Mulder and scully relationship stories funny

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mulder and scully relationship stories funny

Mulder and Scully's relationship is arguably one of the classic romances Mulder and Scully moments involve them poking fun at each other. In the very-first episode ever Scully burst into Mulder's motel room and stripped But just as they were about to kiss, Scully was stung by a bee carrying an as a married couple as part of a monster-of-the-week story. The Queen has a giggle with hilarious game for staff to decide Christmas Day jobs. High on the list of the X-Files' lasting legacies is the relationship between Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana And Scully is having fun! . Mulder and Scully Get Their Stories Straight (Season 5, Episode 12).

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Scully, you look so adorbs just there. The science-fiction concept feels too familiar, and haphazard.

mulder and scully relationship stories funny

Scully and Mulder arrive back at their bullet-riddled, bloodstained home, start to pick up their trashed files—and then throw them on the floor, long overdue for another nap on the couch. Just a fun couple solving mysteries between naps here, boss! We have seen little evidence that they hang out with anyone besides each other. Are we gonna spend time together?

The X-Files: Mulder and Scully's Best Moments

Is the job all that holds them together? Mulder the kamikaze Mel Gibson maniac, Scully a world-weary Danny Glover type already too old for this s—. There is some intangible just-right-ness when characters onscreen move closer together. Some of them were natural and others were caused by aliens.

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They took on the government and even visitors from other planets to help each other. In fact, that was the reason they assigned Scully to the X-files.

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They were also always teaching each other things. Scully was always Mulder to use logic and Mulder was always teaching Scully to keep an open mind. Everyone wants someone who is patient enough to show them something new.

Whether they were stuck out on a rock in the middle of a lake or in an elevator, one of them always knew what to say to cheer the other one up and conjure up a chuckle.

mulder and scully relationship stories funny

This is one of the most important things we can look for in a person when we are planning on having a relationship with them. You should always be able to have fun together and make each other laugh. There will be plenty of hard times in every relationship, but if you can laugh at yourself and each other, you will make it through them. You got it, directions. By the time Scully makes it into town to give him a hand, it's time for both Mulder and the audience to breathe a sigh of relief.

These two always work better together, anyway. Scully has just learned she has an inoperable brain tumor and elects to start chemotherapy treatment, while Mulder focuses all his efforts on trying to discern the cause of Scully's illness.

Eventually he begins to see the link between her symptoms and her abduction in Season 2. The whole scenario culminates in Scully cradling an injured Mulder while the two are huddled together for warmth in the middle of the woods -- all while singing Three Dog Night's "Joy to the World" slightly off-key.

mulder and scully relationship stories funny

Just watch all of the long takes in and out of elevators as Scully runs around the FBI to figure out just what happened when Mulder goes missing in the Bermuda Triangle on a ghost ship.

Mulder meets an alt-universe Scully which is fun to seeand after some blatant flirting the two characters end up kissing, proving that they're destined to fall in love no matter the iteration of their characters.

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While in recovery from the traumatic experience running from Nazis, Mulder then declares his love for Scully for the very first time from his hospital bed. In true Scully fashion, she only replies, "Oh, brother. A kiss and declaration of love in the very same episode.

mulder and scully relationship stories funny

It's because Mulder and Scully go undercover in a gated community as a married couple, including all the domestic underpinnings and cutesy pet names that go along with.