Mass marketing and relationship differ

Difference Between Mass Marketing and Differentiated Marketing |

mass marketing and relationship differ

Relationship marketing and customer relationship management are two phrases you'll come across as you search for ways to manage and increase your sales. When you think of your marketing strategy you can: 1) Target everyone one ( Mass) with the same message. 2) Break your customer's into segments based on . Mass marketing delivers generic messages to large, relatively undefined and online relationship building ranked among the top initiatives being taken to.

Relationship marketing focuses on developing long-lasting relationships with clients to secure sales well into the future.

Difference Between Mass Marketing and Differentiated Marketing

Some relationship marketing strategies including branding, customer service training, community and media relations, social media, newsletters, blogs, referral programs and frequent buyer incentives. These marketing efforts are investments in the promise of long-term sales. Face-to-face interaction is less frequent, and many more services and product transactions are occurring behind a computer screen.

With a few clicks on their keyboards, clients can access a world of information that influences their purchase decisions, making the client relationship more important than ever. While the Internet has reduced face time with clients, it has provided more and different avenues to develop relationships with current and prospective clients.

Some product companies never had direct relationships with their customers before the proliferation of the Internet and social media. The stores that carried their products exclusively built and maintained the client relationships. Now, manufacturers are reaching their customers more directly, branding and building relationships through interactive and educational features on their websites, blog articles and posts on their Facebook pages.

Retaining Customers When your business is moving product, it may be tempting to put all resources into marketing tactics that bring immediate results. You can think of mass marketing as a shotgun approach: By contrast, targeted marketing is more like shooting a rifle; you take careful aim at one type of customer with your message.

Automaker Henry Ford was very successful at both mass production and mass marketing. Ford pioneered the modern-day assembly line early in the twentieth century, which helped him cost-effectively pump out huge numbers of identical Model T automobiles. They came in only one color: He also advertised in every major newspaper and persuaded all kinds of publications to carry stories about the new, inexpensive cars.

The Difference Between Relationship Marketing & CRM |

The price was right. Sloan, the head of General Motors GMappeared on the scene.

mass marketing and relationship differ

Sloan began to segment consumers in the automobile market—to divide them up by the prices they wanted to pay and the different cars they wanted to buy. The idea was to offer a car for every target market or for every income level.

You might be interested to know that before GM declared bankruptcy init was widely believed the automaker actually had too many car models. After eliminating many models including Pontiac and Oldsmobile, General Motors made a turnaround and posted a large profit for In fact, it can help you enlarge your customer base by giving you information with which to successfully adjust some component of your offering—the offering itself, its price, the way you service and market it.

More specifically, the process can help you do the following: Avoid head-on competition with other firms trying to capture the same customers. Develop new offerings and expand profitable brands and products lines. Remarket older, less-profitable products and brands.

The Difference Between Relationship Marketing & CRM

Redistribute money and sales efforts to focus on your most profitable customers. The trend today is toward more precise, targeted marketing. A variety of tools and research techniques can be used to segment markets.

mass marketing and relationship differ

Government agencies, such as the U. Census Bureau, collect and report vast amounts of population information and economic data that can reveal changing consumption trends.

Relationship Marketing in a nutshell

Technology is also making it easier for even small companies and entrepreneurs to gather information about potential customers. The great product idea you had? You can locate potential customers by looking at blog sites and discussion forums on the Web.

Do you have a blog? Your own personal experience and talking to would-be buyers is an important part of the puzzle. Go where you think would-be buyers go—restaurants, malls, gyms, subways, grocery stores, daycare centers, and offices—and ask questions to find out what they do during the day, what they talk about, what products or services do you see them using, and do they seem to be having an enjoyable experience when using those products or are they frustrated?

What is the difference between Mass Marketing and Segment Marketing?

Healthy Choice frozen dinners were conceived as a result of questioning potential customers. Two years after the Healthy Choice line was launched, it controlled 10 percent of the frozen-dinner market by concentrating on the health conscious segment Birchall, Once you decide on a particular salon, you have to find it and explain to the new hairdresser how you want your hair cut and hope he or she gets it right.

You also have to figure out what type of credit cards the new salon will accept and whether tips can be put on your credit card. InBackroads, a California company focused on adventure-based travel increased its revenues by creating a personalized marketing campaign for people who had done business with them in the past.