Ncis la 7x14 kensi and deeks relationship

Season 7 Shorts Chapter 4: Moving (7x14 Come Back), a ncis: los angeles fanfic | FanFiction

ncis la 7x14 kensi and deeks relationship

#densi#marty deeks#kensi blye#come back#ncis la 7x14 So she buries her face in the crook of Deeks' neck, placing a gentle kiss over his pulse as she. Post-ep for 7x14 'Come Back' Big thanks to maybemadmarie and MontyDeeks/ kensideeks for reading "We'll always make time for noodles," Kensi says softly before pushing up on her toes and pressing a sweet kiss to his lips. . They talked about it in vague terms after they returned to LA and she's. Come Back -7x14 (NCIS:LA) Air date: 25th January Guest star: Matthew to see many more adorable domestic scenes between Kensi and Deeks. They are finally taking a big step in their relationship and then a road.

Kensi allows herself to get lost in the feel of his strong arms anchoring her to his body and inhales the comforting scent that is uniquely Deeks. Her breath hitches almost imperceptibly at the sudden and overwhelming thought that if Jack had followed through on coming back for her all those years ago, she might have never had this — the very best thing that's ever happened to her.

I thought I loved Jack, and that by being with him, I knew what love was. And in a lot of ways, those things were true…at the time. It's hard to resent Jack for leaving me when I ended up gaining so much more than I lost. It's the same look, the same array of emotions, she always sees whenever he's caught off-guard by something she says or does. It's the look that tells her that he'll never take her for granted. He's speechless at first, whether it be because the words don't register immediately, or because he's committing them to memory, he doesn't know.

Then his eyes blink rapidly, and the corners of his mouth draw up into the soft smile that Kensi seems to bring out in him. He leans forward, and with his lips hovering a mere breath away from hers, he whispers the only words he can think to say. As she snuggles back into his side, Kensi rests her head on his chest and asks what she's been wondering most of the night.

He gave me a couple pieces of advice. He knows Kensi is aware, on some level, of what led to her rescue in Afghanistan. They talked about it in vague terms after they returned to LA and she's seen the reports and knows that what happened shook him up.

But she doesn't know about the nightmares — ones that are vivid and real and that shake him to his core. They're getting fewer and farther apart, and he doesn't usually wake up screaming from them like he did last month, but with her moving in, it will only be a matter of time before she sees it firsthand. Closing his eyes, he nuzzles her hair and breathes in the lingering scent of her shampoo. With Jack's words running through his mind, motivating him, he exhales and repeats them out loud for Kensi to hear.

She knows the mission to save her was hard on him, but he's never let on to just how much it affected him, especially after all the time that has passed. Then time just kept passing and I stopped having them as often. I want to be there for you, Deeks.

I always want to be there for you. He thinks about how seeing her curled up next to him and pulling her into his arms does wonders to calm his racing heart and mind. The confession isn't a surprise to him, like his was to her — after everything she went through in Afghanistan, he would find it more shocking if she wasn't having nightmares. It makes his heart ache for her, and for both of them, that they've been hiding from each other.

ncis la 7x14 kensi and deeks relationship

Wake me up, tell me in the morning, whatever. Just…no more dealing with them alone.

House Rules, a ncis: los angeles fanfic | FanFiction

She pecks him on the cheek and stands, gathering their takeout containers before navigating her way through the maze of boxes towards the kitchen. When she reenters the living room, eyeing him coyly, she reaches for his hands and tugs him to his feet.

ncis la 7x14 kensi and deeks relationship

The lights are still on downstairs, there's a trail of clothes leading up the steps, and the duvet is crumpled at the foot of the bed, lying half on the floor, but Deeks is finding it impossible to care about any of that chaos as he lies next to a very naked Kensi in their bed, in their bedroom. She's snuggled up to his side, her head pillowed on his chest as she trails her fingers lightly over the planes of his stomach.

NCIS Los Angeles 7x14 - Densi Kiss

For as nervous as he was to take this step, he thinks he's never been as happy as he is right now. Waves of exhaustion from their long, crazy day — and the hour he just spent worshipping every inch of his girlfriend's smoking hot body — are crashing over him, but he'd be content to lie awake here all night, with her, to make this feeling last as long as possible.

Her voice is heavy and words slurred as sleep begins to claim her. She lets out a long yawn and burrows even closer to him.

She mumbles something he can't quite make out and he feels his own eyelids growing heavy.

ncis la 7x14 kensi and deeks relationship

Sleep is going to win out tonight, but he isn't worried. Waking up like this tomorrow, knowing that she's here to stay, will feel just as wonderful. Letting himself drift off, he presses a lingering kiss to the top of her head as her soft snort-snores fill the room.

It takes place a few hours before Kensi and Deeks share with Callen and Sam in the bullpen that they are moving in together. The second scene takes place right at the end of the episode when Kensi and Deeks are in the boatshed. The third scene is another post-ep and takes place a day or two after the episode.

ncis la 7x14 kensi and deeks relationship

Moving Kensi awakens with the foreboding sense that someone is in her apartment. She's pushing herself up and reaching for her service weapon when she hears the hushed voice of her love give the command, "Go find her," followed by the familiar jingle of a collar. Deeks finds her sitting up in bed looking irresistible in a Dodgers t-shirt that is too big on him, her hands lavishing Monty's face and ears with affection.

Monty takes that as his invitation to hop up, making himself at home right in the middle of the bed as he curls up against Kensi's shins. Deeks sheds his jeans and shirt and slides under the covers. Kensi maneuvers her feet around Monty and scoots herself over to Deeks' side of the bed to snuggle in close. Arms wrap around each other and they both lie there savoring the feeling of the other's body against their own. She obviously wants the same thing as he does in this moment; but whereas he was probably thinking about intimacy and his more immediate needs last night, she was thinking of more long-term needs and desires.

She'd lain awake analyzing it last night; how her need for independence and space have become less of a necessity for her, and her need for companionship and a desire to share her life with someone have become stronger.

I got the new place with the hope that eventually you would move in. I just didn't know you were ready. It's seems like just yesterday we were talking about nights off. She turns her head and kisses his palm. We've been through a lot and made it through pretty successfully, I think. I'm ready if you are.

There's nothing I want more than you, me, and Monty under the same roof," he reassures as he brings his lips to hers. He returns her smile even though there's a tug of anxiety in his stomach. He isn't quite sure where it's coming from, because he truly does want this. A few minutes later when in a frenzied movement Deeks kicks Monty and the dog yaps and jumps off the bed; the couple pause their lovemaking to call out apologies of, "Sorry Monty" and "Sorry buddy.