Mateo cruz and jj relationship problems

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mateo cruz and jj relationship problems

create Collections and Bookmarks, participate in Challenges, import works, and background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships . JJ's (A.J. Cook) mysterious work with the State Department was finally revealed on What's JJ and Cruz's relationship like going forward?. Mateo Cruz has found himself drawn to JJ from the day he saw her. After pulling some When Reid is in trouble, it's up to JJ to try to save the day. One-shot.

Thoughts are in italics. A Criminal Minds Fanfiction: For Emily Prentiss, it was as if the weather was commiserating with the overwhelming feeling of melancholy enveloping her. Tucking the foldable umbrella underneath one arm, she set off towards her favorite cafe, hoping that she would make it there before the heavens opened up.

The streets of London were filled with people walking about: It was a cacophony of personalities that made for an entertaining five-minute walk to grab some lunch. Turn if off, profiler. Emily rolled her eyes as she pegged the man crossing the street while barking into his phone as someone who could possibly be a sexual sadist. As she walked up to the cafe, she studied the sky and figured that even with the day's forecast, she would be able to get through her meal without getting wet.

Decision made, she picked the table closest to the door, sitting with her back against the glass wall, the position giving her a wide angle of the immediate vicinity. You can turn off the profiler, but not the paranoid agent. She chuckled to herself as the waiter handed her a menu. Browsing quickly, she decided on a personal margherita pizza with a side of Caesar and a pot of English Breakfast tea.

Reappearing a few moments later, the waiter placed the tea in front of her as well as the day's newspaper with a reminder that the rest will be served in a few minutes. She was well into a pretty good article from the lifestyle section when she sensed a pair of eyes boring into her.

Showing no sign of noticing, she continued reading, part of her thinking that she should probably redecorate her living room while the other part was calculating how fast she could get away should the other person decide to engage her. The brunette was about to lower the newspaper and surreptitiously glance at her surroundings when the waiter approached with the completion of her order.

Looking up, she thanked the broad-shouldered man who smiled in acknowledgement. As he left, she was not surprised to see her observer now standing by the place the waiter had just vacated.

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Efficient and attentive as ever, the waiter again stepped forward with a menu. The man politely refused and instead just asked for a cup of coffee. The waiter nodded and came back almost instantly with a separate pot of a fresh brew and a cup and saucer and some sugar. After several minutes of comfortable silence and an offer to share the pizza, he finally began.

You did it for her. You dropped everything and hopped on a plane just for her. Her split-second hesitation, however, gave him the confirmation he needed. Bonds like those aren't meant to be broken. A wry smile formed on his lips as he stared down into the coffee cup to avoid her penetrating gaze.

Despite the lengthy silence, he did not deny it. She looked at me like she couldn't believe what I'd done for her. I told her I had her back, but that's not the only reason why I did what I did.

I was going to tell her the truth, but I think she somehow knew what I was gonna say and that's why she stopped me. Refusing to seize the opening she had inadvertently given him, he picked up his cup and took a sip of the dark amber liquid, the porcelain mug hiding his knowing smirk.

Placing it back down, he looked up at her relieved and grateful expression. And even if I could go back in time and have her fall in love with me, I don't think I could do it. Henry means the world to her. We had talked about it. We saw the beginning of this episode a year ago, let's put it that way. In fact, it was going to be the episode Thomas [Gibson ] directed last year, but it felt more finale-worthy or premiere-worthy than middle of the season unless it's the th episode!

We started talking about what happened to JJ when she was away from us and if that could be the thing that comes back to haunt her. JJ came back much stronger. She came back a profiler, and you can tell something happened in the year she was gone that's changed her for the better.

It felt like, "Let's take this opportunity in that milestone episode to show what this was like for her. Was that twist important to her backstory? The next thing for me was the emotional step.

Professionally, things can change you, harden you, make you better, make you stronger. But personally, what happened to her?

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Strauss sets it up that she'll be going back and forth from the States — I just pictured her finding out in a med tent in Afghanistan that she's pregnant and as many casualties of war, she loses the baby in an explosion. It's heartbreaking and tragic. For me, for a female hero on our show, it's a story we're not going to tell present day.

mateo cruz and jj relationship problems

It's too hopeless in a sense if we say she's pregnant and take it away. Miscarriages are a pretty common TV trope. Right, and I think the way we did it, it shows that it's something that changed her and made her stronger. The audience doesn't have the chance to fall in love with the fact that she's having a baby since this was in and we know JJ didn't come back with another baby. I felt like it was an important part of her character to have something she wanted and lost because of this, and it's not because of chasing serial killers but because of a bigger role she played as an American hero.

When we introduced Cruz, I told A. You were the only one there who knew the loss that she endured and that is a connection that you have with somebody that you can't explain. It's not romantic, but just the bond you have. He's a major character in your life because he was there for that.

mateo cruz and jj relationship problems

They care for each other, but not like that. Will Josh Stewart didn't know, but it's implied at the end that she finally told him.

Why did you decide to have him in the dark? I don't want to be generalizing women by any means, but one of the many strengths of women is that you carry on.

We talked about, "Did she tell Will? He never knew she was pregnant, so he never lost anything. It felt like it would've been putting him through an unnecessary pain at the time, so she just kept it to herself. It was like, "What you don't know won't hurt you. The team still doesn't know though.

mateo cruz and jj relationship problems

What's JJ and Cruz's relationship like going forward? Fewer whisper-y conversations, I assume. We don't have him back probably until our finale, but they are going to be working together and he's still the section chief. They'll be less secretive. Is this whole story line done?

Hastings and the other guy are dead. We had toyed with bringing an element of that back in the finale, but I think we're going to start fresh.

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The whole story line started with Cruz being made section chief, which we now know was to draw out these two terrorists. He said then that he had heard rumblings about their old case being reopened and I think this closed it nicely. Last time you did something like this with Prentiss and Doyle, some of the team, Reid Matthew Gray Gubler especially, felt betrayed by Prentiss' secret.