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During one such incident, Rangiku found Gin draped in a Shinigami's shihakushō with blood on his face. When Rangiku asked him what he was up to, he. With regards to Gin and Rangiku's relationship, the anime does not significantly deviate from the manga. I do not recall all the details of every. After watching Renji and Byakuya being more open about their relationship, and feeling that level of closeness is missing in his own relationship with Gin.

Yours is just crazier than most. She's always acted like my mother, I'm used to it. When I heard, I wasn't so surprised. It's Gin that I'm not sure about. You and Ichigo always say that. What else can you tell me about him? There have to be some good points. He must have done something about it. I mean, my dad always does things for us, even if we don't notice them until after the fact. You aren't a child genius for nothing.

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He must have some good qualities. Why was he a double traitor? All parents try to shelter their child. If this man is your father, he must do something right. I don't know anything about him yet. I'd say you've already passed judgement on him. Or Rangiku, for that matter? I suppose he thought that not telling anyone who I was protected me…" He ran his fingers through his hair. I haven't asked him, but I do know that Gin always seemed to know what I was interested in at the time.

Momo used to ask me every so often, maybe that's how he found out," Toshiro mused. He had an unhealthy interest in you when I was there. He was pretty obsessed. But I…" "You don't trust anyone, so you don't trust that he would do anything for you just because he's your father.

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Have you ever trusted anyone? You are — Toshiro? I'm not your child, you have no permission to touch me. I am a captain level Shinigami, I demand respect! First your family, now your name…" "What do you mean, your family? I'm so happy for you! You have Ichimaru and Rangiku. Rangiku's always tried to take care of you. Ichimaru's had an obsession with you forever. Once he heard there was a child genius in the academy he tried to find out as much as anyone knew about you.

It was a bit worrying for those of us who were already wary of him. But I suppose I am happy that you did find a family, even if it is Ichimaru. Even your father agrees that Ichimaru is not the ideal father material," Toshiro directed at Karin. I simply don't see him in that light. Perhaps now…" Isshin scratched his head. And he groped me. That — " "Don't get so worked up, Ichigo.

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What do you mean, he groped you? He knew very well that Toshiro had a tendency to exaggerate or misinterpret a situation and he hoped to high heaven that this was one of them, because otherwise there would be one dead captain at the end of the day. It isn't such a big deal. You're still a captain. I went from being a normal guy to having Rukia sleeping in my closet.

Now I know all you people. He thinks that cuddling with you is normal. He wants to make you happy, too. You two are really similar. Rangiku isn't nearly as similar to you as Ichimaru is," Karin said. The way you make him sound, he's just like you. Although this is also so played for laughs in the manga, it is also subtly shown that Rangiku drinks more than just at parties. In chapter 80 of the manga, when Rangiku is first introduced, she arrives rather nonchalant to the emergency vice captains meeting.

She holds her head and complains about not being able to find her captain and Renji subsequently asking who her captain was. In the anime it happens almost identically with the subtle differences being that Rangiku holds her head and the doorway and then walks in normally and Renji appears less concerned about the state of his fellow officer, than he does in the manga. Chapter 80 Bleach 24 vostfr episode 24 start at 6: The fact that she also seems to have a habit of falling asleep in Captain Hitsugaya's office may also indicate the state and nature of her drinking habits.

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More blatantly, in chapters page 17 which was drastically toned down to Rangiku being a little "buzzed" and page 5 a scene that was omitted from the anime, which simply cut to the results of the group's hard drinking this scene was omitted from the anime and chapter page 5 was toned down immensely in the anime. Also in chapters andshow Rangiku in a rather unnatural position. That being said, in both chapters, Rangiku is bruised, emaciated, and quite clearly vulnerable, suggesting some sort of assault.

Before we move on, I would like to stress once again all of this is theory based on evidence presented in the story, not anything officially endorsed by Tite Kubo or the rest of Bleach Wiki. Note the similarities of both the location and position of Rangiku in both chapters. This implied event ties into her connection to a real-world figure: In addition to having similar features to Rangiku curvaceous, well-endowed figure, beauty mark near the mouthMarilyn was sexually abused as a child, something which tragically affected her life and was not recognized by those around her and many people today, i.

Rangiku displays some of the traits associated with being sexually abused as a child: Gin could be simplified into one word…creepy, but its much more complicated than that.

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Yes, Gin did care deeply for Rangiku, but we don't know if it was a neediness and his love of Rangiku was more of an ideal than actually affection, or if it was actual love.

Regardless, Gin had severe mental issues perhaps doing with his street rat childhoodand to be honest we don't think Gin had the mental capacity to differentiate between good and evil.

He wasn't good but he wasn't really evil either, he was just Gin. The only time Gin ever showed remorse or any real emotions at all was when he was interacting with Rangiku. According to the Mayo Clinic, ASPD can be defined as individuals that, "… tend to antagonize, manipulate or treat others either harshly or with callous indifference.