Oxpecker and giraffe relationship

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oxpecker and giraffe relationship

The oxpeckers are two species of birds -- the red-billed oxpecker and the yellow-billed oxpecker -- that live in sub-Saharan Africa. The oxpeckers perform a symbiotic relationship with the large, hoofed mammals of the area: giraffes, antelope, zebra, Cape buffalo and rhinoceroses. Jan 17, Much more unusual are the shots of giraffe at night time with these birds using them as roosting spots. There are two species of oxpecker, the. There are many different types of symbiotic relationships or relationships between The relationship between the Oxpecker birds and giraffes is considered.

The drongo acts as a look out for the meerkats and gives a warning cry when it sees predators which sends the meerkats running for cover.

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The drongo wins the trust of the meerkats, but then will be a bit cheeky and give a false warning call. The meerkats will run for cover and the drongo can swoop down and pick up a tasty scorpion dropped by a meerkat.

oxpecker and giraffe relationship

The drongo always needs to win back the trust of the meerkats before it can win another free meal. The drongo can even mimic the warning calls of the meerkats just to mix up the deception! Benefit to the drongo: It takes a lot of work to win over the trust of the meerkats but when the drongo successfully tricks the meerkats it means that it is guaranteed some food.

Benefit to the meerkats: Although it may get frustrating with the drongo tricking the meerkats, the meerkats know that some of the warning calls will be genuine.

The drongo provides an extra set of eyes against predators and that is worth a few false alarms! Oxpecker and Large Land Mammals The oxpecker is a bird that feeds on ticks, flies and other parasites that live on the large land mammals in the savannah of sub-Saharan Africa.

The curious case of the giraffe and the oxpecker | Snapshot Serengeti

This includes hippos, giraffes, zebras and many others. Oxpecker on giraffe, zebra, antelope, and ox.

oxpecker and giraffe relationship

The oxpeckers feed on the parasites on the mammals and help keep down their pests, this benefits the mammals as it helps to keep them healthy. The oxpecker has easy access to food but also takes something else from the mammals: If the animal has an open wound the oxpecker will peck at the wound to keep it open and drink some of the blood.

Benefit to the oxpecker: The mammals are a guaranteed source of food between the flies, ticks, and other insects that might live on their skin or fur. They can drink some blood but not enough to harm or annoy the mammal. Benefit to the mammals: The may have a bit of blood taken every so often, but it is not a large amount to pay for keeping their pests under control.

The health benefit to the mammals by having their parasites kept down outweighs the cost of the blood the oxpecker drinks.

oxpecker and giraffe relationship

Mutualisms often occur when the animals in question are not a threat to each other. If they compete over resources they will provide each other with an extra service to balance out the cost of sharing. Many of the internet sensations of unlikely animal friends seem to be a result of a mutualism based on emotional needs. There was a recorded instance of a lioness adopting a baby antelope, an animal which would usually be its food.

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Oxpecker Benefits The oxpecker will spend his entire life on his hosts, except for nesting, which occurs in cavities of trees. In this relationship, the part of the oxpecker is obligate; he is dependent upon the host as a source of food.

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In addition to the meals he receives every day, the oxpecker also is protected from many predators while on the relative safety of the host. Oxpeckers consume dandruff and scar tissue, and have been known to open up wounds on their host to eat the blood and scabs, potentially slowing the healing process.

What Is the Relationship Between an Oxpecker & a Bison?

Mutualism There are various types of symbiotic relationships. Mutualism is a symbiotic relationship that benefits both organisms.

oxpecker and giraffe relationship

In the case of the relationship between the oxpecker and his bison-like hosts, the oxpecker benefits from having a steady supply of food, while the host benefits from having parasites cleaned from her body. Some scientists debate if the relationship truly is mutual however, as the host does not benefit in the same way, if at all, as the oxpecker.

Animals, such as the elephant and topi, actively brush away oxpeckers, signalling that there may be little benefit to their relationship.

oxpecker and giraffe relationship

Semi-Parasitic The red-billed oxpecker in particular is suspect of being semi-parasitic.