Numb3rs charlie and amita relationship advice

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numb3rs charlie and amita relationship advice

Big Brother Instinct: Don has always been protective of Charlie, even when . the proactive approach, giving solid relationship advice to Don and Charlie. Parental Abandonment: Not quite, but Amita's parents are always too busy to visit her. The math used in each episode of NUMB3RS is based on real FBI cases. . the only connection to NUMB3RS is the line, "Much of Charlie's role in this . The worksheet also says, "Part of Charlie and Amita's discussion is about .. despite the repeated complaints and advice from his father, who lives in the house with him. Charlie was edgy because Amita, his thesis advisee and somewhat a girl before the relationship even took off and with his social skills it . when they needed advice, and what type of drink they needed for each occasion.

The relationship suffered several false starts in season 2.

Charlie Eppes

In season 3, the relationship seems to have stabilized. One obstacle to the relationship was Charlie's long-time obtuseness with regard to Amita's interests in him, a fact upon which she commented early in season 2.

Her interest in Charlie wouldn't be so compounded if only he could not see everything in the world in mathematical categories. On the other hand, she deeply admires his work, and is filled with awe after touching a chalkboard full of his elegant equations.

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In Season 2, after Charlie became concerned with her association with Dr. Penfield, she stated she had no time for a serious relationship because of her graduate work on astrophysics.

numb3rs charlie and amita relationship advice

She assured Charlie that her interest in Penfield was only of the intellectual nature. At times, she has felt that her work has been subsumed by Charlie's research. Amita's professional career further created a conflict for her following an offer for a three-year assistant professorship at Harvard University. At the close of season two, she had not decided if she would accept the position, or remain in California and apply for a similar position through CalSci.

With the start of season three, she decided to take the CalSci position and kindle a romance with Charlie. However, Amita said that it would be arrogant for Charlie to think that she only stayed for him. She is having problems accepting her role as a professor, especially in the view that she was a student only recently at the same university where she now holds a faculty position. Larry Fleinhardt advised her in recreating her image of herself, for only then would other professors accept her as a colleague.

Finch said harsh words to Amita about her needing to act like a professor and be more than Charlie's assistant and even stated that she dresses like a kid. Mildred disapproved of her dating her former thesis adviser. This caused her to doubt her relationship with Charlie, but he took it to the next step in kissing her in his garage and she did not hesitate. Finch saw this, Charlie and Amita were temporarily shocked.

In "End of Watch", she nearly quit chairing the curriculum committee, as their colleagues remarked on their relationship.

numb3rs charlie and amita relationship advice

Amita understood Charlie's sentiments over Larry's leave of absence to the International Space Station and could discern that Eppes had never been in a situation where he was not able to get what he wanted. Megan Reeves said it was nice that she worked well with Charlie. Also, the two women were proud to see Charlie help Larry accomplish his dream. Though she said she loves Charlie, Amita did not want him to meet her father, as Mr. Ramanujan always had the expectation that she would only date men born in India.

She joked that it would be fine once Charlie won the Fields Medalwhich she believes he has the potential to earn.

Despite this concern, Charlie has asked her to move in with him, and she is agreeable to the plan. Receiving a frustrated nod from Don, Charlie flipped it open and answered.

Ignoring the FBI agents' gazes, he resumed typing. The phone started vibrating again.

End Watch = End of Watching? - Amita sucks!

Charlie resolutely ignored it. He was not about sacrifice three months worth of sleep, not again. Ignoring the piercing gazes he knew were being directed his way, Charlie fished out a notebook and started scribbling out functions. The phone fell silent, before starting to vibrate again. Jamming the phone between his shoulder and ear so that he could keep typing, Charlie said, "Eppes. Clenching his jaw and forcing his emotions back, he growled, "Start talking.

Charlie pressed his lips together in a thin line, his breathing starting to sound forced. The rage was back in full force.

numb3rs charlie and amita relationship advice

He flipped to a new page in his notebook and started writing. A few minutes later, his pencil snapped in half. Suddenly, it became all too clear that this man was indeed Don's brother.

How many times had that same, tight expression adorned Don's face in the middle of a case. What happened to needing four hours? Well, next time, could you get your epiphanies a little sooner? Charlie slammed his laptop shut and quickly packed away his things. Megan, who had stayed silent so far, asked quietly, "Charlie?

numb3rs charlie and amita relationship advice

Without looking back, he ground out, "Don, do me a favor. Don't come near me for the next three days. There was a beat of silence as the four FBI agents wondered exactly what had happened with their mild-mannered mathematician before Don barked out his orders and they left to catch a criminal.

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As usual, Charlie's information was solid. They caught the criminal, wrote up their reports and headed home for a well deserved crash.

numb3rs charlie and amita relationship advice

Well, Don, Megan, and David did. Colby decided to head over to a bar and relax with a few drinks. The bar he frequented was a surprisingly respectable one, about a block away from his apartment. He sat down on a barstool and waved to the bartender, an elderly man with snow white hair and kind, dark eyes. Mike was a rare sort; he listened to whatever problems his customers had and never said a word.

He always seemed to know when someone just need to vent, when they needed advice, and what type of drink they needed for each occasion. In the year that Colby had been in LA, Mike had been one of his greatest supports. Colby looked down at the drink Mike passed to him. Colby took a sip and looked over, promptly choking on his drink.

In truth, he sort of did. Charlie was… well, a geek, to put it bluntly. The only things associated with him were chalk and numbers. The thought of him drinking or getting any action just seemed out of place.

Charlie burst out laughing. It was pretty strong. There's only so much a person can take, y'know? Well, actually you don't, seeing as you're not the one who can't look at a glass of water without volume, density, rate formulas running through your head. That's why I'm always scribbling at a chalkboard, trying to get the numbers out of my head, in the hopes that maybe I'll get some peace, but for every formula I get out, another one takes its place in my mind.

I come down here once a month to clear my head, recharge… Why am I telling you this, again? He'd never really considered the cost of Charlie's genius. The math the other man worked on had always seemed like magic to him, but he'd never really thought about where the numbers came from. I remember running to him one night when I was little, begging him to make the numbers go away.

I don't think he was too happy with being woken up at 2 in the morning. Can I get another one? I'm not drunk enough.

Colby raised an eyebrow and asked, "Charlie, how much have you had? You think I don't know what I'm doing?

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I've been doing this since I was 15 years old, and yes, I'm well aware what the legal drinking age in California is.

She let you go out drinking? I wasn't fond of being made an escape for her marital problems. Damn, the alcohol was working on him faster than it was on Charlie and he'd only had one glass!