Mike wolfe and frank fritz business relationship

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mike wolfe and frank fritz business relationship

Let's hope her other business ventures are squared away. And Mike Wolfe definitely has plenty of practice: his passion for junk started during his childhood, after he Frank Fritz does not in any way whatsoever appear to be gay to me at all. Production company(s), Cineflix (AP2/AP3/AP4/AP5) Inc. A&E Television Networks, LLC. Release. Original network, History. Original release, January 18, () – present. External links. Website. American Pickers is an American reality television series that premiered on January 18, The show follows antique and collectible pickers Mike Wolfe and. Mike Wolfe had been “picking” since he was a child. But, like . Frank Fritz considers himself a simple man that doesn't ask for much. However, he Jodi learned about Mike's picking addiction early in the relationship. “When I . Not only is he a picker and business owner, but he is also an author. In

According to his website, since he handles the orders himself, it could take "weeks or months" for orders to be fulfilled. Get your copies now! Prince Mongo has political aspirations Though he only appeared on the show once, Robert "Prince Mongo" Hodges is quite unforgettable, as the residents of his hometown know all too well. The Memphis resident not only dwells within a crumbling castle, but he's also run for mayor numerous times, mounting his first campaign in The King of Zambodia, which he calls himself despite only being a prince, also made a nuisance of himself when he attempted to give away the castle in which he resided.

The only problem was that he didn't own it. An actual king without a castle—how sad.

mike wolfe and frank fritz business relationship

People have tried to cash in on Mole Man Ron's fame "Mole Man" Ron appeared in one episode of American Pickers' first season, during which the guys crawled throughout his subterranean lair hoping to find some goodies.

The purple-hoodied Marty Feldman lookalike gained enough fame that someone else attempted to cash in on it. Mole Man himself wasn't listed as an attendee, but the ad did mention he'd be stopping by from time to time. It's very possible that almost everyone who went to this sale "just missed him.

After Bruce sent his check, Fritz went dark. Not the best boost for an image problem. They've franchised out, sort of American Pickers has proven to be so popular that other countries have attempted to imitate it. Both Canada and Australia have their own versions, and the Canadian show lasted for four seasons—apparently there's more to the Canucks than frozen tundra and hockey. The Aussie version, called Aussie Pickers, didn't last as long, only two seasons.

The untold truth of American Pickers

However, it received great reviews during the brief period it aired. Mike Wolfe isn't that committed to the lifestyle When the show started, Wolfe owned a house in Iowa, where the main store is located. Judging from how excited he and Fritz get when they come upon strange or quirky places to pick, you'd be forgiven for thinking he might live in a picker's paradise, a la Hobo Jack. Maybe he'd even have some tunnels like "Mole Man" Ron. Even just a purple hoodie hanging around somewhere?

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But if you thought any of those things, you'd be wrong—his place wasn't as cluttered and antique-y as all that. He told the New York Times"I love this stuff, but I would never live in a place that looks like the places we pick. It had ground-floor retail space that he rented out to other businesses, and he lived in a duplex apartment on top.

He definitely got an upgrade When you're successful, money and fame soon follow if you've played your cards right. Wolfe played his just fine. Within a couple years, he opened a second retail location of his store, Antique Archaeology, in Nashville and launched his own very hip fashion brand. He even pitched a scripted sitcom to television networks that would have been "a workplace comedy set in an antiques and collectibles shop.

But he made plenty of money with other different ventures, then took his wife and daughter to the Nashville suburbs and bought what can only be described as a true estate: That should be plenty of room for the 40 yes, "forty," not a typo motorcycles he counted in his collection when he moved in.

The untold truth of American Pickers

Who knows how many he has now? The house also features a built-in telephone booth, a castle-like turret, and a few other touches, like year-old front doors and gates from the s. Is it hard for him to go back to filming the show, digging through people's forgotten trash, when he lives in the lap of luxury?

Mike also seems to really care about history Or maybe he's just really good at acting like it. Either way, Mike Wolfe has his fingers in all kinds of historical pies.

One of Wolfe's big ambitions after American Pickers became successful was to launch a kid-friendly version to get kids interested in history, picking, and antiques. He pitched Kid Pickers to TV networks, and as previously mentioned, started a website and wrote a book for young, aspiring antique aficionados. He even partnered with the Smithsonian to run a national student contest around the idea. The TV show never took off, but Wolfe still has his passion for history.

He also helped out with a mobile museum project in Iowa, voicing some of their video exhibits and throwing a launch party. He's also donated plenty of his picks to various museums and good causesand he recently partnered with a national trust to "raise money and awareness for the forgotten places of our communities. The excitement and joy he has on his face and the giddiness of his body language seem to be a man who just gets jazzed about all kinds of antiques.

Of course, some people think American Pickers is staged.

mike wolfe and frank fritz business relationship

In their eyes, Wolfe is a terrific actor, but nothing else. Mike makes most of his money outside the antiques business Have you ever thought to yourself in the middle of an American Pickers episode, "How can they support merchandise for Wolfe's and Fritz's three storefronts from the "picks" they shove into that panel van and drive across the country?

First of all, Fritz has openly talked about how they also travel with a giant moving vanwhich actually transports their "picks. Take it to Kohl's, take it to JCPenny's.

My stores do millions of dollars a year in sales in merchandise, but not what they would do on a Black Friday at a big-box store.

Frank does not The odd couple dynamic of Wolfe and Fritz is one of the key components to their chemistry on the show, and apparently it's pretty authentic, for as slick of a businessman as Wolfe seems to be, Fritz admittedly wants no part in it. When asked if he plans to expand into multiple retail locations, like Wolfe has, Fritz couldn't have given a more enthusiastic no.

I haven't bought a big house, no fancy cars. I still drive my '86 Ford Ranger, still live in the same house I've lived in for 26 years. Is American Pickers staged? The short answer is "It's hard to tell. There's no smoking gun here, but there are a lot of small pieces of evidence that seem to add up and point in the same direction.

Many people start out with a simple dollars and cents analysis —if these two guys really drive to far-flung corners of the country and spend all that time puttering around back roads looking for leads, they'd have a hard time even paying their gas bill when most of their deals come in at maybe one Benjamin in "profit. There are allegations all over the internet that American Pickers is fake.

Lots of people have come forward in different threads and forums claiming that they know someone who's friends with Frank and Mike or have met them in person.

American Pickers - Wikipedia

According to these peoplethe show is staged and Frank and Mike are haughty, mean people. She doesn't view burlesque dancing as anything but an art form, and puts her money where her mouth is.

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Danielle also uses the resources of the show to "pick" in her free time. She has her sights set on vintage costumes for burlesque dancing, instead of the traditional picks of the rest of the team. Their suspicions have been augmented by multiple posts claiming firsthand experience with the show. If these allegations are true, it's understandable why they plant items. If they didn't, the show would waste weeks or even months filming episodes that don't feature any valuable items.

It stands to reason that the "diamond in the rough" nature of the show is a bit of a farce.

mike wolfe and frank fritz business relationship

He's not just your average hobo, though. Hobo Jack is an author with multiple published books under his belt. Mike Wolfe has written a few books of his own, but it's Hobo Jack's publications that got more attention. Generally, Hobo Jack styles himself as an all-around artist. Jack doesn't limit himself to one form of expression.

He's released multiple albums under his own name as well. He has five albums as of now, and they're available for purchase on his website. Because of his unique living circumstances, it can take a long time for Jack to fulfill orders, so it's best to buy them soon if you want them in time for next Christmas. Danielle has been hit by multiple tax evasion notices while she was getting paid from the show. InDanielle received her first notice of overdue taxes. Apparently she left the invoice unpaid, as the IRS sent her four more notifications over the next few years as her debt continued to grow.

ByDanielle had racked up a considerable amount of debt to the US government. It's still unclear whether or not she's paid up. Hopefully she doesn't let it get much more out of hand, or her run on the show may be finished.