Pam and michael relationship

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pam and michael relationship

When I hear "relationship goals," I automatically think of Jim and Pam. shared the same type of humor (Jim and Pam, Michael and Holly, Erin and Pete, etc.). This list examines aspects of Jim and Pam's relationship that don't make sense Michael Scott does come and loves the drawing of the office. Here are some crazy secrets about Jim and Pam's relationship that will However, the former executive producer Michael Schur revealed that.

A big, abrupt change happened after she called off her wedding with Roy. She expressed and stood up for herself better when she realized she was interested in Jim.

She was excited until Roy discouraged her. As her boyfriend, Jim encouraged Pam to apply and go to Pratt. He helped her reason out why it was a great idea.

Pam wanted to quit because she was overwhelmed and missed Jim. Surprisingly, Jim let it happen, though it would have only been another 3 months. He obviously had a crush on Pam, which was evident when he playfully bumped Pam with the mic at one point.

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Pam got revenge, but Brian had to use the mic to knock Frank down. Then Brian fought him. Jim knew about this incident, but Pam kept some of the conversations she had with Brian while she talked with him when Jim was away.

pam and michael relationship

He confronted her about it but then both seemed to let it go after that. More discussion was probably needed. A vendor stops by the office and ultimately asks who the office administrator is when no one knows how to help him. Pam confidently stands up and proclaims she is. Then she gets the bright idea to talk her way into an official position complete with raise.

Pam tells Gabe - who is really the one who can approve the job - the paperwork and raise must have gotten lost in the merger. Then, she manipulates the department heads for signatures. Gabe figures out what Pam is trying to pull, but she bluffs him when he should have told her no. Pam had one stipulation: Pam did get the first account at the Michael Scott Paper Company. They had a moment of incompatibility when Pam went to Pratt, but otherwise they communicated well. That changed when Jim started collaborating with his buddies about Athlead.

He kept that from Pam, going behind her back to have phone meetings. From that point until Jim steps away from his position at Athlead, their communication faltered, which was different from the previous seasons and probably contributed to the animosity. They - and I felt like the comedy would come in watching me think about what I wasn't going to say instead of being what was said.

And that's classic "The Office," because, you know, one of the premises of "The Office" is that they're somewheres between a reality TV show and a documentary being shot in "The Office. And you are - you have classic pained looks that you give the camera. Well, my character of Pam is really stuck. I mean, she's a subordinate in this office. And so, I think that for her, the only way she can express herself is in the silences, but you can say so much by not saying anything.

So, when you're giving one of your pained looks or one of your "this is absurd" looks to the camera, who's the camera person? Is there an actor behind there that you can kind of, like, interact with? Or is it just, like, the camera with a camera person?

Well, there's two different scenarios. When we're just shooting the show and it's a scene, the camera operator is this man named Randall Einhorn. And he's our director of photography. And we will look at him, we'll give him the look, or we'll look into the camera at him. And he's become another character or another actor on the show to us.

So, we do actually act with him. And it's really cute - whenever Pam smiles at the camera, Randall can't help but smile back. The man, Randall, smiles at you while he's holding the camera. And there are scenes that we've done that have been really touching. And you'll look at Randall, and he'll be, you know, sort of teared up.

And when we shoot our talking heads - our interview segments - the director of the episode serves as our documentarian for that week. Some of the directors, we have them back again, and again, and again.

And one director we're particularly attached to is Ken Kwapis. He directed our very first episode, and he comes back every year and directs a couple of episodes. And last year, he directed the finale. And he's always taken a particular interest in Pam and her journey. So, I feel very close to him. And in that moment, when Jim burst into the conference room while Pam's giving an interview, and he finally asks her out on a date, I turned to the camera.

And in the moment that they used, I'm sort of tearing up. And he - his eyes were full of tears. And he smiled at me and gave me a little wink, like, that's right.

You finally got what you wanted, sweetie. And it just, oh, it was a really powerful moment between me and the director. There's a lot of acting that happens on the show that is with our crew members or, you know, people - that doesn't normally happen when you're making a movie or a television show.

Now, how were you cast opposite John Krasinski? Did you have to do a scene together before you were both cast to make sure that there was chemistry between you?

And for anyone who doesn't watch "The Office," I should mention that he's one of the people who works in the office.


And you had a long period of flirtation. But, you know, when "The office" starts, you're engaged to somebody else, and even though things aren't working out between you two, you still feel like, you know, you're involved in this relationship and you can't get involved with the John Krasinski character of Jim. But eventually, you do get together. So, there has to be this chemistry between you. So, were you tested out together during the audition? When it came down to the end of the audition process, they took four Pams and four Jims and four Dwights and four Michaels, and they brought us into a real office.

Jenna Fischer Reveals What Pam Told Michael During His 'Office' Goodbye Episode

And they filmed us with a camera for two days, mixing and matching us. And over the course of that two days, I was mixed and matched with John several times. And after the second day, we were walking out of the scene, and he turned to me and he said, you're my favorite Pam. I hope you get this job. And I smiled really big, and I said, I'm so glad you said that because you're my favorite Jim, and I don't think anyone could do it except for you.

And when they called and told me that I got the job I said, please tell me that John Krasinski is playing Jim. And they said, he is and we're so glad to hear you say that because we thought you two had amazing chemistry. And we're glad you think so, too. Are you friends off the set? It is the strangest thing to have a long-term fictional love interest.

It's a type of relationship that is very intimate, and it's very powerful, but it's fictional. I mean, there is a part of me that is Pam, and there's a part of him that is Jim, and that part of me is in love with that part of him. But in real life, we are just friends.

One of the things that happen on "The Office" often is that you or Jim instigate a joke. And sometimes it's an in joke just between the two of you, sometimes it's a larger joke within the whole office. And I want to play one of those classic moments where you instigate the joke.

pam and michael relationship

And this is a scene from an episode in which Michael, the Steve Carell character, the boss in the office, your supervisor, he's lost somebody who was a former colleague. This former colleague has died, so he decides to - it's so Michael. He decides to gather everybody from the office in a circle and have everybody talk about somebody that they have lost and what it meant to them.

And it's an incredibly inappropriate thing to do in the office, of course. And he has, like, a ball, a grief ball, and he tosses it to the person who he wants to speak next. Soundbite of show "The Office" Mr. As Michael Scott OK, why don't you throw the ball to somebody else? As Stanley Hudson No. As Michael Scott Oh, yes, Stanley. You have to go. As Stanley Hudson I will not. I'm going to toss the ball to Pam. As Pam Beesly Let's see. I had an aunt that I was really close to. She was this amazing female boxer.

Anyway, she was injured in a fight, and she was paralyzed. So, you can imagine how upset I was when I found out that she asked her manager to remove her breathing tube so she could die. As Michael Scott Wow. If you want to cry, that's OK.

pam and michael relationship

That's a scene from "The Office. Do you have a favorite example of one of the times when Michael, the Steve Carell character, came up to your desk and did really bad shtick? Well, my favorite Pam-Michael moment from the entire series happens in season one, actually.

He comes up to my desk, and he wads up a piece of paper, and he goes to throw it into the trash can behind me, but instead it hits me in the head. And Pam looks at Michael and she says, please don't throw garbage at me. And I loved that moment because I thought here's a girl who actually has to say to her boss, please don't throw garbage at me.

It's like such a known thing, you know? It's just, like, such a thing that any normal person would know not to do.

But I felt like that summed up their entire relationship - that Pam is constantly having to educate Michael on simple human interaction. Are there any scenes from "The Office" that were too funny to get through without laughing and you had to keep re-shooting them? Oh, so many, so many. It - you know what happens is I seem to, every year, get tickled by a new actor in a way where I just cannot do a scene with them. The first year was Rainn Wilson.

You know, Pam and Dwight did not have a lot of interaction, so any time we did have a scene one-on-one, I just couldn't get through it. He - Rainn Wilson, he has this weird way that he stands where he pushes his pelvis and his gut… Soundbite of laughter Ms. And he breaths through his mouth.

And so, just to have him approach me is funny. My guest is Jenna Fischer. Are there experiences that you've drawn on and have passed on to the writers of "The Office" that they have actually used in the series? Well, gosh, I remember early on they would ask me a lot of things about my time in an office.

And she and I would go in the writers' room, and they would ask us questions about what it was like to work in a phone bank or in an office. And I can't think of a specific story, but one time Angela and I were talking over lunch, and she and I came up with the idea of having a women in the workplace seminar.

And so we went to the writers and we said, we have an idea for a show. We think that Jan should come in and have a women in the workplace seminar, and Michael will get jealous and have his own men in the workplace seminar. And they'll have these, like, competing workshops. And the writers said, oh, we love that. So then what happens? And we, said, I don't know. That's all we got.

And they did actually end up writing that episode. Soundbite of show "The Office" Ms. As Jan Levinson So, I'm happy to be here. It's very nice to see all of you.

You're all looking well. As Pam Beesly Today's a woman in the workplace thing. Jan's coming in from corporate to talk to all the women about - I don't really know what, but Michael's not allowed in. She said that about five times. As Jan Levinson Women today, though we have the same options as men, we often face a very different set of obstacles in getting there. Soundbite of door knock Mr. As Michael Scott Hey, what's going on? As Jan Levinson Michael. I thought we agreed that you wouldn't be here.

As Michael Scott Yeah, I - you know what? I just - I thought about it. I just have a few things I want to say. Soundbite of Michael clearing throat Ms. As Jan Levinson What are you doing? As Michael Scott Just hear me out. What is more important than quality? Now, studies show that today's woman, the Ally McBeal woman, as I call her, is at a crossroads. As Jan Levinson Michael As Michael Scott And just - you have come a long way, baby, but I just - I just want to keep it within reason As Michael Scott They did this up in Albany As Jan Levinson You are not allowed As Michael Scott And they ended up As Michael Scott Turning the break room into a lactation room, which is disgusting.

As Jan Levinson Now, you're really not allowed in this session. As Jan Levinson I'm your boss. As Michael Scott Anybody want any coffee or anything? As Jan Levinson We're fine Michael. We just need you to leave, please. The Dewey Cox Story," you were dubbed. And Dewey Cox is a movie biography of a fictional singer named Dewey Cox, and it's a parody of films like "Walk the line" and "Ray.

And you sing duets with your husband, who's played by John C. So, let me play a clip of your first meeting - you and Dewey Cox - and here it is. Soundbite of movie "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" Ms. As Darlene Madison Mr. I heard you were looking for a new backup singer for your new duet. As Dewey Cox You heard right.

As Darlene Madison I was wondering if you might like to give me a try. As Dewey Cox I reckon I might. As Darlene Madison I've been singing in my church choir since I was a girl. As Dewey Cox I like the sound of that. As Darlene Madison Darlene Madison. As Dewey Cox Dewey Cox. Soundbite of song "Let's Duet" Mr. As Dewey Cox Hello, Darlene. As Darlene Madison Hello, Mr. As Dewey Cox You ready to sing one? As Darlene Madison I'm always ready. As Dewey Cox Well, all right.

Singing In my dreams, you're blowing me some kisses. As Darlene Madison Singing That's one of my favorite things to do. That was Jenna Fischer and John C. Riley in a scene from "Walk Hard: It's just like one double entendre after another. Was it hard to just keep a straight face while shooting that?

That was - that whole movie was fun in that way. I love satirical comedy. One of my favorite movies growing up was "Airplane.

And you're so good at it. It makes me laugh. That's my sense of humor, so I guess - I feel pretty lucky that I've gotten work on projects that are things I would want to see.

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We'll hear more from Jenna Fischer in the second half of the show. She plays Pam, the receptionist, on "The Office. Let's get back to our interview with Jenna Fischer. She co-starred in the film comedies "Blades of Glory" and "Walk Hard: