Oberyn and ellaria relationship tips

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oberyn and ellaria relationship tips

Explore their history on the Game of Thrones Viewer's Guide. The death of Oberyn Martell in King's Landing complicated the royal family's relationship with the the Sand Snakes at sea and gave Ellaria and Tyene to Cersei for execution . We have updated our spoiler guide and tagging system. The system . Oberyn hates Lannisters, so went to have a go at them I assume. Then he . Ellaria Sand is his Paramour, which is his unwed lover. Not a wife, but still a serious relationship (kind of like Tyrion and Shae, only more out in the open). The romantic relationships on "Game of Thrones" range from steamy and the wrong horse, and moves on to offer her advice to Daenerys Targaryen. . Oberyn and Ellaria have an indulgent, and passion-heavy relationship.

In A Feast for Crows, Doran Martell reveals to his daughter Arianne that Oberyn has actually been acting as Doran's enforcer to carry out his secret plan for House Lannister's downfall. Three of Oberyn's bastard daughters, known as the Sand Snakesare assigned missions to infiltrate the Iron Throne as sleeper agents.

Pedro Pascal plays the role of Oberyn Martell in the television series. Oberyn Martell is played by Pedro Pascal in the television adaption of the series of books. At the wedding, Joffrey dies after being poisoned, and Tywin initially suspects Oberyn of having a hand in the murder since Oberyn has a past with poison chemistry, while Oberyn denies involvement and accuses Tywin of ordering Gregor Clegane to rape and murder Elia.

The two reach a settlement when Tywin promises Oberyn a meeting with Clegane in exchange for Oberyn serving as one of the three judges at Tyrion's trial. At the trial, Oberyn implies that he is not convinced of Tyrion's guilt, and openly questions Cersei's testimony and asks Shae why Tyrion would tell her about all of his plans to murder Joffrey if he was the perpetrator.

When Tyrion demands a trial by combat and Gregor Clegane is chosen as Cersei's champion, Oberyn volunteers to fight for Tyrion, proclaiming that he will exact his vengeance, starting with Ser Gregor.

oberyn and ellaria relationship tips

Martell valiantly fights Clegane, his superior speed making up for Clegane's size, and manages to wound him in the shoulder and the leg, flooring him. Refusing to kill him immediately, Oberyn furiously demands that Clegane admit to raping and killing Elia and her children, and that the order came from Tywin himself. Distracted for a moment, Oberyn is floored by Clegane, who — in a manner self-admittedly paraphrasing the murder of Elia — knocks out his teeth, straddles him and slowly gouges out his eyes, admitting to the rape and murder of Elia before crushing his skull.

You're not our prince.


And weak men will never rule Dorne again. While she is not a villain at all in the original novel series, in the TV series, she is the main antagonist of Jaime Lannister 's storyline in Dorne in Season 5, and a minor antagonist in Seasons 6 and 7. She is portrayed by Indira Vamra. She is one of the "Sandy Dornishmen" of the central desert of Dorne, who possess particularly dark skin, burned brown by the hot desert sun, unlike the Dornishmen like the Daynes or the Santagars.

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Personality As depicted in the TV Series, Ellaria is fierce-headed, willful, hateful, bloodthirsty, vengeful, treacherous, self-confident, cunning, fairly intelligent and extremely cruel. Though knowing that Myrcella is not directly responsible for Oberyn's death, she is determined to kill her just to make Cersei suffer. Initially defiant, Ellaria is able to play the reasonable woman when she sees she has no choice but to submit, as she tearfully pledges allegiance to Doran and makes amends with Jaime, just to keep plotting vengeance in secret.

She shows no remorse in murdering Doran when she sees she will get no support from him to her cause of starting a war against the Lannisters and avenging the death of Oberyn.

Her cruelty reaches an extreme level when she refuses to spare Trystane just because she suspects he is weak like his father.

oberyn and ellaria relationship tips

While in the novels, her sexuality is a source of speculation, in the TV Series, Ellaria is confirmed as bisexual, being shown sleeping with both men and women. However, bisexuality in Dorne is a common habit to high lords and high-born bastards. In both versions, Ellaria is fiercely in love with Oberyn, but while in the novels, she is able to be reasonable and fears for the life of her daughters, in the TV series, her grief turns her into a real villain after Myrcella's poisoning and Doran's murder.

Despite her fierce coup against House Martell, Ellaria remains cautious after she takes control of Dorne, avoiding an immediate attack on the Lannisters and rallying the Dornish army behind Daenerys Targaryen after she sails for Westeros, thus giving her an upper hand in her mission to avenge the death of Oberyn.

It's implied, though not confirmed, that Ellaria will ask Daenerys for the legitimization of the Sand Snakes as Martells, giving them legitimity in rulling the region; however, since Myrcella's uncle, Tyrion Lannister, is Hand of the Queen to Daenerys, it's possible that at some point, he may ask justice for the murder of his niece. Oberyn has been sent by his older brother, Prince Doranto take his place in the small council, given by Tyrion Lannister during the time of the danger of a siege by the Baratheon brothers, Stannis and Renlyand attend the royal wedding.

Much like her lover, she has bisexual tendencies, bedding both men and women. Cersei subtly mocks her bastard status, instigating a debate over the cultural differences between the Dornish and the rest of Westeros. She and Oberyn later witness the poisoning of King Joffrey, of which Tyrion Lannister is accused and arrested for. As Tyrion demands a trial-by-combat, Prince Oberyn offers himself as Tyrion's champion, due to the crown's chosen champion being Ser Gregor Cleganewho killed Aegon and raped and murdered Elia.

Despite a close fight in which Oberyn is able to poison Clegane, he is killed before Ellaria's eyes. Season 5 Following Oberyn's death, Ellaria turns antagonistic and begins plotting vengeance against the Lannisters. She urges Prince Doran Martell to start a war to avenge Oberyn, but Doran refuses, not wanting to let the Dornish people to face the terrors of war. She also expresses her will to harm Princess Myrcella, Cersei's daughter, in order to take revenge on Cersei for falsely putting Tyrion on the show trial that led to Oberyn's death.

Doran forbids this, stating that under his rule, they will not mutilate little girls for revenge. Ellaria doubts that Doran will remain in power if he continues to do nothing and leaves. Despite their original contempt of having no army to fight, the Sand Snakes agree to join her in the attempt to avenge Oberyn's death after pointing out that they have Myrcella.

Ellaria and the Sand Snakes later return to Water Gardens to kidnap Myrcella and use her for vengeance against the Lannisters, but they are arrested by Doran's guards for treachery. Later, Ellaria is brought before Doran to receive Jaime, though she is openly antagonistic towards him, calling him Kingslayer and refusing to drink a toast to Tommen as the new King.

She leaves and insults Doran for being weak, who in turn threatens to kill her if she speaks to him like that again. Later, Doran issues Ellaria an ultimatum: She later visits Jaime in his quarters and makes amends with him, falsely affirming that she belives that neither he nor Myrcella played any part in Oberyn's death, but expresses her knowledge that Myrcella is, in fact, Jaime's bastard daughter born of incest.

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Before leaving, she mocks him for not being born centuries ago into the Targaryen family, in which position his incest would have been accepted. However, Ellaria's pledge to Doran was false and she still conspires against the Lannisters and to have Myrcella killed.

She uses a poisoned lipstick and kisses Myrcella on the lips. She later begins to bleed from her nose herself, but takes an antidote for the poison coated on her lips, wondering what will happen when Doran finds out that she has betrayed him and put his son's life in danger. The poison has the excepted effect and Myrcella dies in Jaime's arms soon as the boat leaves Dorne for King's Landing. Season 6 Having apparently made amends with Doran, Ellaria walks through the Water Gardens with him and her daughter, Tyene, while reminiscing about Oberyn and helps him into his chair.

They have a quite warm moment, where Doran admits that he was always jealous of Oberyn for his personality and his ability to travel, but Ellaria comforts him by telling him he is a better-fitted ruller than his younger brother. The moment is intrerupted when Doran receives a letter from Jaime, bringing the news of Myrcella's death and realizes that it was Ellaria's doing. Dissatisfied with Doran's decision, the other palace guards simply stand and watch. Ellaria confronts a dying Doran for being a weak ruller and doing nothing to avenge the deaths of Elia and Oberyn.

Doran accepts his fate and begs Ellaria to spare the life of Trystane, his son, but she refuses, telling him that the weak will never rule in Dorne again before leaving him to die on the floor.

She does indirectly imply that she will assume control of Dorne from now on.