Mercury and jupiter relationship

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mercury and jupiter relationship

I've for some time now been introspecting on the relationship between Jupiter. and Mercury, and must confess that the issue has remained an. Cafe Astrology. What to look for in synastry. Mercury conjunct, sextile, trine, opposition, quincunx, square Jupiter in relationship astrology. Sun Planet. Jupiter, Mars and Moon are friendly planets. Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are enemy planets. Mercury and Sun share even relationship.

Venus Planet Saturn, Mercury and Ketu are friendly planets. Sun, Moon and Rahu are enemy planets. Mars and Jupiter are even with Venus. Mercury Planet Venus Sun and Rahu are friendly planets. Mercury considers Moon as its enemy. Saturn, Ketu, Mars and Jupiter are even with Mercury. Jupiter and Ketu are even.

mercury and jupiter relationship

Sun, Venus and Mars are enemy planets for Rahu. Jupiter and Moon are even with Rahu. Ketu Planet Venus and Rahu are friendly planets. Sun, Moon and Mars are enemy planets. Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury are even. This is extremely interesting because the Moon is the archetype woman, and complexity of relationships is a hallmark of the female gender.

mercury and jupiter relationship

Mars, for example, likes the Moon. This is because passion and energy loves the desire and emotion of the mind. But the Moon merely tolerates Mars because too much passion is difficult for her and confuses her emotions. Venus on the other hand dislikes the Moon. The Moon is the female authority figure, and Venus is fundamentally anti-authoritarian due to her strong affection for Saturn.

The artist Venus does not like authority figures, not even female ones the Moon. The Moon tolerates Jupiter, but Jupiter really likes the Moon. This shows the exalted nature of Jupiter.

He is forgiving and learns his lessons thoroughly.

mercury and jupiter relationship

The Moon seduced his wife and thus Mercury was born. But Jupiter learned his lesson that he bored his wife due to having no emotional depth to his ritualistic and dogmatic attitude towards religion and morals. So he realizes that he truly needs the Moon to improve himself and thus Jupiter likes the Moon. This shows that religion truly needs sincere deep emotion and must seek it out, even though sincere emotion tends to merely tolerate religion, due to its being encrusted in so much stuffy dogma.

Saturn hates authority figures and that is that. The other planet Mercury favors is Venus. And she reciprocates in kind. Mercury is neutral towards Mars, but Mars hates Mercury. This illustrates the principle that the police and military Mars hate free thinkers Mercurybut free thinkers tolerate the police and military because they intellectually understand the need for them, even to protect their own rights to free thinking.

Mercury and Jupiter

Mercury is neutral towards Jupiter. Jupiter however, dislikes Mercury. Free thinking intellectuals continuously embarrass religion, in the same way that a bastard son Mercury embarrasses a father Jupiter.

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Mercury is neutral towards Saturn, but Saturn actually likes Mercury. Saturn is the anti authority and therefore encourages free communication and free thinking.

Jupiter and Mercury conjunction by Vedic Astro Sharmistha, Mumbai

However, Saturn is so intense about being against all authority, it turns Mercury off a bit. So Mercury can merely tolerate Saturn, not actually be fully friendly. The two planets are perfect for one another. Complimentary opposites with common goals.

mercury and jupiter relationship

Venus hates the Moon and Sun, because the artist dislikes authority figures. Venus is neutral to Mars and Mars is neutral to Venus. Perhaps your communication has to be planned or rehearse ahead of time, or you tend to use canned statements or quotes. In any case, you communicate using methods and plans to make yourself more effective. Here, thinking before speaking is a good methodology to use. There is a need to avoid confusion and confrontation, clarity is a must.

Synastry: Mercury-Jupiter Aspects

I'm not sure that "precision" is required here, but "effectiveness" is. It is sometime interesting to pursue what makes this push for clarity in communication such a needed thing for this person. Mercury is to degrees ahead of Jupiter. Here we find those who have a message to teach or a need to update what others have said or have believed for some time.

mercury and jupiter relationship

This person will tend to "live" what they preach. New ideas are what keeps this person moving forward thru life. This person tends to articulate new ideas, express things thru new mediums, finding a new way to impress, inspire and to lead others with ideas. There might be any number of careers that could fit with this phase. What seems to be important is that there is a "platform" from which to lead others or to talk to others from.