a war between Frankfort and Crowder. Nobody ever found out you fired the shot that started the whole thing, and they wipe each other off the face of this earth—then what?

Well, then we run this shit. So that's what you want.

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Gold chains and champagne and the hos and shit. We have survived in these hills on our own for 15 decades by staying among ourselves. Yeah, but it ain't got to be like that anymore. When your foolishness brings this war to our doorstep, how long do you think we gonna last then? What we got to be scared of? They got guns, we got guns, too!

raylan and boyd relationship tips

Guns enough for the law? And for all the hillbillies that are gonna start taking it personal when we start killing white folks? They always wanted us gone, and now you done exposed us to every buried hate-filled desire in this county.

raylan and boyd relationship tips

And when the blood starts to spill, it will be on your hands. If you wanted to change your life for me, Raylan, you would have done so by now. The Man Behind the Curtain [3. I'll be back for the crown prince's arrival. And I will get us more money. I'm just gonna put a smile on my face, and eat a nice plate of steaming shit What you got to remember is Dad ain't big on second chances, and you only got one because of what he invested in you in the first place.

raylan and boyd relationship tips

Tell the old man that I do not need a second chance. Because you remember what happened last time there were hiccups? You went a little crazy, you remember that? Have you told Mr. Duffy here about your your rent boy? About all it took to squash that? I don't think Mr. Duffy is interested in the story. Then we got a lot of work to do. I got mad ninja skills, buddy. Yeah, you know karate? And two other Japanese words.

I'm a greeter now. I don't think I could say "hello" to that many people. I just got lucky. No, my problem all stems from my work. I swear, I'd be running the whole organization if it wasn't for my boss's idiot son. Watching the Detectives [3. Deputy, that might just be the coolest thing I've ever laid ears on. Detective Garrity, Lexington PD. Arlo, a lifetime criminal. Is that a fair description? I'd add "petty" to be more accurate.

Is that a real question? Well, it had a question mark. He's got the ice-cold, remorseless bottle-blond shit-bag killer doing scut work.

Deputy, are you accusing me of being a fake blond? Because if you need me to prove it to you, I might be inclined to break you over that step ladder, ride you down like a teaser pony, and paint this room an entirely different color. Now, that is the Wynn Duffy I remember. You concerned about me, Raylan? Quarles is going under. You best swim like hell to get clear or the whirlpool will take you down with it.

I believe they disproved that on MythBusters. I'm not trying to change him. I'm trying to help him. Napier, I'd like to think that if I was behind an attempt on your life, at the very least I would've messed up your hair. Zachariah wore a shirt buttoned all the way up, just like his daddy, and one of the many callbacks in the episode was the shot of the boy digging with a shovel; minutes earlier, we'd seen his father desperately using a shovel when he was trying to find the buried money.

Many things came full circle: But in the big picture, a lot did change for Raylan. That would have been the flashy way to go out, but, on second thought, why go out at all? Why not bury your father, give away the farm and try to be a more evolved person capable of raising a child? Worth a shot, right? Sure, on some level, it was about Marshals doing their duty and catching bad guys, up in Harlan and other places too.

It was something to have fun with while using it to its fullest advantage. It had an amazing rotating crew of actors. He was just so much damn fun, able to out-act everyone on the screen merely by looking at things with a twinkling eye or lowering his voice an octave or two.

Wynn Duffy Jere Burns was the gift that never stopped giving inexplicably, my favorite finale line belonged to Wynn: The show gave almost every character a shred or two of dignity, even intellectually challenged characters like Choo Choo and the endlessly moronic Dewey Crowe, who was mocked for his poor decision-making and yet somehow ended up a sympathetic figure. It had some pretty great female characters.

And I still hold out hope that Ellen May is somehow surviving out there in the cold cruel world. It was about working-class characters just trying to get by.

Justified Relationships

What pleasure we got from those hours spent with these men and women for six seasons. He is initially presented as the youngest brother but is in fact Wendy's son. Young and inexperienced at crime he is often shocked and horrified by the violence committed by his uncles. He admits to shooting Art Mullen in what he calls an accident but Raylan is convinced Darryl put him up to the confession.

Danny Crowe[ edit ] Danny Crowe played by A.

Buckley is the hot tempered younger brother of Darryl Crowe Jr. He first appears in Season 5 as a member of the Crowe family in South Florida before moving to Harlan after their cousin Dewey Crowe receives a large settlement from the state of Kentucky. His short temper and love of knives leads him to challenge most adversaries to proves themselves with the "21 foot rule" where a knife is said to beat a holstered gun within 21 feet.

When burying his dog he challenges Raylan to the 21 foot rule. Danny charges Raylan with his knife out but falls into the grave dug for his pet and stabs himself in the throat. As Danny dies Raylan remarks that he didn't see the hole either or he would have told him. He is cold and calculating oftentimes antagonizing Danny Crowe for his laziness and short temper.

He accompanies the Crowes to Harlan after learning that their cousin Dewey Crowe received a large settlement from the state of Kentucky. He tempts Danny Crowe into proving his fabled 21 foot rule where a knife is supposedly able to beat a holstered gun from 21 feet. When Baptiste backs up to 21 feet Danny instead draws a shotgun and kills him. Markham and Associates[ edit ] Avery Markham[ edit ] Avery Markham played by Sam Elliott is a criminal and entrepreneur who made his fortune in the legal weed business in Colorado.

He returns to Kentucky in Season 6 looking to buy up land in Harlan to grow weed, expecting the state to change its marijuana laws soon. However, Markham strong-arms the land from the owners, killing them once they refuse a second offer. He employs a team of mercenaries made up mostly of retired military including; Ty Walker, Seabass, and Choo Choo. Also in his employ is a sort of hipster quick draw artist, Boon. After the exchange Boyd reveals to Markham that it was Katherine's idea to rob him.

In his search for Boyd and the money Markham captures Ava, Boyd arrives with a hostage of his own, one of Markham's bought cops. In the ensuing shootout Avery is shot and killed by Boyd with the final shot going through his left eye.

She first appears in Season 5 as an old friend and mentor figure to Wynn Duffy. She convinces Duffy to bring Boyd on to help them rob banks, specifically one where Markham stores his fortune as she blames him for her late husband's incarceration and death.

It is revealed that she was the one really in charge when her husband was alive, as such she was a mentor figure to Wynn Duffy. When she learns it was Duffy who ratted on her late husband she attempts to kill him but Mikey, Duffy's bodyguard, intervenes and a frantic struggle ensues which leaves both of them dead and Duffy alive. Ty Walker[ edit ] Ty Walker played by Garret Dillahunt is Markhams right-hand man and the leader of a mercenary group with a military background.

He is a soft-spoken yet strong willed enforcer who can take offense easy. He comes to Harlan with Markham to assist in his plan to buy up large plots of land to grow legal weed.

He is a skilled killer but not as adept at crime. He takes a bullet in a shootout with Raylan and Tim but escapes. After Markham burns him for his failings he finds his way over to Ava's house in order to team with them in their attempt to rob Markham. Knowing that going anywhere with Walker is now impossible Boyd gives him up. Walker overhears the betrayal and knocks Earl out before running away, Raylan spots him and the two engage in a brief shoot out which ends when Raylan shoots Walker in the back as he ran.

As Walker dies he curses Raylan for shooting him in the back to which he replies "If you wanted to get hit in the front you shoulda run towards me". Boon[ edit ] Boon played by Jonathan Tucker is a quick draw artist with strong psychopathic tendencies employed by Markham after the mercenary crew fails. He first appears at Lorretta's house to intimidate her into selling her property. He becomes infatuated with her and dotes on her much to her disgust.

He carries a Ruger Vaquero, a stainless steel revolver chambered in. He sees himself as so similar to Raylan that he often compares himself to Raylan and their abilities with handguns. His desire to prove himself the better shootist leads him to challenge Raylan on several occasions but is always called back by Markham.

In the Series Finale he runs Raylan's car off the road in order to challenge him one last time. In the ensuing shootout he aims for Raylan's head while Raylan aims for the heart, Boon is mortally wounded while his shot only grazes Raylan's temple.

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Choo Choo[ edit ] Choo Choo played by Duke Davis Roberts is a veteran left with a diminished mental capacity after being wounded in battle. He is called Choo Choo due to his size and punching strength as he "hits like a train". He is wounded in a shootout between the Marshals and mercenaries, he is able to escape but dies in his car stopped on train tracks just before it is to be hit by an on coming train. Seabass[ edit ] Seabass played by Scott Grimes is one of Markham's military henchmen and served under Walker.

His attempt to rob Markham ends badly when Katherine Hale shoots him dead in her hotel room. Grant reassigns Raylan Givens to Kentucky after Raylan shoots Tommy Bucks in broad daylight in a hotel restaurant in front of other guests staying there. Grant returns in the Season 2 premiere "The Moonshine War" and threatens to kill the head of the Miami cartel, Gio Reyes, if he makes any more attempts on Raylan's life and even offers Raylan his old position back, which he declines.

Raylan later calls him in "Full Commitment" after he and Winona are attacked by two hitmen that Wynn Duffy hired on behalf of Gary Hawkins when the latter became increasingly jealous over the blooming relationship between Winona and Raylan. In Season 5, Raylan partners up with Dan and the Miami Marshals in an investigation regarding the Crowe family and a known associate named Elvis Machado. At some point after Season 5, it is likely Dan retired from the Marshals service as Greg Sutter is seen in the Chief Deputy position in the series finale.

David Vasquez[ edit ] Assistant U. Attorney David Vasquez played by Rick Gomez is an AUSA who originally arrives in Lexington to investigate Raylan's shootings and also informs Raylan that his sexual relationship with Ava has compromised a case against Boyd and he is being released from prison. Vasquez continues to assist the U. He is last seen in the series giving all of Wynn Duffy's belongings back as he is no longer a C.

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In Season 1 it is revealed that he is on the Miami cartels payroll as he attempts to kill and or capture Raylan for them. Raylan gets the upper hand and arrests him, he spends the rest of the series behind bars.

He, along with Alro Givens and Josiah Carin are the only people alive who know the true identity of fugitive Drew Thompson. When Raylan offers him the same deal he offered Arlo in exchange for Thompson's identity Mosley shivs Arlo in prison to prevent him from talking. In the aftermath of Arlo's death Mosley is transferred to supermax but instead of going by prison bus Raylan takes charge of him.

Raylan intends to force the real identity of Thompson out of Hunter but he repeatdly attempts suicide instead of talking. He is last seen telling Raylan that no matter what he thinks of himself Raylan will always be Arlo's son. Known for his heavy handed approach to sentencing criminals he is feared and hated by many.

This causes him to come under threat several times, once by a newly released convict he sentenced and again by a family involved in a case he is presiding over.

It is rumored he wears a speedo and revolver under his robes in court. He is fired after an attempted robbery goes wrong and becomes a greeter at a big box store. In Season 3 he becomes Boyds man for Sheriff in a race to depose current Sheriff Napier, eventually winning due to Boyds dirty tactics.

He initially does what Boyd asks of him while in office but eventually distances himself from the local criminal kingpin in order to serve as a truly honest cop in such a corrupt town.

Going so far as to secretly harbor a prostitute, Ellen May, Boyd intended to kill. Marshals set out to find him. He then assists Raylan in several instances when Raylan needs to work on cases in Harlan, specifically with the Bennett family. In Season 3 he is the first officer on the scene of a car bombing outside Johnny's bar.

The blast was meant to kill Quarles but only wounds him, when Bergen orders Quarles to drop his weapon he is shot off screen leading all to believe Quarles did it.

Bergen dies of his injuries. It is later revealed to have been Arlo who shot him when he saw a man in hat pointing a gun at Boyd his son Raylan is famous for his cowboy hat.

As a deputy he does as Napier instructs him even going so far as to plant drugs in Shelby Parlow's truck during the race for sheriff. Mooney later becomes a deputy working under Shelby after Napier is stripped of his election win and conspires with Lee Paxton to frame Boyd Crowder for the murder of Delroy Baker, but this backfires when Ava Crowder is arrested and charged for the murder instead.

In Season 5, Mooney becomes the new Sheriff of Harlan after Shelby is placed in witness protection after being revealed to be notorious fugitive Drew Thompson.

raylan and boyd relationship tips

As Sheriff he has Paxton's wife, Mara, confess that Boyd assaulted her husband but threatens her at gunpoint when she recants as Mooney and his men attempt to arrest Boyd.

Boyd learns that Paxton has requested Mooney to kill him and bribes him with the money he was going to give to Paxton if he does as he requests and claims that he has killed Boyd, showing him the severed hand with a tattoo matching Boyd's. Mooney meets with Boyd to collect his payment but is instead shot and killed by an old mining friend of Boyd's. Tillman Napier[ edit ] Sheriff Tillman Napier played by David Andrews is the former Sheriff of Harlan County, bribed by Robert Quarles to look the other way while he makes a play to take over the Oxy business, as well as prevent Boyd from getting in his way.

Napier and his men frame Boyd for an attempted murder by placing dynamite under his car and setting it off, arresting Boyd on local television in order to popularize his campaign. Napier ultimately wins the election, but is forced to be stripped of the victory when Napier's sister Hanna is found to be working on the county clerk's payroll Boyd had coerced his sister into doing so previously. After losing, Napier attempts to sever his ties with Quarles, who becomes hostile towards the former Sheriff when he can't get his endorsement money back.

Napier begins to host swinger parties for the Harlan Elite and Boyd gets invited to one of these parties in Season 4 in order to look for Drew Thompson. Napier is last seen insulting Boyd and calling him a worm, saying he is as welcome to the party as "a case of the clap".

Ash Murphy[ edit ] Ash Murphy played by Todd Stashwick is a corrupt prison guard at Tramble who is bribed by Boyd in order to gain access to Dickie Bennett in solitary confinement. Ash then sets out on his own agenda to get the money, going as far as to threaten to make Dickie's life in prison miserable if he doesn't tell him where the money is located. Along with a prison medic named Lance, Ash orchestrates a huge prison fight that results in both Dickie and Dewey the latter having jumped in to defend Dickie and becomes a liability being badly injured and slips both men unnoticed out of the prison in a coroner's van.

Ash is unable to get Dickie into Noble's Holler due to a roadblock and decides to get Dickie to lead Limehouse to them with the money. While bringing food to the motel they are staying at, Ash attempts to shoot at Raylan, resulting in him being run over twice and telling Raylan they are meeting at Limehouse at Mags' old general store with the money.

When Lance comes up with a ruse to get their money by convincing the gullible Dewey Crowe that he has removed his kidneys and giving him a time limit to come up with the cash or else he will sell the kidneys, Ash tells Raylan that it was Lance's idea to come up with the fake kidney heist as Ash's nurse Layla overhears.

Later in the episode, Layla is revealed to be Lance's girlfriend and accomplice, where she reveals she caused Ash to die from a stroke by sending an air bubble to his brain.

Ironically, Season 4 reveals that Barkley himself was dirty as he was working on the Drew Thompson case in order to provide information to his old friend Nicky Augustine, a henchman for Theo Tonin. His title as Constable doesn't earn him respect from anyone but he persists in his duties and does his best to help Raylan and other law enforcement when he can. He drives an old beat up Gremlin and always has his "go bag", a duffel bag filled with survival items including an AK, at the ready.

He proves useful and very courageous during the hunt for Drew Thompson when he is severely beaten by one of Augustines henchmen for refusing to divulge the whereabouts of Raylan and Drew. Bob is last seen being taken to hospital by Raylan. Gary Hawkins[ edit ] Gary Hawkins played by William Ragsdale is a real estate agent and Winonas husband in the first two seasons.

As such he has an antagonistic relationship with Raylan, seeing him as a threat not only to his marriage but also his life. He becomes indebted to the Detroit Mob, specifically Wynn Duffy, after the housing bubble bursts and the large properties he purchased with mob money becomes worthless.

He sells his land back to Arnett much to Duffys anger as he wants cash not land.