Melissa and joey lennox zander meet joe

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melissa and joey lennox zander meet joe

Melissa & Joey is an American television sitcom starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence Joe takes Ryder to school so Mel won't miss her meeting. .. Meanwhile, Zander and Lennox decide to skip college and drive around the. Melissa Joan Hart discusses the twists of the 'Melissa & Joey' series finale. encouragement — and an elaborate gunshot metaphor — from Joe, she also “ We did that future episode where [Zander and Lennox] are married, but I'd .. and joey i love them so much i swear i might faint when i meet them in. He is Lennox's younger brother and the nephew of Mel BurkeAfter his mother, Zander Carlson (Future Brother-In-Law) Out of the two Scanlon children, Ryder is the one who looks up to Joe the most and frequently asks for his advice. he meets another homeschooled boy from the neighborhood (for 1 episode only).

Growing up, she was a rebellious, irresponsible party girl, and now she must take care of her niece and nephew after their mother her sister, Meredith [20] was arrested for money laundering and their father disappeared to avoid arrest for running a Ponzi scheme. She started dating Joe in "A Decent Proposal". She runs for Congress in season 4 and learns that she and Joe are having twins.

Joseph Paul "Joe" Longo [19] Joey Lawrence is a former executive and commodities trader with an MBA who lost his job, money and marriage in the wake of Mel's brother-in-law's Ponzi scheme and wound up living in his car.

Seeing that Mel needed help raising her niece and nephew and that he needed a jobhe has agreed to be the live-in nanny to assist Mel and give advice to the kids.

He was born in a U. He also has a brother named Tony who briefly dated Mel and a sister named Teresa. He started dating Mel in "A Decent Proposal". He proposed to her in "Right time, right place" and they get married in "At Last". In season 4 he writes a book and in the series finale it is published, he is also invited to go on a book tour.

melissa and joey lennox zander meet joe

Lennox Elizabeth Scanlon Taylor Spreitler is a free-spirited teenage girl who, at first, is against the idea of living with her aunt, but soon comes to terms with it. Lennox is known for her artsy, hipster style and extremely vocal liberal views and ideas.

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Her longest relationship thus far has been with Zander. They get back together, but then break up again after Zander finds out that Lennox had a relationship with Joe's nephew, Marco; then Zander slept with his roommate, keeping them apart. In "At Last", she hooked up with Marco to forget about Zander, but continued their relationship afterwards and in the series finale she and Zander get engaged.

Ryder Scanlon Nick Robinson is Mel's nephew, and the youngest in the household. In the Pilot, it is mentioned that he suffered a nervous breakdown and burned his father's suits in the driveway.

Like many teenage boys his age, he enjoys watching television and playing sports and chasing girls. Lennox often makes jabs at her brother for being a "nerd", but it is not clear if this is true or just a brother-sister teasing relationship.

Ryder is suspended from school in Season 3 for smoking marijuana on a school trip. In Season 4 he joins the Navy and is stationed in PortsmouthVirginia. Recurring[ edit ] Stephanie Krause Lucy DeVito is Mel's legislative assistant and former intern, beginning with episode 7.

Lennox Scanlon

Hyperactive and fiercely loyal, Stephanie is keen to schedule interviews, photo opportunities, and media coverage for Mel. She regularly exhibits that she has a crush on Joe. Rhonda Cheng Elizabeth Ho is Mel's press secretary appearing in 5 of the 6 first episodes.

Tiffany Longo Megan Hilty is Joe's former wife, first seen in episode Their on-again, off-again relationship is punctuated by bouts of lovemaking in unusual places. Holly Rebeck Rachel G. Fox is Ryder's extremely aggressive, controlling girlfriend.

melissa and joey lennox zander meet joe

She is often manipulativejealous, and conceited, and Ryder is usually submissive to her demands. Lunt, is especially intolerant of Lennox's activist-projects of the week. This causes obvious friction between the two and results in Lennox taking up an impassioned stance on free-speech, sometimes leading open acts of student rebellion and protest.

However, the adults in her life seemed to have clued in on the fact that Lennox is highly oppositionally defiant, frequently upsetting her when her latest scheme fails to 'piss them off' as intended.

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Lennox is a talented writer and she knows it. In the first season, she becomes the editor of the school blog but after yet another falling out with school authority, opened up her own unaffiliated blog entitled 'Lennox Explains It All.

She holds her publication to very high standards and isn't afraid to tell people the truth about the quality of their submitted work. It's unclear how she feels about the popular kids at school; sometimes she shows immense disdain for the 'populars' and sometimes she considers herself one of them.

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Either way, Lennox isn't the type to conform to popular opinion or social pressure. She seems self-assured and well aware of her physical attractiveness. She has dated a number of different boys throughout the two seasons and like her aunt and Joe, most episodes feature her going through a 'relationship of the week. She was in a committed relationship with Zander Carlson, an artist, however after he makes the final decision of going to college in Vermont which ends their relationship.

melissa and joey lennox zander meet joe

Lennox later met and briefly dated Joe's nephew Marco, but eventually Lennox and Xander got back together. Xander later found out about her relationship with Marco which led to a fight between him and Lennox. Lennox then went to his place to try and explain but found him cheating on her with his roommate which permanently ends their relationship.

Trivia She wanted to get Mel and Joe together and she did it. She gives mainly Mel but also Joe advice on dating. She obviously knew that both Mel and Joe liked each other. She can't stand when Mel and Joe fight.