Rajesh khanna and dimple kapadia relationship

Things You Did Not Know About Rajesh Khanna & Dimple

rajesh khanna and dimple kapadia relationship

He was Dimple Kapadia was 16 at that time and Rajesh Khanna was 15 years older than her. They shared a passionate love, hate relation. Rajesh Khanna married the teen Dimple Kapadia back in and up until Rajesh Khanna's death, their relationship witnessed many ups and. After more than a year of her husband's death, Rajesh Khanna whom she fondly refers to as Kaka, Dimple Kapadia talks about how he lives on.

She later said making the film was "one big picnic", though she expressed her lack of comfort performing the "routine song-and-dance" nature of the part.

rajesh khanna and dimple kapadia relationship

The film became known for its steamy love scene involving Kapadia and male lead Anil Kapoorin which the two also shared a full on kiss, something Hindi movie-goers were not accustomed to in those days. She played the minor part of Inimaasi, a young princess who falls for the title character, played by Haasan. She has confessed to accepting these roles for financial gain rather than artistic merit during this period, noting, "I shudder even now when I think of those films.

As an artiste I got totally corrupted. This film changed my whole outlook. After all those professional brickbats, when Mahesh asked me to do his film I think I got one of the biggest highs of my career.

Dimple Kapadia

Working for Mahesh has been the most satisfying phase in my entire career as an actress. Kapadia and Jackie Shroff starred as an estranged couple who, during a relentless legal battle over the custody of their only son, learn that the boy is suffering from leukaemiawhich makes them reunite to spend together the last months of his life.

Before shooting began, she called it "the most serious artistic challenge I have ever faced in my career. She became the character. This has to be one of her best and most unrecognised performances. The Times of India labelled the film a "B-grade movie", but further noted that "Dimple nonetheless did a very convincing job of portraying her anguish and bitterness at being denied justice. Dhawan from The Tribunewhile documenting the famous Hindi films ofpraised Kapadia for "proving her mettle as an actress of intensity and passion.

Things You Did Not Know About Rajesh Khanna & Dimple

Jha, however, in an article discussing Indian actresses who have played policewomen, wrote that the film "turned into quite an embarrassment for its leading lady. Inshe appeared in two action movies: She worked with Kohli in two more movies inthe horror film Bees Saal Baad and the action drama Saazish. In that same year Mahesh Bhatt cast her again in his action thriller Kabzaaa critical failure.

Dutta 's action picture Batwaraopposite Dharmendra and Vinod Khanna. Drishti, a marital drama directed by Govind Nihalanistarred Kapadia and Shekhar Kapur as a married urban couple from an intellectual milieu in Mumbai and followed their trials and tribulations, extramarital affairs, divorce, and ultimate reconciliation after years of separation.

Kapadia's part was that of career-woman Sandhya, and for her portrayal she was named the Best Actress Hindi of the year by the Bengal Film Journalists' Association. The Final Attackthe first directorial venture of actor Nana Patekarwith whom she would collaborate in several other films.

The film, co-starring Patekar and Madhuri Dixitreceived a welcome reception from critics. Kapadia was noted for her "deglamourised role", but most of the praise went to the performance of Patekar himself. She played Rukhsana, a young woman who comes from India to rescue her father, court magician Ameer Baba, from prison. The critical response to Ajooba was mostly lukewarm. Her role was that of Varsha B. Singh, a pregnant Orthodox woman married to an influential politician.

I remember I was just 16 years and he would walk like a sixteen years old girl. He also narrated the dialogues like that young girl so very efficiently.

I just had to copy him exactly. Also, having worked with Gulzar Saab was a great learning experience. The directors finish their work on time, and know how to get the actor in mood. Their energies are great and with technical up gradation, cinema has gone to another level.

rajesh khanna and dimple kapadia relationship

In the end I exit throwing the knitting needles and the wool on him. Cut to another scene. No sooner did I enter I was aghast to notice him knitting and continuing with the questions.

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I was so stunned that I did not react. But yes this taught me how to make use of all the props that you find on the sets if necessary.

rajesh khanna and dimple kapadia relationship

The scene turned out to be so very natural. Surfing on laptops and computers has become my favorite. I have a liking for surfing web sites and also I love to read books.

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Not only it is a pass time but we can also find out the medical facilities by inserting the symptoms of any diseases and know about the usage of medicines. However, I do not like to shop on line. Like knowing more about Mother Mary, antique pieces that showcase the crucifixion of Christ. Also, his bad habits took a toll on their relationship.

Interestingly, even after living separately both of them never applied for divorce. In the meantime, Rajesh Khanna found solace in the company of Tina Munim.

rajesh khanna and dimple kapadia relationship

She worked with Rajesh Khanna in many movies and fell in love with him. But that relation also did not last long. Reportedly, Tina wanted to marry Rajesh, but he thought if he will marry Tina it will have a bad impact on his daughters. After breakup, Tina left Bollywood and went to America for studies.

After, many years Dimple and Rajesh Khanna were seen together again, when Dimple started campaigning for the actor for his political rallies. Dimple Kapadia was also by his side during his last days. She was the pillar of strength for the ailing superstar. Though they were living separately, Dimple was always there for him in his tough time. Also, their son-in-law, Akshay played a very important role in reuniting the family again.