Politics and public administration relationship quiz

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politics and public administration relationship quiz

In the political and cultural environment of public policy and its administration, the Why are power relationships seen as permanent features of organizations?. Garner, Ferdinand & Lawson: Introduction to Politics 2e. Multiple choice questions. Introduction. The Nature of Politics and Political Analysis. Chapter 1. Politics. Understand the political aspects of public administration. Evaluate how the internal power relationships of organizations affect their goal accomplishments.

Administrative Leadership is using existing means to existing ends. Now, Types of Budgets. This is Administrative Leadership and is the most used in Government Agencies. This is Managerial Leadership.

politics and public administration relationship quiz

It also focuses on a Program Management System. It gives Manager amount of discretion in selecting how to obtain the goals. This is based on Efficiency.

Effectiveness is left out Who makes what decisions? The Legislative Body makes the Creative Leadership. Theoretically, the City Administrator or Dist. Superintendent in Education do not make Policy.

politics and public administration relationship quiz

They recommend and implement Policy. In California we have two types of local government: Most of California cities are General Law. In that format the Mayor has absolutely no authority outside of the City Council Meeting.

politics and public administration relationship quiz

Mayor is elected from the other Council members. In a Charter City he does what the Charter States. These Mayors are usually elected.

Inter-Relation between Politicians, Politics and Administration

I will make a side comment here— In California, whatever a Councilman states during a City Council Meeting it is very difficult to sue. I accused my predecessor in Montclair of using his public office for his own financial gain by controlling the zoning and sewer bond issues.

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However, if I stated that outside of the City Council meeting I would have been sued, I may toss in how to write political literature and how to answer questions and political behavior at hearings, etc. So, the PS makes the decisions and the PA administers them.

Inter-Relation between Politicians, Politics and Administration

However, the interpretation of Policy actually gives the PA an opportunity to make Policy. I am going back to Levels of Thought by C. Construct system of Concepts or one may say, Interdependent variables limited to these specific Concepts ; Concept; Operational; and Facts. So, we have to develop a Theoretical Model at the Construct level to integrate all three disciplines. This Construct Model can also overlay and integrate into the Grand Theory Models of any and all academic disciplines.

Once this Model is developed at the Construct Level we then bypass the Concept level and go to the Operational level. So, we will be dealing with three levels of thought simultaneously.

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We also get into Decision Making where we are dealing with Rationality-vs-Political Decisions Which may not fit within the Rationality Model—Because Political Decisions are a compromise from a purely rational model and is relative, situational, and transitory.

In this case, I would use Venn Diagrams with three overlapping circles whereby the values and norms are intersected by all three disciplines. All three disciplines also intersect and a classification of the relative concepts applicable to the interaction is listed within each space. Then linkages are identified from each Cell 3 cells into the environment. Then the Decision Making format is used in identifying each linkage and the behavior associated with each specific linkage is then identified and implemented.

This Model can now be used for any and all applications involving three or more entities from three individuals, three or more clients, groups, organizations, Cities, Counties, States, Nations, and Hemispheres.

politics and public administration relationship quiz

This basically is a quasi-static Theory Model used for analysis and classification of concepts to provide guidance and awareness of different aspects of interactions at various levels of implementation. However, the Process systems Model may be used to implement various concepts of the Decision Making Model.

This sounds like a lot of gobble-de-goop—but I know where I am at in describing how I would put this together. The Process Systems Model focuses on: