Now you see me daniel and henley relationship

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now you see me daniel and henley relationship

A page for describing Characters: Now You See Me. Warning! This page contains huge spoilers. Proceed at your own risk. J. Daniel AtlasThe Lover One- fourth. Read hot and popular stories about #henley on Wattpad. NOW YOU SEE ME | ❝The more you think you see, the easier it'll be to fool you. Her big brother, Daniel Atlas has taught her everything she knows. but when personal scars begin to surface and impact their relationship, it's up to him to keep them together . She's germ-phobic. Can you analyse the relationship between Daniel and Henley? Check out our movie #NowYouSeeMe out 3 July

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I do not own a thing; this was written for the purpose of entertainment only. Apologies for my word choice and grammar, not very American as far as I can tell. Henley gave an annoyed sigh at her one-hundred percent fun-proof comrade who had been appointed her partner in crime for today. Meaning she was forced to spend an entire night in a French club with the world's second-worst DJ and her arrogant ex-boss. She was obviously in for an unforgettable night.

now you see me daniel and henley relationship

Going on a walk through Montmartre. She had to hand it to him, it took a lot of self-restraint to utter that line and keep a straight face. Or just a complete lack of humour, which was probably more likely in his case. Why do we have to dance? After some introductions, Jack Wilder arrives and unlocks the door to the apartment. They enter and discover a blueprint for a show.

All four our amazed, and Henley states that she wishes she could meet whoever designed the blueprint. One year later, the group has become the Four Horsemen with Arthur Tressler as their sponsor. They announce that they are going to rob a bank on stage in front of their live audience.

Daniel explains that the audience will choose whose bank they will rob using ping pong balls.

now you see me daniel and henley relationship

However, the Horsemen switch the balls chosen by the audience with the seat number they want. The chosen seat number is B The Horsemen invite him to join them on the stage.

now you see me daniel and henley relationship

While he does that, Daniel gives a special shout-out to Arthur Tressler for sponsoring them. Henley then conjures a teleporter in the center of the stage.

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The group informs him that in Paris it is nine hours ahead of Las Vegas and that the bank will be opening in ten minutes. The "vault" is actually a room beneath the stage. The button activates an air duct that vacuums up the entire pile of money.

The money rains down on the Las Vegas crowd, and they cheer. The Horsemen are taken into police custody. Dylan Rhodes and Alma Dray are given the task of interrogating them.

Henley is seen alone in a room making the chair across from her spin with her feet. Jack picks the lock to the apartment, and they enter. Inside, they find blueprints for a show from a mysterious benefactor. They tell everyone that they will rob a bank. Seat B is randomly selected by the audience. He goes to the stage. Atlas has him select a card and sign it.

now you see me daniel and henley relationship

Atlas tells him to take the playing card he signed and the ticket stub from the performance and drop them in the middle of 3 million euros worth of money. The money flies through a vent from Paris to Vegas and is given to the audience. Atlas shows a magic trick to Alma The Four Horsemen are later arrested. Atlas is interrogated by Dylan Rhodes and Alma Dray.

now you see me daniel and henley relationship

However, Atlas points out to Dylan that if he was imprisoned, that would mean he and his FBI friends actually believed in magic. Dylan starts toward him in anger. Atlas throws the handcuffs off of himself, and they fall on Dylan's wrists. He and the other members are released.

While on Arthur Tressler 's private jet, Atlas begins mocking Merritt's mentalism.

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He begins to try and read the mind of Tressler. Atlas tricks Tressler into telling him the name of his first pet and the name of his mother's maiden name. At their second show in New Orleans, all four Horsemen begin with several different tricks. Merritt hypnotizes twelve people into attacking anyone who says the word "freeze". Atlas and Henley do a trick in which they put a rabbit in a box and make it vanish.

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They then reveal that it was done by placing a mirror in the box. Later, Atlas makes large bubbles with his hands and Henley jumps into a bubble. She floats to the balcony, but the bubble pops. However, she is caught by Atlas, who has miraculously appeared on the balcony.

After the intermission, the Horsemen have Tressler go down on stage with them. The audience members have written down their bank balance on a piece of paper. The Horsemen reveal that all of the audience members were victims of Hurricane Katrina and that they were loopholed out of their settlements by Tressler Insurance.

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Tressler is left with nothing but his jet and his car, while all of the audience members get substantial amounts of money added to their accounts. Dylan gets confirmation that Tressler was robbed. Dylan runs down to the stage and yells out "Freeze! The twelve audience members that were hypnotized earlier all attack Dylan as the Horsemen escape. Dylan and Alma begin to pursue the Horsemen, but they once again evade capture.