Pros and cons of facebook relationship status its complicated

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pros and cons of facebook relationship status its complicated

Its amazing how Facebook relationship statuses are still so complicated to decode. Luckily, for all of you ladies I am here to give you the Pros. Ah, the old Facebook relationship status feature: at once a a source of . The Bizarre Backstory of the “Can You Feel It” Amazon Commercial. Thanks to Facebook, the relationship status of “It's Complicated” has become more . Ideally, someone is a good fit for you if the pros far exceed the cons.

I must say these Skype conversations probably provide us more intimacy than we used to have face to face. But then one day I got a Facebook alert: If you read this blog long enough you would know that my political views definitely lean to the other side, and that I do have a need to express them. And I indeed express these views on my blog, on Twitter and on Facebook, and I try to engage in honest exchange about them. But not with grandma. She is aware of my political views and loves me despite of them.

If we do discuss politics on Skype it is very carefully, and very briefly, then I tell her about Galia, the cat, my job and about planning to return to Israel. It is really hard to keep secrets on Facebook, and it is not like I am trying to hide anything though if I was gay I would have definitely wanted anyone but my grandma to know that. It is about intimacy, an intimacy that changes from one person to another and cannot be configured in numbers and options.

I still feel bad about it. What about my enemies? Or so I thought… Until one day someone commented with a pretty aggressive tone to one of my political status updates. A quick lookup at our mutual friends drew the connection, we probably met in some tech conference, so there really should not be any reason we would really have much in common. His main critique in that book is that the hyper-personal information filtering that makes the likes of Google News and Facebook so great is endangering our public sphere and our democracies by creating echo chambers and information cocoons in which we are only confronted with like-minded people.

Sunstein claims the actual effect of these environments are further group polarization, in which as long as members in the group are not confronted with views opposite to their own, a group of like-minded peers will quickly be following the more vocal voices and become more extreme.

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Someone has invaded my cozy echo-chamber… How dare I block him away? I actually respond to his status updates from time to time. I feel that engaging him helps me improve my own arguments much more than the easy leeway I get from my like-minded friends. It also teaches me how he constructs his arguments and builds his rational. I find this extremely important, even if I would never manage to convince him.

This relationship is possible despite Facebook, not thanks to it. We are classic political rivals, with a huge gap between us. The fact I have only one contact of this kind is really ridiculous. I think because stereotypes are prominent at this school and you hear them in a casual conversation very often, I think it's kind of a personal challenge to not feed into those stereotypes and let them inform how you view people.

Sometimes a person—I—might have one of the stereotypes in mind, and you have to watch yourself, making sure that you don't judge anyone, and you try to treat everyone the same in terms of meeting people and getting to know them. I don't personally feel that, maybe because I'm an offensive person that speaks my mind. But I definitely have realized that you lose talking points if you say "Oh, you haven't taken the Core, you must not know Herodotus.

So you jerk off a lot, is what you're saying. You definitely lose that connection, like we've all taken the Core, we've all had bad advisors, we've all eaten at John Jay for an entire year and thought it was awful. But we can still find connections like, we're college students, we're in New York City, we're in Morningside Heights.

I don't know, I find that Barnard girls are awesome. I don't know why, but a lot of the Barnard girls I've met have been really cool.

Questions I Have For Couples Who Are In A “It’s Complicated” Relationship On Facebook

More awesome than CC girls? I mean, you're not quoting me on anything. I've consistently found really awesome Barnard girls. I'm an outgoing asshole, and I've met a lot of girls from Barnard being on the same wavelength, like, very quick, witty, sharp, very comfortable being themselves.

Do you think you're meeting all those outgoing Barnard girls because the non-outgoing ones aren't really leaving their campus, or aren't going to the same social circles? Because you'll see CC girls that are not outgoing or are introverted, because they live in your dorm or they are in your classes, and you have to see them. But you might not see Barnard girls like this because they're across the street taking classes over there. To answer your question, I could probably drink you under the table.

I spend a lot of nights going out. I've been to a lot of the Columbia University establishments, and I've socialized with outspoken Columbia girls, but I've also spoken with outgoing Barnard girls, I've spoken with quiet Columbia girls, quiet Barnard girls. And for some reason there seems to be a good sense of connection with me and Barnard girls, because I think there's something to be said about choosing to go to an all-girls school that says something about their character. With that, I think that a girl who chooses to go to a school that is in line with her identity, just simplifying that … The people who I interact with best are people who are very comfortable with themselves.

There are girls at Columbia who are completely happy and comfortable with themselves and whatever else. But I really feel there are a good number of Barnard girls who know who they are and what they want, XYZ, and I have a good time. On that note, how has Barnard affected your dating life?

Your Facebook Relationship Status: It's Complicated

I've been dating the same girl for the past 10 months and she's a Barnard student. We met at a Columbia class and it worked out. Gender ratio doesn't help or hurt your odds? That's the conventional wisdom around this campus, that guys have the advantage. I've never felt that. I mean some guys around here are just not smooth.

pros and cons of facebook relationship status its complicated

This man is smooth, so he's gonna get game anywhere. If you're going to praise me, I'm not going to deny it. I mean if you go to on any given night, do you really see that many more girls? It's hard because a lot of the guys at Columbia are gay anyway. This is not NYU. I have a unique opinion that if a person wants to get laid, they're going to get laid. Male, female, anywhere in between. And it's just a matter of what your standards are.

If I am a guy at Columbia or a girl at Barnard, and I want to hook up with someone within the span of 24 hours, regardless of the pool of thousands of students, male and female, thousands of undergrad, grad, what else at Barnard and Columbia, we also live in New York-fucking-City.

If you want to hook up with someone, if that is your main objective, take a subway ride. Or take a walk a mile in any direction and you can find an eligible bachelor or bachelorette.

You can go online too. This goes outside Barnard and Columbia: In life, the only determinant of your game, your hook-up ability, is solely your own—within your own control, within your own hands, and whether you grasp that or not The Eye: This is a very inspirational speech.

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We can do it! Dating is different though, hooking up is one thing. Yeah, but if dating were simple, there wouldn't be so many stories about it.

If you can explain love to me, go ahead, I dare you. We are college students, we're not going to understand love for another 15 years. Now that Evan has given his "Columbia girls don't have to worry about having the disadvantage because there's always Craigslist" speech That's not what I mean! I'm saying everyone can do what they want. But there are some people who don't and feel like they can't, or don't know how.

pros and cons of facebook relationship status its complicated

It's the awkwardness of college, and honestly the biggest obstacle is themselves. And finding a consenting partner.

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Hey, I went to Take Back the Night last semester. No, wait you're just saying "It's solely in their own control," but you just have to remember to make sure the other person consents. Well, consent is sexy. Welcome to new student orientation. The problem, of course, was Facebook. The morning after the big night, Spoor changed her relationship status. Spoor realized her mistake and deleted the message, but by then it was too late; her future in-laws had seen the message, and the status update, and called to ask what was going on.

How do you explain to your family that you told the Internet you just got engaged before you told them? But relationship status doesn't have to be a source of confusion and despair.

Emily and Michael Weise-King were in complete agreement about their status: They also uploaded a photo.