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It features four young stars—Barbie Forteza, Derrick Monasterio, Andre One note of advice though: just avoid being typecast so you can still return to When will they admit their relationship? Glad to know that the first and only Prince of StarStruck Kid Miguel Tanfelix is still getting taller by the day. established the CRRT [Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy] program at St . It will cover stories of love, marriage and unlikely friendships and relationships. . Kristoffer Martin, Louise delos Reyes, Max Collins, Miguel Tanfelix, Pancho Vaness del Moral and Barbie Forteza join the thousands of. Posts about Barbie Forteza written by My Travel Blogs. What will be DJ Jeni's advice to Bradley? Kapuso stars Bianca Umali, Miguel Tanfelix, Kris Bernal, Barbie Forteza, Marian Rivera, Dingdong Dantes and Julie Anne San Jose . Will Benjie and Diana ever know the truth about their father-daughter relationship ?.

Cynthia mocks and criticizes his students who are actually seasoned and award-winning actresses. He teaches them his acting technique which can be described as "overacting". Kantaserye Presents Kantaserye is the show's take on a "musical play". The actors, who are also singers, after delivering their lines, will sing songs that are related to the scene. They usually sing popular OPM songs. A voice-over, who is likened with the voice of "Big Brother" serves as the narrator.

Madramarama Presents The skit follows the pattern of a typical Filipino "telenovela" or serial drama wherein the story is cut into several weekly episodes. Besides having a convoluted dramatic plot and unexpected twists, it is still injected with comedic acts, jokes and punchlines.

Each week, the episode will end with a question and the audience will have a stake on what would happen next by voting via the show's social media account.

The first feature story is entitled "Ano ang Ano? The other featured story is Adarna, which tells the adventures of a superheroine played by Marian. Will Bambi become the perfect tool to warm the heart of the bully Josh? Will the music geek Jacob be able to tame the spoiled brat Belinda?

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Who will win Chris' heart between Leslie and Aya? Who will end up victorious in the never-ending battle of Luisa and Rick? Original cast Barbie Forteza as Barbara "Bambi" Fortez Sweet Heart - Bambi is the all-around sweetheart who is finally reunited with her mom and older sister Belinda after many years of separation.

She starts to develop feelings for Josh. She is a good influence on Josh.

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She later realizes that when he is gone from her life it will hurt, so she agrees to be his girlfriend. After having a heart-to-heart talk with her dad, she finally learns to accept him and Bambi. She is into Wushu which her dad taught her when she was very young.

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Belinda hasn't realized that Jacob like her yet. When Angel arrives, Belinda gets very jealous because she feels like she is being replaced as the advice giver in the group. She later joins Lucy's group but feel uncomfortable because they are the complete opposite of her old group. Lucy later convinces her to shoplift which gets her in a lot of trouble. Nothing can get in his way, except for Bambi who has a way of softening his heart and strong personality. He develops a crush on her after spending time with her at the camp.

He becomes jealous of Mack because Bambi spends all her time with. He later tells Bambi about his true feelings and they become a couple. Bambi befriends him after he returns her lost wallet. Bambi has a hard time seeing Ross looks like Josh. Ross also helps Bambi forget Josh by spending time with her. He later leaves Bambi alone since she later sees that he does look a lot like Josh Jake Vargas as Jacob Vergara Musician - Jacob is known to be the outcast in school; he loves music.

He supports Belinda and helps her with her problems to get close to her. He is the person that Belinda trusts the most. He also acts as leader of the group, which leads him to run for student body president. Aya becomes the apple of his eye.

He has a secret: He works to earn money and that he's not that rich as everybody thinks he is. He later gets into another fight with Aya after she overhears him say that he doesn't have a nice and sweet girlfriend.

He later runs to the new sexy teacher for advice how to get Aya back, but grows closer to the teacher. They later make up again. He has graduated high school. She later finds out that he accidentally kissed Eunice and gets mad at him, but forgives him. She later gets hurt after over hearing Kris say that Rick is lucky to have a nice and sweet girlfriend that cares for him unlike her that is hard to the core. They later make up and become a couple again. She likes to shower Kris with gifts, but he doesn't like it.

Is Miguel Tanfelix courting Barbie Forteza?

He eventually develops feelings for Luisa, but she leaves for London before he can tell her. Instead he falls in love with his childhood frenemy Heidi. She is set to be the top student of the school, creating a battle between her and Rick.

Rick develops feelings for her but she leaves for before he can tell her. She is currently studying in London for a year. She is known as the campus drama queen. In the later part, she and Uno become close and romantically involved. She is currently in Australia she has a long-distance relationship with Uno. And when he return to Manila he is completely changed and he becomes romantically involved with Leslie.

She is also Belle's best friend but when she finds out that when she is in Australia Rick is courting Belle, she is furious. But they later became friends again. He was courting Aya when he joined a writing seminar.

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When he came back, Aya seems to have patched things up with ex-boyfriend Kris. Ian is now courting Angel. Yassi Pressman as Eunice Fuentabella Sport Enthusiast - Eunice is as much a sports enthusiast as Kris is, and she thinks she has found the perfect guy in him — except having Aya as a friend is just as important for her.

Aya becomes jealous of how close she and Kris are. But they later become good friends. He goes out with Mac but they broke up when she found out that he is only using her, but since Mac realizes that he loves Eunice he try to win her back. They have started to patch things up, especially after Mack's mother redeveloped cancer. He developed feelings for Bambi which caused a fight between him and Josh.