Pisces male and gemini female relationship

Gemini and Pisces - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

pisces male and gemini female relationship

The Gemini woman and the Pisces man are both full of contradictions. From the outside looking in, this relationship can, at times, seem confidently. As a Gemini female in a relationship with a Pisces male, my only advice can be to become friends first, lovers second. The friendship will. However her consistent movement is a good thing in this relationship When a Pisces is hurt they will swim away, and a Gemini woman does not like to be left.

The glow will diminish. Sexual relations between the Pisces man and the Gemini woman are all about nervous times and hitting expectations.

pisces male and gemini female relationship

The Pisces man will be trying hard to please the energetic Gemini woman, who on the other hand might get less than what she had expected. It is not usual to find such frequent chatter in such bedrooms, than steamy action.

If the Pisces man lets go of his fears and the nervous tension built up inside him, sparks will fly.

pisces male and gemini female relationship

Sex will turn into something fantastic and very satisfying for both partners. What both partners need to be aware of is the communication gap that exists invariably between them. The Gemini woman will be blunt and will not hesitate to be very open about her dislikes or expectations. The Pisces man on the other hand may find all this too much to handle.

Pisces Man And Gemini Woman Love Compatibility In Bed And Love Life

This sort of trauma may cause a bitter end to the relationship. The Pisces man will look for his moments of solace in alone time, music, or art. This needs to be acknowledged by the Gemini woman. It is known that neither signs like an arguments.

Such unspoken frustrations can pile up and cause lots of damage. Both the Pisces male and Gemini female do not have much patience but comparatively the male endures more tolerance than her.

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They both are quite sensitive but the Pisces man is way too sensitive and experiences mood changes which are very drastic and extraordinary without boundaries of any sorts.

He dwells in much deeper emotions than her. Though, she is also very susceptible to changes in moods, she is able to withstand the sudden alterations that take place, in terms of the Gemini woman compatibility.

Pisces Man Gemini Woman Compatibility

She is usually in her imaginative and dreamy world secluded from the actual reality. Level Of Understanding There seems to be a good amount of understanding between this love match.

pisces male and gemini female relationship

The male Pisces is very empathetic and thus feels the pain that the other is going through. And once he does get to know that people around him are suffering from, especially his partner, he will give his best to curb it. Though both indulge themselves in reveries and day dreaming, the planet of Mercury in the female Gemini gives her a strong hold on the actual reality whereas the male Pisces tends to be swayed away in his imagination.

As both Pisces man and Gemini woman are very sensitive and emotional there may come situations where there is difference in their perception and thought process which may hamper the compatibility of Pisces man and Gemini woman, in the future, if not dealt with in the initial stage.

Gemini woman and pisces man love compatibility

The contrast in their personas bring about a lot of dissimilarities in their beliefs and mindset which sparks negativity in the relationship.

The positive arrangement of the the Sun-Moon ascendents will make the the relation lighter which will bring a lot of compassion and love for one another. Although, both of them may have to put some efforts as far as physical relationship is concerned, they can be too emotionally attached to let intimacy to be the most important aspect.

Even though this comes out of different views on creation, it can bond them in the act of creativity.

pisces male and gemini female relationship

Pisces would provide talent and inspiration and Gemini their resourcefulness and practicality. Although their interests might differ greatly, they could find activities to share due to their mutual need for movement of any kind. Pisces will normally dream about movement rather than actually move and this is exactly what their Gemini could teach them — how to make the first step.

They are both usually positive enough to have a superficial enjoyable relationship and go well together at large social gatherings.

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As a strongly mental and a strongly emotional sign, their lack of understanding can be hurtful for Pisces and sometimes for both of them. If they do fall in love and start a romantic relationship, chances are they will not last very long.

pisces male and gemini female relationship

However, there is a beauty in the creative side of this relationship and if Gemini decides to truly listen to Pisces, they could help them use their talent in a constructive way.