Percy jackson and annabeth chase relationship banker

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percy jackson and annabeth chase relationship banker

Throughout both series, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase have shown They officially start their relationship, and when Annabeth says she wants to be an. Grover saves them by crushing the manager with a canoe. Relationships Piper McLean; Jason Grace; Leo Valdez; Annabeth Chase; Percy Jackson; Grover. Annabeth could not believe that they cast Percy Jackson—of all "Looks like we' ll be seeing a lot of each other now, Chase. Annabeth left a gaping Percy Jackson and went to go meet with her manager to discuss the shooting schedule. she thought a relationship had been developing between them.

And as for your other question, which is what my favorite book from the PJO series is and why, that's a hard one. Percy goes through so many changes in it, and I feel like he matures a lot in it, and I enjoyed reading about those changes. And, of course, Percabeth! I literally stayed up until five A. M reading the last book. I got as far as to when they kissed in the lake, but then my annoying sister got up and turned off the light!

I love all the books, but The Last Olympian I might proclaim as my favorite: You asked me how I can update at around in the morning and if I'm superhuman or something XD well, no I'm not, sadly. And I update around that time, because during the day I don't have much time to actually sit down and spend at least two hours writing. My parents are always giving me chores to do, and never let me spend so much time with technology.

So, I just end up writing in the night. My goal during the day is to write at least two thousand words, and in the night another two thousand, and so forth. It helps me alot, actually, so I'm fine with updating and writing at that time. Although, it can get pretty creepy, since I'm the only one up at three AM and I tend to hear noises I don't want to spoil too much, so I'm just going to say perhaps.

I love cliffhangers XD istar I hope you enjoy it! And I will try my best to write that scene of Percabeth in the pool. I love Silena too! And I'm glad you enjoyed the training scene! Thank you so so much! We were all settled in the dining room, Reyna and Leo setting up the food in front of us. Silena breathed in deeply and grinned fabulously at Reyna and Leo.

So, it was too late to make another batch, so we settled for making mole with arroz and frijoles. Piper smiled at them. Silena closed her eyes in bliss. She cleared her throat and shrugged. But I'd rather not have a building being blown up because this dumbass forgot to add something in. Leo rolled his eyes and grinned. I wouldn't cause the building to blow up. I'd cause it to set on fire. She ripped a piece off easily and made a little tent with it, scooping up food with the tent and popping the whole thing into her mouth.

The food really was delicious. The thin strips of chicken were covered with a red sauce, with added so much good flavor to it. It was spicy yet had a sweet taste to it as well. I learned to discover that the yellowish grain-like pieces, arroz, Reyna had called them, tasted even better mixed in the the sauce. Leo got up from his chair, quickly wiping his red stained fingers on a napkin. Jason set down his fork, and faced Silena, who was eating to her heart's content, but looked as clean as ever.

I had left around ten in the morning and Charlie managed to get one of the gang's airplanes. I had asked my chauffeur to take me to Chicago but told him to leave me in the city. I walked it from there. I only walked for about fifteen minutes. I gave them a quizzical look, wondering how close these to were.

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Silena tilted her head from side to side. We have the same Mom, but different Dads. And honestly, I don't think either of us wants to know. But, Silena ended up with us. Dad didn't want to have a child, and Piper's Dad didn't have a problem with me, so I ended up living with Piper and her family. Piper and Silena were just explaining their messed up family to Annabeth. Thalia swiped it aside and smirked at Piper. Piper rolled her eyes and we continued eating contentedly, laughs and stories filling the air.

After we were done eating, Percy started announcing who would do what. Just because you're all high and mighty being the gang leader and all, doesn't mean you don't have to do chores.

So," she smiled sweetly at him. The girls grinned and high-fived each other, then turned and left the dining room, but Silena went squealing after them, yelling, "Thalia! Let me give you a makeover! I should've washed the damn dishes instead! A giggle escaped my lips at his scowling face, and he glanced at me, his eyes twinkling hopefully. But after this, we're hitting the pool. Percy rolled his eyes as we put away the items, already having finished washing and putting away the dishes.

I doubt anyone else in this house knows how to cook. They literally set the kitchen stove on fire. Now we don't trust them being in the kitchen unsupervised, for more than one reason. I really enjoyed spending time with him. But sometimes, he could be so bipolar, it scared me.

One second he could be laughing and teasing and being happy, like right now. But if one bad thing comes up, he turns into a whole other person. One that's scowling fiercely and eyes are burning with anger and is slamming his fist against things and cursing senselessly.

Percy finished putting the last pot away, and he turned to me, a playful smile dancing on his lips. It was long and wide and took up most of the space of the huge room. A couple of pool chairs sat around the room, a blue and white color. I was instantly hit with the smell of chlorine, and a pleasant feeling washed over me. I don't know why, but I'd always liked the smell of it. It just filled your lungs in a relaxing way, and instantly put you at ease.

Beside me, Percy breathed in deeply. He had changed into coal blue swim shorts and a simple white T-shirt. His green eyes were bright with glee, and he wasted no time in taking off his T-shirt and running to jump in the pool. The sound of him slicing through the water filled the room, and I laughed as he broke through the water and grinned at me, his black hair plastered to his face adorably.

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What are you waiting for? I scoffed and walked over to the nearest pool chair, kicking off my gray sandals. I was taking swimming lessons since I was four years old. I tried to ignore Percy's eyes on me as I took off my clothes, revealing a gray and salmon colored halter top bikini bra and the salmon colored bottom half.

I caught his eye as he smirked at me, but his eyes didn't look me up and down in a perverted way that would make my blood turn cold and make me stiffen instantly. Ok, maybe his eyes did wander, but they didn't linger on a certain place for too long, and I was grateful for that.

I walked over to the edge of the pool and stared down at the water. Percy swam closer to me, the smirk not leaving his face.

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Percy chuckled, but remained silent. I huffed and brought my hand out to dip it into the water, when I felt someone grip my arm and tug me into the water. I shrieked in surprise as I crashed into the water, feeling the bubbles of the water tickling my skin. I felt my bare skin go cold instantly, the warmth I once had leaving my body.

I broke to the surface, gasping for air. Percy swam up to the surface as well. He grinned slyly at me, and I instantly glared at him. I climbed onto his back and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. Percy swam up, breaking us to the surface. He laughed as I tightened my hold on him, not loosening my grip.

I frowned in confusion, but before I could question the nickname, he flipped forward and dove us back underwater. I lost my grip on him and swam up to the surface, coughing momentarily.

Percy came up as well, grinning. I coughed and raised an eyebrow him. He held his grip on me fast as I thrashed and threw wild, playful punches at him. He brought his hands up and tried to tickle my underwater. My thrashing became more consistent then, and I managed to escape his hold, instantly swimming away from him. When I made it above water, a few feet away from him, I coughed and spluttered.

Why that nickname, when you have so many other, better, non-offensive nicknames to choose from? I swam to the side as he passed me and sliced through the water as fast as I could, but it was hard to do that when you're laughing so hard. I quickly swam to the other end of the pool, and I glanced over my shoulder to see that Percy wasn't anywhere.

I scanned the pool, trying to find him. Suddenly, I felt someone wrap their arms around me from behind. I gasped in surprise and tried hard to calm down my racing heart.

percy jackson and annabeth chase relationship banker

A shiver ran down my spine from the warmness of him and the coldness of the water. He planted a kiss on my shoulder, and I smiled, turning to face him. He kept his arms around me as I did, and when I faced him, a grin was on his lips.

I grinned back at him. I laughed and kissed him, and he responded immediately. I smiled against his lips, and he tightened his hold on me, my body flush against his. I've never felt more happy. Two hours later, I was getting out of the shower again, a smile on my face as I remembered Percy's complaints when we finally got out of the pool.

Percy had pouted adorably, his green eyes sparkling. We smell like chlorine. I don't want to be a walking pool. I chuckled at the memory and shook my head.

percy jackson and annabeth chase relationship banker

Percy made me feel so happy. I didn't want to lose those feelings. I've been trying hard to not start hyperventilating or stiffen when Percy hugs or kisses unexpectedly. It's Percy, I'd tell my beating heart. He won't do anything to you. I had thought he wouldn't do anything to make me feel uncomfortable, and yet he did.

What if Percy's the same? But Percy's not him. Percy shows you utter, genuine respect. His eyes don't linger on certain parts of you when he sees you. He might sometimes look you up and down, but his eyes always return back to yours, and nowhere else. I shook my head, feeling guilty for comparing Percy to that monster.

Whenever Percy and I kiss, he doesn't deepen it and make it heated. He keeps it slow, and his hands don't wander. He doesn't make attempts to touch me in places I wouldn't be comfortable with. I erased all those other thoughts as I changed into my pajamas. I clicked my phone on to check the time. However, I didn't just see the time. I saw about ten alerts for missing phone calls, and about twenty text messages.

I felt my mouth go dry. I hadn't even thought of her from all that's been happening. I promised her I would call her. And how long had it been since the interview? I raked a hand through my damp hair, cursing myself for being so ignorant and forgetful.

How could I have not remembered about her? She must be worried out of her mind. And then with the vague answers I gave her? What time was it over there in New York? I dialed her phone number, waiting with a beating heart for her to answer. What would I even tell her? Hey Mel, it's Annabeth. Yeah so, im just hanging out with the most wanted people in America, and I've killed about three people already.

Oh, and did you hear about that hotel being blown up? Yeah, I helped cause that. But anyway, I'm fine, you know. I have about an eighty percent chance of dying, but I'm fine! You don't need to worry at all. Say hi to everyone for me! Yes, it me," I said shakily.

I took a deep breath. I can't sound scared. I've got to sound perfectly at ease. I felt a pang of sadness and guilt. She sounded so scared and relieved. All because of me. I cursed myself, but I couldn't help it. Hearing her voice brought so many feelings onto me. I felt an overwhelming feeling wash over me. It was too much.

I couldn't get through this conversation without crying. His eyes were questioning and full of concern when he spotted me. I was sure my eyes were red. They were already stinging with tears. I gestured for him to wait and sit on the bed.

His eyebrows furrowed, he complied, quietly sitting down and keeping his eyes on me. I took a shaky breath and closed my eyes slightly. A tear slid down my cheek, and I made no move to wipe it away.

He made his choice and she guessed she should, too. She would never work with him again unless he earned his role fair and square. She would only do it if she had no choice but to acknowledge his talent. And she had hoped that wouldn't happen anytime soon. He'd earned his role. Annabeth was in her trailer when she heard a specific knock that only belonged to one person: Percy walked in with the sheepish smile she hadn't seen in two years.

It's been awhile since I had to kiss you," he winked, and the masked Percy returned—the Percy who wasn't the one she'd once known. Annabeth kind of missed him more than she'd like to admit. I don't like dealing with whiny children," she said. Annabeth knew that she needed to work on this scene, but the Percy that was in front of her now was not who she wanted to work the scene with. They ran through their lines twice without actually kissing each other, just to get used to the atmosphere of the scene.

The plot was fairly simple: After Percy's character, named Manson, broke down because his brother was taken as a prisoner of war, Annabeth's character, Elisene, had to comfort him as she vowed that they would go find him and rescue him. We can do this, Manson. Annabeth pulled back and saw Percy with wide eyes staring back at her. This was the rawest she'd seen Percy since the awards show, and she couldn't help herself.

Annabeth pushed her lips against Percy's parted own with a need she didn't know she possessed. Percy surprisingly returned the kiss, and he brought his hands to frame her face.

Annabeth melted further into him until she had to breathe and pulled back. Percy's eyes were questioning her and he opened his mouth to speak but no words came out for a long time. I don't want a repeat of what you did to me two years ago, Annabeth. Besides, it's not like you've been totally kind to me since we started this project together. Why do you want to keep hurting me? Percy, we were going to that benefit together and you told my manager to tell me you weren't going.

And then you don't talk to me for months, just to run into me at an awards show and get hurt that I attended it with my costar? Then you turn into this pompous jerk that you're not and makes me hate working with you! You're one to talk, Percy Jackson! Percy's face screwed into confusion.

I thought I was about to date you! But then you put me on the silent treatment and I had no choice but to go about my business and get through my press tour for the movie with Luke. You thought things were still good?

She said you couldn't stomach telling me yourself so she had to be the one to break the news. I decided I wouldn't go to the benefit at all if I couldn't go with you," Percy confessed. I would never date Luke!

And I liked you, and I also wouldn't do that to someone ever. I—of course I would have told you in person. You deserve real and genuine.

Her manager of five years had betrayed her for reasons unknown and ultimately delayed her relationship with Percy 2 years. Daisy, who she considered a close friend, who comforted her when she was stood up by Percy—she was the reason Annabeth was stood up by Percy. Annabeth has to sit down for this. Percy followed her to the couch near the door of her trailer. A few weeks after the benefit, she came over to my house and tried to—to seduce me.

She told me that you didn't deserve me and how rude what you did to me was. I was so hurt I didn't realize what was going on at first. I—I wanted someone to just comfort me, but then I knew she had a different reason to be there and I told her I wasn't interested.

She got angry and left and told me she was happy you'd left me because I was—was scum who didn't appreciate what was in from of him. Then I saw you with Luke and just assumed that kind of guy was what you liked, you know, and so I started to kind of follow after him in hopes you'd see my efforts and come back to me. After I thought you and Luke broke up I took that as my chance, but you just turned your head up and at me every time I saw you until we got this movie together and you told me you hated people who acted like that so I just left you alone until we absolutely had to work together," Percy told his story to Annabeth with a shaky voice.

The ending was rushed and he barely took breaths. Sometime during his account of the events, she had reached to hold his hand and he was stroking her thumb with his in an attempt to calm himself down. He wasn't looking at her.

Annabeth started her own story. During my time working on the movie with Luke, I noticed him and Daisy hanging out a lot, and I always assumed that they would end up as something, right, but then you left the picture and Luke swooped in on me and Daisy… swept in on you, I guess. Now that we have both sides, part of me thinks that they were plotting to end what we had and get us for themselves. Daisy always talked about you before that and told me how lucky I was to be so close with you and that it was amazing that our relationship was beginning," Annabeth said.

The gears were turning in her head and it seemed Percy was working through everything himself. Percy built off her train of thought. I was worried something—something would happen to you and I wouldn't be able to stop it. After you ended things with him, he told me that you were a rude brat and that I could keep you, which I never quite understood… but now I do," Percy deduced.

percy jackson and annabeth chase relationship banker

Suddenly there was a knock on Annabeth's trailer door and Daisy walked in. She looked over to see Percy and Annabeth sitting together on the couch holding hands.

Daisy narrowed her eyes and glared at Percy. And why are you holding Annabeth like that?