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Cartoons: Monster Buster Club fanfiction archive with over stories. Danny, Cathy, Chris and Sam have always been friends and only ever friends. . friends for years, though Danny and Sam's relationship is a little more contentious. Monster Buster Club is a children's science fiction television series by the French- based He sometimes takes over for Chris at the clubhouse when Chris is on a (This is shown in the episode "Bubbleheads" when she follows Cathy to. Monster Buster Club or MBC is a secret organization that was aliens, they also deal their interpersonal relationships like crushes, bullies, and . Contrast to Cathy's acting because of curiosity, Chris likes to be famous on TV.

She is constantly surprised at how different Earth is from Rapzodia. She has many alien abilities, like the ability to stretch, slight telekinesis, and others. She is the most optimistic of the MBC. Her suit color is pink. In her human form, she has blond hair and blue eyes. Her Rapzodian form is shown to be a humanoid, white alien with scattered pink spots, with four tentacles for arms, and two tentacles for legs, as well as tentacles on her head, like hairand a long, furry-looking tail [nb 1] Compared to humans, Rhapsodians are extremely long-lived.

He has indigo blue hair and dark blue eyes. He is very smart, with a knack for gadgets. He'll often stay back in the clubhouse and supply intelligence reports while the rest of the group is out on a mission. His suit color is blue. Danny Jackson [4] voiced by Matt Hill is a year-old boy and a nice guy at heart. He's good at sports, has brown hair, green eyes and a scar over his left eyebrow. He can get a little overconfident at times.

He has an adamant crush on his schoolmate, Wendy. On Disney Channel Asia, this was the 14th episode broadcast. Danny is skateboarding and showing off while Chris is working on his project, thinking he can finish before night falls. A bug scout sees everyone and Chris tries to drive him away. The bug ends up throwing him and causing an accident with Danny on the skateboard park, making Mark laugh at him. Danny catches a General bug, named General Louse but the swarm continue to attack forcing them to retreat back to their club house.

Cathy tells everyone that Hugo is seeing Principal Rollins and she thinks she'll be getting detention. On the street, they are attacked by a swarm of bugs again. After a while, it reveals it's an alien bug and The MBC Members find out that their bug queen is coming to lay her eggs.

Can they stop the queen before she arrives?

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On Disney Channel Asia, this was the 15th episode broadcast. In the minutes later a transmission from Zubin, which you can see in episode of "Wrong number," who contracts them for the most important thing in galaxy, The Forget-Me-Stone, which must return to Zubin for much greatest security to protect it for prevent be stolen matter what it take and say is that Glor Glenemore is the same as he tries to break into Hugo's house and steal the stone.

But Hugo tells them that he has hidden the stone and doesn't remember where he put it, so The MBC Members have no choice but help him and find the stone for the whole night. Chris keeps looking for it and finally, it is in the fridge in the Rhapsodia snack drink and as Chris throws and wash all the snack drink all the way below the pipes when finishing, he takes the stone back to the club house.

Suddenly the stone actives itself and erases all his memories and goes to sleep. In the morning, Sam wakes up and is almost late for school. She immediately wakes Danny and Cathy, finding Chris ready for school. School is about to start when suddenly Mark finds the stone and touches it, erasing his memories and even worse when he brings to school and lets everybody in the school touch it and erase their memories.

Can The MBC Members track down Glor Glenemore and help everyone to recover their memories every people before all were turn into chaos?

When they're back at their club house, the power is very low and Sam shuts it off or else no more power to recover it, but it will take more than a month to recover it.

She worries that there will doom if it doesn't recover in less than a week, the whole world will be the alien's home. So they go to Rocky Mountains Hill, to find an energy flower which can restore the club in full power. The Mobato Flower which only grows every four centuries. When it is night they rest for camping, Danny tells a ghost story and suddenly in the night a monster appears at their camping zone and eats everything in the backpack.

The MBC Members try to drive him away. In the end it freaks out and is scared away by a Rhapsodian flame bolt.

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In the morning, they continue their search for the flower without their gadgets, they have to face a great challenge: They cross mountain after mountain, they are very tired; except for Hugo, who has a Rhapsodian air mattress. Finally, they reach the mountains which they want to claim the Mobato Flower, but the monster reaches there first and tries to claim it, The MBC Members has no choice but to fight and distract the monster to claim the flower afterwards.

The monster revealed just a paper machine with a small Robotic machine which has stolen the electronics from Single Town and tries to claim it no matter what it takes. Mark challenges Danny to go into the haunted house alone. In the end, Danny would be the first kid inside the haunted house. When he goes inside, there are a lot of spooky things happening to him: He tried to escape, but it didn't work.

He alerts the other MBC members to save him. While Danny is trapped inside the haunted house, Chris, Sam and Cathy are going Trick or Treating, when suddenly their communicators get a transmission from Danny. They speed their way to the haunted house to save him. Finally, they reach Danny and try to save by using arsenal to break free from the sticky, which he has hold. When suddenly the floor is alive by itself, everyone is trying to get ready for battle, but after a while it reveals itself as a giant alien pet dog named Moppy, who has been lost on earth many years ago.

The aliens of the Nix pet told them about the situation, his pet puppy's space ship only arrives on Halloween for their return to their planet. If this year ends they have to wait another year and he tells The MBC Members that the spaceship arrives somewhere in the single people home swimming pool. So The MBC Members hurry up and carry Moppy, and speed their way to the space ship with the help of John, they're aware of people in Single Town will see the alien's pet dog.

Dani and Chris had always been the best of friends. Here's a few moments their lives. Oneshot unless someone wants to take it on.

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Is there any way to conquer the fear of heartbreak and destruction? Can love give the courage to break it, or is too late for the MBC? Especially since the MBC might lose a member. So what happens when they start their senior year of high school and experience unexpected love at every turn?

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Danny x Cathy Chris x Sam Rated: On her way, she meets three people. Did she ever expect that one of them would be her future lover? Five, no four more steps, take me to the door-Open up I'm falling!

Where the lights go out, and yet I smile-! What will become of our Heroes? Rated T for Language and Violence. First attempt please be kind. K - English - Friendship - Chapters: