Noragami yato and hiyori relationship trust

Yato and Yukine: 5 Reasons They Need Each Other [Noragami]

noragami yato and hiyori relationship trust

Noragami a compound of Nora Kami Stray god. Yato, the stray god who wanders around and begs attention and remembrance from anyone. Yato often refers to his relationship with Yukine as that of a father and son's, calling him This trust is displayed when Yato tells Hiyori to come to Kofuku should. Noragami's Yato and Yukine are an odd, or rather, seemingly dysfunctional pair. They're both so broken beyond reason that they've gone full.

In short, a Nora is a term for any Shinki with more than one name, used interchangeably with the title 'Stray.

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A Stray cannot be bound using any technique that link to their names easily; unless all names of a Stray is known, other shinki cannot use Restraint or any other binding techniques. Strays can also change hands from one god to another should their names be called, literally betraying the master they were serving at that time. This makes them dangerous, uncontrollable, and unreliable.

Sakura sees that Hiiro also has the name 'Mizuchi' on her back, in addition to the name Hiiro that Yato gave her. Later we see 'Father' use that name to turn her into a weapon to break Sakura's name and turn her into a Phantom. This shows us that even when she was only working with Yato, she was already technically a Nora.

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As for why she has so many masters, that's because 'Father' commanded her to do so. She claims she's been working with other gods simply because Yato hasn't called her in so long At this point, we are going to stray a bit into speculation as to why he would want that The reason that gods will contract with a Stray is that it allows them to wield a 'disposable' regalia for dirty business that they don't want to involve their own Shinki in.

This means that Nora is witness to all of that dirty business that gods are getting up to that they don't want their own Shinki exposed to, or that may count as a Sin for their Shinki I'll get to that in a second. And since her ultimate loyalty is to 'Father,' that means that he is also privy to a lot of the stuff gods are up to that they don't want others to know about.

In short, Nora is a spy for him Now, as for the 'never blighted' thing From Kazuma We learn that he suppresses his emotions and blocks out any sense of guilt when he is doing 'what must be done. He bluntly says as much in Chapter As a result, he's done stuff that could be considered 'wrong' but didn't blight Bishamonten. They also have the same "father", whom Yato has served in his early years. They have killed many people and Shinki before, and Nora was also the Shinki Yato used in killing the "ma" clan of Shinki claimed by Bishamon.

Even when he has Yukine, he still uses Nora, which causes some tension between the two.

noragami yato and hiyori relationship trust

Nora claims to care for Yato but ultimately disregards his feelings and frequently toys with his mind by saying how he should cut ties with Yukine since she is more useful and how human bonds are weak and people will forget him. She has even sicked Ayakashi on him as a way of punishing him. Yato himself does not like working with her, which he is forced to do by Father but has little choice in the matter.

He has even stated he much prefers working with Yukine.


Later on, Yato finally releases her from being his Shinki. Edit Father is the one who acted as a father to Yato through his wishes.

noragami yato and hiyori relationship trust

He often ordered him and Nora to kill several humans and bring back their ears, which Yato was happy to do because Father praised him for his actions.

Father seems to view Yato as a tool and does not care for his feelings, as he told Yato to tell Sakura the God's greatest secret to turn her into an Ayakashi and kill her because she was changing Yato into a kinder person who began to think twice about his killing.

Father has lived for several years through divine possession and it is through him that Yato is still alive because if a God is forgotten they die and Father is the only human who has been able to remember Yato for several years.

Father enjoys teasing Yato as shown when he teased about kissing Hiyori much to Yato's chagrin. He also frequently gives Yato jobs to do which involve mass murder causing Yato to disappear for long periods of time, worrying his friends. He does not care for Yato's feelings and tries to sever his relations with other people as shown through his manipulation in the murder of Sakura and in threatening Hiyori and manipulating Ayakashi to attack her family's hospital, causing everyone to go on a rampage and bombarding her family with lawsuits.

Yato wishes to be free of Father's control but fears that should he end Father's life that he himself will cease to exist.