Miss parker and jarod relationship quizzes

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miss parker and jarod relationship quizzes

As for the photogenic Jarod and Miss Parker, the writers have created an intriguing codependent relationship that's rooted in love, admiration. Jarod discovers the bug motel and gives Miss Parker the flu. Sidney must .. Both he and Miss Parker discover stylized rings of fire in relation to Jarod's father. I'd be insanely optimistic to think this little quiz show had a bonus round, wouldn't I? - Check your mail, Miss Parker. [Scraping] [Jarod] Well, well, well, the Vanguard Program. [Miss Parker] He's a Pretender- A genius who can become anyone that he Well, you frame a couple of diplomas, you slap your name on a few.

Though he does so, Sydney also prevents Miss Parker at times when he believes Jarod's safety is in danger. Throughout the pursuit, he also has several conversations with Jarod over the phone and empathizes with the rogue Pretender's quest to learn about his past and find a new life.

Sydney's obvious loyalty to Jarod at times puts him in a dangerous position with Miss Parker and the Centre. In the season 2 episode "Bulletproof,", Sydney learns he fathered a child with an old lover Michelle, a boy named Nicolas.

Later in the series, Jarod devises a method that temporarily returns Jacob to consciousness. Sydney at lasts makes peace with his brother and Jacob dies peacefully.

miss parker and jarod relationship quizzes

Raines who then was still Dr. Kyle's story is then expanded further in the two-part "Back to the Dragon House. Like Jarod, young Kyle is to be a Pretender, though Dr. Raines also wishes mold the boy into a killer operative with no morality. After seeing Kyle in the hallway, young Jarod insists on meeting him, anxious to finally have a friend close to his own age.

Jarod and Kyle are allowed to see each other on multiple occasions as they run simulations together, but don't know at the time that they are brothers. They develop a friendship and secretly communicate when they realize their cells are near each other. Raines is frustrated when he realizes that Jarod's morality is affecting Kyle. During one simulation, Jarod is tricked by Raines into pouring acid on Kyle's right hand, leaving a permanent scar between his thumb and forefinger.

Jarod apologizes as Kyle is taken away and the two don't see each other again during their time at the Centre. The Centre officially releases Kyle from its facility. But in truth, Dr. Raines secretly keeps Kyle in sub-level 27 of the Centre facility. Kyle is told that Jarod is dead and is forbidden to have contact with others. He is forced to live in SL 27 while Raines uses negative reinforcement to warp him into a sociopathic personality.

Kyle it taught to believe in the mantra: As an adult, Kyle leaves the Centre years before Jarod does the same. As he later explains, his "brain was mush" by this time and his only purpose became to learn about his parents. During his travels, Kyle stalks and psychologically torments several people, though he never kills them.

His quest for answers leads him to a former nun named Harriet Tashman and he kidnaps her. However, Tashman is able to escape and this leads to Kyle being arrested. His identity unknown, he is imprisoned simply as "John Doe.

Jarod who only left the Centre himself less than a year earlierlearns of Kyle's escape on the news and recognizes him as the boy he burned with acid years before.

Posing as an FBI agent named Jarod Ness, he examines Kyle's cell and finds a journal that has "I decide who lives or dies" written repeatedly on every page. Kyle is captured while Jarod escapes. Jarod only then discovers from Harriet Tashman that she briefly knew his parents and that Kyle is actually his brother. Tashman assumes that Jarod and Kyle did not remember they had a sibling, or the faces of their parents, due to memory repression bought on by the trauma of kidnapping and the experiments of the Centre.

While a nun, Jarod's parents came to the convent where Tashman lived. Kyle learned of this connection and targeted Tashman to learn more about his parents. Tashman also informs Jarod that his parents had a daughter named Emily some time after he and Kyle were kidnapped. Jarod breaks into the Centre and, with help, is frees Kyle. Jarod convinces Kyle that he is the same boy who befriended him years ago and that they are brothers. Kyle is initially suspicious but comes to realizes the truth. Jarod helps Kyle remember more of his past and reveals that he has learned they have a sister.

Despite Kyle's crimes, Jarod accepts him and asks that they work together the learn more about their past. Tashman joins Kyle and Jarod, bringing a lead that their parents are in Boston. As the FBI arrives, the three attempt to escape in a van but crash after they're fired upon. Injured, Kyle tells Jarod to continue without him: Don't tell them what I became.

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The van explodes and Jarod is forced to continue in his quest alone. Later on, Jarod calls Sydney and asks where his brother is buried, only to be told that the van burned for a long time and that no remains were found. The boy is in need of a heart transplant, but his condition is more difficult to fix since he has the same rare blood type that Kyle and Jarod have. Events lead to Jarod being imprisoned by an enemy but then Kyle arrives and frees him. It is revealed that Kyle survived the FBI attack and caused the explosion himself to cover his escape.

Kyle is determined to have vengeance on the Centre, killing all its members if necessary. Jarod argues that they don't need to succumb to vengeance and violence. By the end of the episode, after helping Jarod help others, Kyle admits that altruism may be a greater cause than vengeance.

Minutes later, the two are confronted by an enemy and Kyle sacrifices himself to save Jarod's life. Heartbroken, Jarod then donates Kyle's heart to J.

Miller, ensuring that his brother saves one more life. In reality, he was abducted shortly after birth and given up for adoption. He was given the name Bobby Bowman by his adoptive parents. The teenage Bobby ran away from home, faked his death, and has since been known only as Lyle the name of his abusive foster father. Lyle dabbled for a few years in Asian organized crime, even a group of cannibals known as the Snake Eaters; a tattoo of a snake devouring itself is once spotted on his shoulder.

Lyle maintains his links to criminals in that region. His time overseas was also spent dating and marrying several Asian women, whom he has a proclivity toward. He is also suspected of having mutilated and murdered at least one of his wives in the past.

Jarod & Miss Parker - A Little Trust

Lyle surfaces in Blue Cove, Delaware, where he is given a top position at the Centre. Parker does not initially realize that she is related to Lyle, which leaves her perplexed as to why he was so quickly promoted. At one point, Lyle is requested by one of his old Yakuza contacts to kill a witness of a Yakuza related crime in exchange for 20 million dollars.

Jarod is outraged at the use of one of his simulations for this plan, and foils it. In retaliation, the crime bosses sever Lyle's thumb from his left hand. Although Lyle later harvests the left thumb of the then-comatose Mr. Raines and has it attached to his own hand, he eventually returns the digit to Raines as a show of loyalty when Raines is placed in charge of the Centre.

Lyle is also notable for his murder of Jarod's brother, Kyle. Parker is Chairman of the Centre and has occasionally been forced to work with Raines in order to ensure his position. Jarod once summed Mr. Parker up as "Mr. Duplicity-Himself" season 3, episode 1, "Crazy". It is revealed over time that Mr. Raines is his brother, although he was raised by an adoptive family, and because of this, Parker protects Raines at all costs. He appears to shoot and kill an imprisoned Raines, but this is just a deception designed to prevent his daughter from killing Raines herself.

Despite his many coverups, Mr. Parker is devoted to his daughter and ensures her safety on many occasions. Unlike Lyle and Raines, he is not as involved in the hunt to catch Jarod.

After Jarod is recaptured by Centre authorities, he and Mr. Parker have a tense confrontation on board a plane. Jarod convinces Parker to glance at the mysterious scrolls which were found on the Isle of Carthis.

After reading the scrolls, Mr. Parker undergoes a sudden change and determines that they must never be seen. He grabs the box containing the scrolls and jumps out of the airborne plane and is assumed to be dead. Raines, William Raines is a long-time Centre staffer and the brains behind the testing that created Jarod, Angelo and countless other individuals who were less fortunate than either.

Known for the trademark squeaking of the wheels on his ever-present oxygen tank, Raines is one of the most feared people at the Centre. After a fire in SL27, Raines lungs were badly burned and as a result he is dependent on an oxygen tank. But like all things at the Centre, the actual state of Raines's health disease seems to change depending on the situation.

Parker once yanks the breathing apparatus out of Raines's nose when she believes him to be her mother's killer; Raines merely smiles and continues to breathe normally. Nevertheless, he continues toting his oxygen tank everywhere he goes, though he has regained the use of his voice. Raines's mission is to return Jarod to the Centre at any cost, but his real motives are always kept secret. Raines was part of the plot to kidnap Miss Parker's twin brother Mr. Lyle at birth, and is the prime suspect in the murder of Catherine Parker.

Parker knew that his daughter would try to kill Raines if she believed him to be the murderer. To counteract this, he appears to shoot and kill Raines himself. Parker is conveniently standing nearby to witness the faked death.

He was once married to Edna Raines now deceased and had a daughter named Annie, who was murdered in thanks to Jarod the criminal was caught, and her remains was later recovered. Raines is also the biological father of Ms. Lylehaving conceived her with her mother Catherine, but the details surrounding Catherine's pregnancy are unclear. When Jarod reunites with the surviving members of his family on a crowded street, Raines and his team of gunmen arrive to kill everyone on-site.

Jarod's family manages to escape, but Raines corners Jarod in an alley. When Jarod demands to know why Raines has done all this to him, Raines simply answered; "because you exist. Raines raises his pistol to kill Jarod, but an unseen gunman fires on Raines's oxygen tank, engulfing him in flames. The shooter is later revealed to be Sydney. Raines remains in an ICU for several months until he recovers from his burns.

Mysteriously, following this event his overall health seems to drastically improve. Raines' real name is revealed to be Abel Parker, and he assumed the name of his adoptive family, "Raines". He is the real father of Ms. Parker and her brother Lyle and the biological brother of Mr.

Angelo was one of Dr. Raines' early attempt at creating a Pretender, an experiment that failed. Angelo often roams the vast ductwork of the Centre, discreetly spying on others. He has also been shown in several episodes to be one of Jarod's mysterious informants within at the Centre, sending him anonymous emails.

At one point, Angelo begins treatments with Sydney to reverse the effects of Dr.

miss parker and jarod relationship quizzes

Raines' experiments on him and begins to transform back into Timmy. As Timmy, many of his early memories return, including his ability to play the piano. With only a few treatments left, it is revealed that the Centre is reinitiating the "Prodigy" experiments—which was code for the Pretender project.

While Jarod was a natural pretender, Raines developed a serum to chemically recreate Jarod with a child, Davey Simpkins, who had the same rare genealogy as Jarod and his bloodline. Davey is rescued by Jarod and Angelo, but because the treatments on him had already begun is in jeopardy of becoming another Angelo.

With the cure accidentally destroyed, Angelo sacrifices his final treatment, same as the antidote for Daveywhich would have completed his transformation back to Timmy, for Davey because he is just a boy and should be allowed to be a boy.

Do you cut his brake line? Or maybe you just drug him. Well, ramming the car would leave paint evidence and cutting the brakes would be way too obvious. And drugs would be found in an autopsy. Well, l-I don't know. You're the ace of your biochemistry class, aren't you? Why don't you tell everyone what dimethylphenol is? The same as alcohol.

It has the same chemical signature. So, a shot of DMP, it would knock the victim out. But if anybody checked, it would show up in the blood no different than, let's say, a few beers. Okay, so maybe we've got the how.

What about the why? Why would somebody wanna kill somebody?

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Tomorrow in class, we'll do a little role-playing exercise that will help us discover this motivation. Uh, Richard, you can play the cop. And, Gwen, you can be the other woman. And, um you, Claire, you're the killer. But you had accomplices.

How about, uh, you, Grady? Strictly theoretical, of course. This is, after all, just a game. Let the games begin. I just get so bored sometimes, Sydney. A sharp mind left idle can become a very sharp weapon indeed. You gonna come in, Doc? Or do you just like to watch? There's no way the rat can win. Every turn leads nowhere. No reward, no way out.

He with the biggest brain wins. Their tiny brains can barely think. So, round and round they go, chasing their tails forever. Very cruel, Miss Dunning. Although I can't believe a rigged game doesn't bore you. Once in a while even the dumber animals do something unpredictable. Something that catches you off guard. And that's when it really gets fun. Fun, till you get bitten. I haven't been bitten yet. Yet, being the operative word. Everyone's gotta go sometime. The question is- Who will go first?

Which brings us back to- the biggest brain rules. The superior mind always has a way out. Tiny little door marked "Exit.