Meet and greet britney spears tickets

Britney Spears: Meet & Greet Experience + Show Review – Curse of John

meet and greet britney spears tickets

Britney Spears VIP tickets offered by Also offering, Britney Spears VIP Packages, Britney Spears VIP travel packages and the Britney. First off, the Meet & Greet Experience included a tiny “swag bag” which included a commemorative ticket, a bracelet, and a signed poster. Find Britney Spears concert tickets and schedule dates for one of the most.

For some reason, I went into the show thinking she would sing live. I just refused to believe what I thought were rumors, but unfortunately those rumors were actually very much the truth. Quite a few times Britney stumbled on words and even at times stopped moving her lips while the vocal audio backtrack continued to play in the background. Let me back track a bit.

meet and greet britney spears tickets

I have done a number of meet and greet experiences, and I have to say the merchandise included seemed a little underwhelming compared to other bundles I received for a much less price. Our tour guide went through a few of the outfits asking us if we recognized any. The outfit was actually just a replica— our tour guide explained to us the original was auctioned off, but she then proceeded to show us the original boots which were a size 7.

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After going through her wardrobe, we were brought on stage where our tour guide continued to provide us with useless facts about the screen, stage, equipment and so on. After our look on stage, we were finally set to meet Britney Spears herself. Fans were ecstatic, some even in tears, while I stood there waiting expressionless. The wait was pretty long due to some lighting issues, but the experience was unreal.

Britney took the time to talk to every one of us.

meet and greet britney spears tickets

She was very down to earth and sweet, which ultimately was the highlight of the whole show. After about 4 people went in for retakes we were off to our seats. The venue was awesome. I love going to Mohegan Sun Arena. The staff actually takes a look at your ticket and seats you.

However, I met some friendly French fans who were in the Ultimate Upgrade too.

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That was bad omen I am about the 10th fan who gets to meet her. I was there, like an idiot, waiting for Britney to finish chatting.

Britney Spears meet and greet: worst experience ever!

She clearly seemed bored and upset. Since I was not allowed to touch her, I awkwardly leaned towards her for the photo.

Britney Spears: Meet & Greet Experience + Show Review

I tried my best to look good on the picture! This is my dream to do it! It was like "Leave me alone you're bothering me, get out of here". It was actually a nightmare. I did not even want to see the show to tell you the truth. I danced and enjoyed the begining of the show.

I thought back to that horrible minute with her and that my idol made me CRY! It was very, very hard. My BFF hugged me, even though I do not like hugs. The worst case scenario that I could think of happened. We know that Britney Spears is bipolar, that she has good and bad days, she's human.