Meet your customers needs and desires

What is a Customer Need?

meet your customers needs and desires

How to Identify and Meet the Needs of Your Customers customers, check out our guide: Understanding Your Customer's Needs and Wants in 3 Easy Steps. Understanding customers is a science that takes many new business owners a while to master. At the end of the day, customers want two things from you: 1. Consider these four kinds of needs and desires that drive customers to buy as you develop your Prospects are looking for someone to meet their needs.

How to Identify Customer Needs and Expectations

If your customers are like this: You've got to be in front of them exactly when they need something. These are real needs and wants that MUST be responded to, but not necessarily right away: They're going to spend money soon, and they have to know you're out there. Prospects are looking for someone to meet their needs. These are needs a person believes they have, but are not, in reality, an absolute need: These are desires customers don't yet recognize as being a need, often developed in response to the creation of a new type of product or service.

Nobody walked around thinking they needed — or even wanted — to carry around 10, songs before the Apple iPod was invented.

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If you're aiming at customers like this: A big mistake is to assume all customers have the same motivations as you or your immediate friends, family, and colleagues. Do some market research. Ask customers for feedback. Start talking to customers to find out what really motivates them, and then go beyond what they just say to you. Try to get inside their heads if you want to get their money inside your cash register!

meet your customers needs and desires

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How To Identify Customer Needs And Wants

This is also when there is potential for establishing how they shop, as to whether it is a spur-of-the-moment, impulse purchase or is a purchasing decision that has resulted from a measured, cautious decision.

Studying these patterns will enable businesses to know how to lay out their stores, both virtual as well as brick-and-mortar stores.

Understand Why Customers Buy What They Buy Identifying which customer types make up your your target market and then establishing how they shop, will inform you as to why customers buy the products they buy. Do customers favor particular brands over generic counterparts? Do they watch their money very, very carefully?

How to Know What a Customer Needs & Wants

Do they make choices based on impulsive or emotional needs, such as buying to keep up with the latest trends and fashions? Maximizing the number of things offered that suit what customers want is the key to lasting in business.

Listen to What Customers Say Customers speak with their dollars but they also speak loudly on social media and in person. As tough as it can sometimes be to hear critiques of the goods or services you offer, it is invaluable information that no marketing strategy can give you.

meet your customers needs and desires

Knowing what a customer wants is now more important than ever, because there's more competition in the marketplace. Some 50 years ago, the only real competition was from shops in the same zip code, but consumers now can purchase what they need from nearly anywhere in the world. Consumers now are less loyal and more discerning than in the past.