Prayer and our relationship with god

Prayer is a Relationship

prayer and our relationship with god

Most people who have read the Bible are familiar with the life of David - shepherd , musician, poet, soldier, king. David loved God because he. Strengthening our relationship with God, our Heavenly Father, can be Speak to Him through prayer and ask Him for reassurance and love. What do we need to know about God? God loves us and wants us to have a personal relationship with Him. God loves us even if we haven't loved him. “In this is.

The only time he will ever approach you is when he needs something specific from you. He will even go as far as to act like he cares about you, but once he gets what he wants from you, he is back to ignoring you until the next time he needs something from you.

As he grows older, you grow farther and farther apart. When he is finally able to leave home on his own, you never hear from him unless he once again needs something specific from you. He hardly ever calls or comes over. Now if you are the loving father over these two children, which of the two will you have a strong, natural desire to help out when they may need your help on something? You will have no natural desire to help the one who has been using you over all of those years. However, with the child who has established a true, loving, personal relationship with you, you will bend over backwards to give that child anything and everything that he may need.

Because he loves you for you! He does not love you for what you can do for him. He loves you for the person that you are and for the friend that you have become for him over all those years.

In fact, your love for this loving son will be so great, many of the times you will give him what he will need before he will even ask you for it. Because you are so in tune with him, you will know what he will need sometimes before he will even know what he will need. Then you will want to give it to him before he will even ask you for it because your love for him is so great. You have a very strong natural desire to want to make him happy, all because of the good personal relationship that he has established with you over all those years.

It is the exact same way with God the Father! Establish a true, loving, intimate, personal relationship with God the Father and see if your whole life does not do a complete ! Nothing will touch the heart of God more than you attempting to establish a good, close, personal relationship with Him — with you truly wanting Him for who He is, not for what He can do for you by way of material blessings.

Prayer Secret #1 - Your Personal Relationship With God

Again — as a word of caution — God cannot be tricked or duped. You cannot try and enter into this kind of personal relationship with God in order to try and get Him to give you all of your wants and desires.

Your motives must be pure! You enter into a good personal relationship with the Lord because you want to get to know Him personally! You do not enter into this kind of a personal relationship with Him to see how much He can give you. You have to want God for who He is — not for what He can do for you.

The Bible tells us to seek the face of God — not His hand. For those of you who have truly established this kind of close, intimate, personal relationship with God, I am sure you can testify that this is truly the greatest experience that anyone of us can have this side of heaven — that this one and only true God in the entire universe can actually make direct contact with you, communicate and talk directly with you, and establish a real, intimate, personal relationship with you.

For those of you who have not really established this kind of close personal relationship with God, the one thing that I can tell you is that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

God will handle and relate to you on the level that you are currently operating at with Him. This kind of intimate personal relationship with the Lord is not built up overnight, but over time. God can satisfy and meet the deeper longings of your soul and spirit that no human could ever reach!

prayer and our relationship with god

He can truly give you a perfect, pure, and unconditional love that no other person will be able to give you in this life. He will be able to love you better and deeper than anyone else in your life — including the good natural love that you can get from your parents, your children, your marriage mates, and some of your better friends. You can totally trust God because He is totally and completely perfect in all of His ways. He will not hurt you or harm you in any way.

God has no dark side to His personality, so He is completely trustworthy.

How can I have a "personal, intimate relationship" with God? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

He is totally incapable of hurting you in any way. Some Christians are afraid to go deeper with God in their own personal relationship with Him because they have been terribly hurt in other relationships, whether it be from their parents, their lovers, or some of their friends.

All humans are imperfect and they are thus not capable of giving you any kind of perfect true love. Since God is completely and totally perfect in His very nature and in all of His ways — then He, and only He, is the only One who can give you that perfect, pure, true, and unconditional love that you are really looking for in this life. The Bible Now we come to the second secret that is in the above verse.

Prayer Secret #1 – Your Personal Relationship With God

If you have established a good, loving, personal relationship with God, then He will talk to you just like you will talk to Him. And if He is talking to you, then His words will be abiding in you!

This will be as a direct result of the free flowing dialogue that you will have with God as a result of having established a close, intimate, personal relationship with Him. The other meaning to His words abiding in you is that He is referring to the Bible. If you really want to enter into a close personal relationship with God, then you have to be willing to spend some type of regular quality time reading the Bible.

The Bible is the only one true source that we have down here on this earth where we can really learn all about God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. When you first enter into a true, personal, love relationship with someone, the very first natural desire you will have is that you will want to get to know everything you can about this person.

You will want to know about all of their likes, their dislikes, where they have come from, and what they have been through. And the only way that you can find all of this out about them is by asking a lot of questions. You have to seek after knowledge about the Lord — and the Bible is the 1 main source that we have on this earth that can teach us about God and all of His ways. Bottom Line To summarize the revelation in the above Scripture verse in one bottom line statement: God is looking to establish a close, intimate, personal relationship with each one of us.

Most importantly, we must allow the work of the Spirit to flow though us in all endeavors. When we are new in Christ, He knows us deeply beyond what we can fathom. However, we do not know Him beyond what the Spirit has laid in us, and that is limited to what we have received, learned, and taken to heart. We can be with a friend, not really knowing him or her, just as we can be a Christian and not really know God.

Our closeness with Christ as Lord is at its beginning; this can apply to a brand new Christian or one who has gone to church for decades but has done nothing with his or her faith, who received His love and redemption but that was all.

We need to know a person so we can know more about that person and grow closer to that person. It is the same with our connection to God.

As we begin our wondrous journey of our spiritual formation and prayer 1 Chron. Spend time with Him, be available to Him, become acquainted slowly, and build your friendship consistently. Open your heart to His touch of love! Don't hurry; just enjoy Him so He becomes more than just an acquaintance. Seeking God is not about salvation, for we cannot do that; rather it is our pursuit of growing in Him after we have been saved Matt.

As you grow in Him, you build your relationship with Him so the time you spend, the impact you receive, and your impact upon others grows, too. We become His friends more and more John Again, as with any relationship, we need to put in the desire, effort, and time to seek intimacy and seal that bond. He already has us, and, in His view, we are bound to Him for eternity.

The growth and bonding needs work from our side! We must build a real, impacting friendship so we can spend more time together, know and grow more, and desire Him to use us more.

This is beyond emotions; it is our growing response to His favor and grace so we are partaking in Him Rom. This trust leads to more obedience. We rally from our disappointments and learn to grow in experiences as well as failures and sufferings to the point that we jump at any chance to know and grow in Him, regardless of what is around us Psalm We pursue God because He first loved and pursued us.

He is active in the world and desires to be active in us. It is up to us to take what He has given and build on it.

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Then, we can have the assurance of who He is, and we can build up our faith and prayer lives, which leads to stronger character, maturity, and spiritual formation. We become what he has called and formed us to be John We have His love and His voice; it is up to us to hear and respond! Questions to Ponder Read Matthew 6: How do you feel that God is involved, that He does indeed care, and that He is concerned and does intervene in history for you?

How can this help you to trust Him? How can you take comfort that no matter what others say or do, God will intervene in His time? Why do you need to be reminded of the veracity and importance of prayer? How does prayer help you to keep your minds on Him? How does prayer help you to practice His precepts? How does prayer help you to allow Christ to become more rooted and make you firmer in your faith? How does prayer help your faith-development and steadfastness to become far more impacting and real for you and those around you?

How can your prayer life be strengthened knowing that what we go through, even suffering has meaning and purpose to it? How can you better grow in the grace and love of our Lord through prayer?

prayer and our relationship with god

How can and increase in your prayer time help your faith-development and steadfastness will be far more impacting and real for you and those around you?