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meet and greet ono eriko jakarta

Title: Elite Traveler Asia Edition, Issue 4, The Guide, Jakarta, Author: Arvada Probably of more interest are its heavily securitized meeting rooms with the ous region, which greets guests with a glass of fresh grape . Contact: Shuichi Ono at Breitling in Tokyo, ; Exploratory Meeting with APCD and Japanese Academics, Bangkok, Thailand, . AAN officers and members at their Executive Committee meeting in Jakarta Group photo with APCD and partners led by Ms. Eriko Takahashi (Programs Meet and greet with participants of the ongoing Skills Development Training for. 2 Vouchers @ 1 Night for GrandWhizz Jakarta Hotel 1 Voucher @ 2 Nights at . JKT48 Live in Concert – Meet & Greet with Ono Eriko-sensei.

Particularly popular shows included Baldios the Italian broadcast included the Missing Episode 32Daltanious it was released on DVD a few years before Japan didGaiking which had an Italo-disco openingand even the original Mobile Suit Gundam which was redubbed in to fix its Cut-and-Paste Translation. In fact, some shows with incomplete dubs most notably Mazinger Z, Gaiking and Gakeen had their dubs finished for home video releases.

France loves Leiji Matsumoto so much, he's actually a knight there! For some reason, a number of Magical Girl shows and old-school shoujo series have done quite well in Europe and Latin America, but are nearly forgotten in their native Japan due to being a Discredited Trope and just can't make it in the US due to Moral Guardians.

Many romance anime have a female romantic foil. This type of character almost never gets the guy in anime, so they're apparently not popular in Japan. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou: Nanami, Sorata's classmate, who's in a similar place in life and becomes his best friend. Bolstered by her many other struggles ; she wants to be a voice actor, but keeps failing auditions, and her parents aren't exactly supportive.

This makes the fact that she doesn't get the guy seem especially unfair. Minori, Genki Girl and softball player. This one has more to do with hatred of Taiga's personality than anything else.

Doesn't get the guy, though you could probably guess that from the title. Your Lie in April: Tsubaki, Arima's Childhood Friendand aggressive member of the baseball team.

Arima only ever has eyes for Kaori, but after the latter dies it's implied that Tsubaki might end up with him eventually.


The Facebook page dedicated to Tomo Chan Is A Girl has 60, likes as of late Novembermost of them originating from English-speaking fans; the amount of fanarts of this same manga in online galleries, which correlates with popularity in Japan, barely exceeds the single digits.

Delegates will thus have crucial input to Ministers' thinking, as the latter consider region-wide initiatives and opportunities. India and Pak agreed to get back to full diplomatic strength. The 12th Saarc summit concluded on Tuesday after the signing of a historic agreement on free trade, an additional protocol on terrorism and a social charter. It adopted the 'Islamabad Declaration' affirming the commitment of member nations to fight terrorism and promote regional trade.

The next summit will be held in Dhaka in January The South Asian Free Trade Area Safta agreement will create a free trade area in the region byand the additional protocol on terrorism, were both signed by foreign ministers of the member states in the presence of their heads of State and government.

In his concluding remarks Pakistan Prime Minister Zafarullah Khan Jamali commended the Islamabad Declaration which he said contained the road map for South Asian cooperation and had a historic significance. He also described the Additional Protocol on the review of the Saarc Convention on Suppression of Terrorismwhich pledges itself to elimination of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations in the region as 'another landmark' agreement.

This protocol deals with tackling the problem of the sourcing of finances to terrorism. Under the social charter the seven nations have pledged to work together in themes such as poverty alleviation, population stabilisation empowerment of women and human resource development. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan says the two sides have reached several agreements on the matter. Both agree the second round of talks is very important, and both are willing to make great efforts so that the talks can take place as soon as possible within the year.

However, Kong Quan notes that all sides believe the second round of talks necessary, and have confidence that the problems can be solved through dialogue. First we have to make preparations to clarify agreements reached since the first round of talks.

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This will help push forward the second round of talks. However, the US refuses to make any concessions unless North Korea dismantles all its nuclear programs. The agreement was a further manifestation of the member countries' determination "to eliminate terrorism from South Asia," the Islamabad declaration said. The leaders also signed an agreement envisioning a free trade regime among the SAARC states, home to one-fifth of the world's population and almost half of its poor, starting from January 1, The leaders reiterated their commitment to create a South Asian Economic Union but underlined that the "creation of a suitable political and economic environment would be conducive to the realisation of this objective" The summit stressed the importance of public and private sector cooperation for joint ventures and asked SAARC finance ministers to explore prospects for setting up a South Asian Development Bank.

It also called for the simplification of customs procedures and cooperation among central banks. Calling poverty alleviation the "greatest challenge" facing South Asia, the leaders hailed the signing of a social charter dealing with, among other things, human rights and the empowerment of women, as a "historic development".

meet and greet ono eriko jakarta

The summit also recommended the establishment of a regional food bank. SAARC was founded in to forge economic solidarity and boost the living standards of the region's 1.

The Indonesian proposal includes centers for combating terrorism and training in peacekeeping. The secretariat, which inaugurates tomorrow, is expected to play a vital role in coordinating activities of the group, which is putting priority on seeking common security and pushing economic progress. The group has been devoted to building confidence along their border areas, reducing the number of border troops in the region and making joint efforts to fight against international terrorism, separatism and extremism in central Asia.

All of this partnership has been conducted according to the Shanghai Spirit, Zhang said, which is represented by mutual trust, benefits, equality and consultation. In the economic and trade sector, prime ministers of these countries have mapped out a long-term plan, which targets pushing the free flow of commodities, goods, services and techniques in various areas within 20 years.

He said that the SCO welcomes Mongolia's partnership with the group, both in security and economic fields. The secretary-general, who is under the leadership of the organization, instead of any specific country, according to Zhang, who used to serve as the Chinese vice-foreign minister and ambassador to Russia, will head the secretariat. Speaking at a weekly press conference, Sihasak said 10 countries and regions, three important global organizations including WHO and FAO had agreed to attend the meeting.

He said that the meeting would focus on increasing cooperation and exchanging views and experience as well as adopting guideline for a cooperative action plan to combat bird flu. Early Tuesday, Thai Foreign Minister Surakiart Sathirathai toldreporters that he expected the meeting would turn the crisis into opportunities through collective cooperation from all parties concerned.

WHO officials will press for a coordinated plan of action at an emergency bird-flu conference of senior Asian health officials beginning Wednesday in Bangkok. FAO also wants to use the Bangkok meeting to spur Asian governments to make some fundamental changes in livestock-raising practices. In some Asian developing countries, chickens typically wander through backyards or even family homes, freely mingling with people.

Agence France Presse notes that Asian nations will meet amid calls for them to unite against the outbreak in the same way they co-operated to fight last year's SARS epidemic. With the disease now spreading apparently uncontrolled as far north as Pakistan and as far east as Japan, the Thai hosts said they hoped the half-day talks would restore confidence in the region's shattered poultry industry. The Wall Street Journal Europe meanwhile notes that a widening outbreak of bird flu could wreak havoc on Asia's agricultural sector, but isn't likely to slam the region's overall economy the way SARS did last year, economists say.

As long as the disease maintains its current transmission pattern from poultry to humans, and doesn't begin jumping from one human to another, "I think comparing this to SARS is alarmist," he says. Any change in the way the disease is spread, however, could trigger travel warnings and a near shutdown of airports in Asia, Spencer says. In another piece, Agence France Presse reports that Martin Rama, economist with the World Bank in Vietnam, said it had not made any forecasts on the possible impact of bird flu on the country's economy but will keep an eye "in case it becomes worse.

According to some analysts, the loss of many markets due to the epidemic could cost Thailand over half a growth point.

Writing in an editorial, The Wall Street Journal Europe notes that after weeks of denial in spite of mounting evidence of the disease's spread, the government is now making up for lost time with drastic actions like mass chicken slaughter.

The initial attempts to cover up the problem so as to maintain calm and "stability" have had disastrous domestic repercussions. Panic is spreading, imports are being banned and the livelihoods of many Thai chicken farmers have been severely damaged. What Asia needs now as it deals with this potential scourge is complete transparency.

Medical professionals, most of all, must have the freedom to communicate their worries to a free press if bird flu is to be contained.

The Law of Citizen Identification Cards is seen as an improvement on the resident ID card regulations adopted in because it focuses more on safeguarding civil rights. Under the law, no organization or individual has the right to check or hold a citizen's ID card except for the police who must have a good reason.

The police must keep confidential any personal information obtained from ID cards.

meet and greet ono eriko jakarta

The new ID card, which has integrated circuit IC technology, can be read by computer as well. The new law enlarges the scope of ID card holders by including those below the age of 16, who can exercise their civil rights. The regulation on occupational injury insurance clearly stipulates that all Chinese enterprises, as long as they have employees, must buy occupational safety insurance for workers, and injuries incurred traveling to or from work should be classified as occupational injuries.

Under the regulation, sudden death at the work place during work time and injury in safeguarding public property should be also classified as occupational injuries. The temporary measures on radio and television advertisement administration clearly stipulates that pornographic content or content advocating cults or superstitious thinking is prohibited in advertisements broadcast on TV and radio. Advertisements for tobacco, illegal drugs, medicines for mental diseases and medicines with toxic substances are also banned from TV and radio programs.

In line with the new measures, advertisements for medicines for beriberi and hemorrhoids are forbidden to be broadcast during mealtimes. The new rule, which will replace the regulations, adds clear and specific provisions about the definition of customs value and relevant tariff rates, which conform to WTO rules.

The temporary measures on achievement assessment of state-owned enterprise heads regulates that the Commission for Supervision and Management of State-owned Properties under the State Council will conduct annual achievement assessments of every chairman and vice-chairman, general manager, and deputy general manager of all state-owned enterprises. The assessment outcome will decide their pay and rewards.

The interim regulations on foreign investment ratios in cinemas allows for foreign investment to eventually surpass half of the capital invested in China's major cities. At present, foreign enterprises are only allowed to build cinemas as minority shareholders in ventures or co-operative businesses. Under the law, police officers are unable to request an individual's ID card without a valid reason based on Criminal Law.

Also, the new regulation has annulled restrictions formally placed on active army personnel, armed police, prisoners and young offenders being reeducated through labour. In addition, the new law allows those under the age of 16 to apply for ID cards. Agricultural officials say reports from 11 provinces on trial tax reform indicate more than 30 percent has been chopped from the original taxes levied on farmers. In some places, the reduction has reached 70 to 80 percent.

Officials say the project's success is the result of increasing governmental support to peasants, the cancellation of certain agricultural taxes, as well as strengthened supervision on related tax regulations.

Law experts say this will mark a major progress in social development after more than 20 years of market-oriented reforms. The second plenary session of the 10th National People's Congress NPC is expected to discuss and approve the draft amendment when it is convened in March this year.

According to the draft, "state of siege" will be replaced by "state of emergency. Li Shuguang, of the China University of Political Scienceand Law, said that Martial Law is normally enforced in a situationin which severe turbulence or turmoil threatens the country's stability and unification, or the safety of life and property.

However, the enforcement domain of the Emergency Law is much wider, as it not only includes social turbulence, but war, natural disasters, public sanitation and economic crises. Cai Dingjian, also of the China University of Political Science and Law, said that when enforcing martial law, military measures are usually implemented, while enforcing emergency law normally only needs administrative measures.

Li said that he believed that the idea of changing "state of siege" to "state of emergency" in the Constitutional amendment sprang from the SARS severe acute respiratory syndrome crisis, which occurred last spring and spread alarm due to the lack of an emergency law. An official with the Commission of Legislative Affairs of the NPC Standing Committee revealed that when, as early as in legislators discussed the promulgation of Martial Law, someone suggested changing the name martial law to emergency law.

However, because the then Constitution used the word "state of siege" but not "state of emergency," the law's name was not changed. The current Constitution, which contains articles in four chapters, was formulated in In such a situation, the government has no right to allocate resources as its pleases; it should obtain a legal basis to allocate resources when an emergency situation occurs," said Li. At the first plenary session of the 10th National People's Congress, 34 deputies submitted proposals on the fight against terrorism and on unexpected issues on the legislative agenda.

According to their proposals, the Emergency Law should be drafted and promulgated as soon as possible, in an effort to improve the ability of the government and people to deal with any emergency. China will speed up the judiciary reform this year, especially to boost the reform of the jail system, notarial system and legal authentication, said Minister of Justice Zhang Fusen Monday at a national meeting of directors of provincial bureaus of justice.

The trial run of community rectification and government lawyers will be promoted, and the country plans to improve the national judicial examination, Zhang added. Last year, China selected six provinces and municipalities, including northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, to carry out a trial run of the jail system reform. As a major part of the reform, China plans to separate jail-run enterprises from jails.

Chinese jails run some non-profit enterprises, usually small workshops, where inmates work as part of rectification programs and learn useful skills.

meet and greet ono eriko jakarta

China is working to separate the personnel and assets of jail enterprises from jails to make the enterprises manage themselves, Zhang said. Problems have cropped up when the administration of a jail runs enterprises at the same time, he added. The trial run of community rectification programs is also to move to more provinces as soon as possible, Zhang said.

So far, six provinces and municipalities, including Beijing, Shanghai and east China's Jiangsu Province, have tried out community rectification programs.

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The Chinese government only hired its first government lawyers early last year, but the number of government lawyers has already increased to Some government departments in 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities have hired government lawyers to guarantee that administration is carried out in line with the law. Zhang noted that governments nationwide will recruit lawyers this year. Official Chinese education minister said in Beijing on Jan. At a press conference organized by the State Council Information Office, Minister Zhou Ji said that education is basically a cause for social benefits.

Governmental encouragement of private investment into education does not mean gaining economic returns is the priority for schools, said Zhou, adding that more private funds could alleviate burdens of the government for financing education. Meanwhile, China welcomes overseas partners who are able to provide quality education service to the Chinese.

meet and greet ono eriko jakarta

A newly adopted law stipulates that private schools are legally equal to their public counterparts. Statistics show that by the end ofabout 61, privately- funded schools enrolled more than 11 million students. A total of programs were jointly carried out by Chinese and overseas educators, nine times that of seven years before.

Regulators are also tightening up codes of conduct for lawyers to improve professional ethics and credibility. The clean-up comes at a time when China has been hit by a wave of shoddy legal companies and untrained lawyers. The new EER standards are expected to be formally introduced in Digital TV Ground Standards are likely to be ushered in. Though the two design proposals on digital TV ground standards submitted by Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiaotong University are still undergoing review, the formal version of the standards will probably come out inallowing digital TVs to grow healthily with unified standards.

The draft of the Code prepared by the State Standardization Administration and other relevant departments is now soliciting public comments. Technical specifications will be developed for the first time for the health standards of refrigerators, iceboxes, and dehumidifiers.

The Code is likely to come out in The National Health Standards for Air-conditioners is also expected to come out this spring. However, some people doubted the Standards may well fail to bring good effects shortly as each WTO member is bounded by the organization to practice compulsory licensing for products sold in its territory only after a 3-month complaint-free public comment period.

Furthermore, before the Standards ever comes out, one has to wait for a transitional period of 8 months, during which products failing to meet the new standards could still be sold in the market.

In view of these two factors, one still needs to wait for nearly a year before the new Standards takes its legal binding force.

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The Regulations was a response to foreign investors' need for having foreign-invested export sourcing centers in the Chinese territory in the form of either exclusive foreign ownership or shared equity ownership with their Chinese counterparts.