Mary poppins and bert relationship counseling

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mary poppins and bert relationship counseling

Well Begun Is Half Done: How Mary Poppins is a Practically Perfect Family Therapist. Bert, played by Dick Van Dyke, is an old friend of Mary Poppins'. We do get a He leads us to the house stopping a couple times on the way. Mary Poppins is one of the most beloved movies of all time. The iconic classic has Are Bert and Mary secretly a couple but hiding it from the children? Are they in love, but unable to their spirits? Probably. Time to get those kids into therapy.

Mr Banks sings about sending the children off to bed when he realizes that the children are nowhere to be found, and it is passed their bedtime.

Mary Poppins & Bert had to wake up extra early @ Disneyland CA!

Can you remember what time that is? Question 14 What is Mrs. Catherine Amelia Winifred Mrs Banks, played by Glynis Johns, is first introduced to us at the beginning of the film when she comes home to find her children have run away again, and yet another nanny has decided to leave the position.

This woman has just come home from protests and riots where women have been put in jail for advocating for women's right to vote, and now she has to deal with her job of being a mother to children who cannot seem to be disciplined. Question 15 What does Michael add as a requirement to the advertisement for a new nanny?

Must be kind No warts No bedtime Jane and Michael feel bad about scaring off yet another nanny so they decide to help write an advertisement for a new nanny in the paper. Of course, since this is a musical, the sing the letter they have written to their parents and are as adorable as ever.

Mr Banks does not consider their requests. Instead, he rips the letter up and throws it in the fire. Don't worry though, Mary Poppins has a way of knowing exactly what the children are looking for. Question 16 What happens to all the nannies waiting outside the Banks' residence? They get blown away by the wind Mr Banks dismisses them They get scared off by the children They get chased away by a large dog Following Mr Banks' advertisement in the paper, a long line of nannies looking for work lines up outside the Banks' resident in hopes of landing the job.

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Mr Banks won't let them in for interviews until precisely 8: She gets interviewed first and is hired on the spot through her wonderful manipulation. Banks then asks the housekeeper to dismiss the rest of the nannies, but they are all gone Question 17 Which days does Mary require off? As soon as she meets Mr Banks she sets down all her rules and tells him how everything will work as if she were the one hiring him.

Everything happens so quickly that Mr Banks isn't even processing what is happening. He ends up hiring her on the spot kind of unknowingly, but being the man he is, he tries to play it off as though it was entirely his decision Question 18 What is the first thing Mary Poppins pulls out of her bag? A mirror A hat stand A plant Mary Poppins is famous for her magical bag that has no bottom and seems to contain an entire universe within it.

The children are amazed by the wonders that can be pulled from that bag.

Emily Blunt Thinks This 'Mary Poppins' Theory Is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

When Mary is shown to her room, she wants to add her own touch and put in some of her belongings to brighten up the place. She takes out quite a few things, but can you remember the very first item she surprisingly pulls from her bag? Question 19 Why doesn't the magic work for Michael? He's too naughty He can't whistle He doesn't want to clean his room At Mary's first meeting of the children, they are disappointed by the fact that she's trying to get them to clean their room through pretending it's a game.

They see right through it and know that it's just a chore. Once Mary starts singing her song and doing her thing, the children quickly realize that it's not just a boring chore and that Mary is actually teaching them how to use magic to clean their room.

Jane picks it up right away, but Michael has a little trouble. Question 20 According to Bert, how do you do magic? You stop, you flop, you do a double hop, you close your eyes and run. You think, you wink, you do a double blink, you close your eyes and jump. You scratch your thinkers, snap your finger, you take a nap and that's a wrap.

You say goodbye and eat some pie, then say hello and you're good to go. On the children's first outing with Mary Poppins, they are on their way to the park when they meet Bert as he is putting some finishing touches on his street art. He is drawing pictures of the adventures he's had with Mary Poppins over the years. He tells the children that with a bit of magic, they can enter the world of a painting.

Bert, however, doesn't really know how to do magic so an annoyed Mary Poppins must assist. Question 21 Who helps Bert sing "Jolly Holiday"?

mary poppins and bert relationship counseling

The children Race horses Farm animals "Jolly Holiday" is a fun song that Bert sings about Mary Poppins when they are in the world of his artwork. He sings about how wonderful Mary is and how wonderful she makes everything around her it's really quite romantic.

In the artwork we are introduced to a bunch of new characters that are part of the animated world, but can you remember who sings the song with Bert other than Mary Poppins, of course, who reciprocates the sentiment to Bert. Log Files Like most standard Web site servers, we use log files. We and some of our business partners for example, advertisers use cookies on our Website. These cookies track usage of the site for security, analytics and targeted advertising purposes.

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Advertising and targeted advertising cookies: They tell him that they are on their way to the park. He scoffs at the mundane outing and is able to successfully goad Mary into transporting the group into one of his pictures, a depiction of the English countryside.

While Jane and Michael go to a nearby fair, Bert and Mary enjoy a stroll through the countryside and eat lunch at a small cafe. They talk of their long relationship, which is shown to be platonic. Afterwards, they join the children for a ride on Mary's private carousel. At Mary's word, the horses jump off the carousel, and the group enjoys a horseback ride. Along the way, Bert notices a fox running from hunters, and saves it by putting it onto his horse.

They end up in a horse race, where they see Mary easily win it.

mary poppins and bert relationship counseling

After being asked for a word to describe herself, she tells them of her special word, Supercalifragilisticexpialidociousand Bert contributes by noting that he used to say the word to save his nose from being tweaked by his father for being rude for not speaking.

Soon, it begins to rain, which washes off the drawing, and the group is forced to cut the outing short. Though Mary laments the loss of the pictures, Bert notes that are more of them coming soon and that he intends to take advantage of the rain and change businesses by selling hot chestnuts.

Bert appears the next day, at the home of Mary's Uncle Albertwho is "suffering" from a strange sickness. Apparently, he has laughed too much and is floating in the air, unable to come down. Bert warns the children not to laugh, as the condition is contagious.

Things only adults notice in Mary Poppins

However, he succumbs to it himself and joins Uncle Albert in the air. After the children float as well, Mary allows them to enjoy tea together, by making the table float to join them. Eventually, they float to the ground, due to the sadness at realizing they must go home.

Mary asks Bert to stay and keep an eye on Uncle Albert. He attempts to cheer him up with a joke but fails and both of them end up sobbing. After a disastrous outing with their fatherJane and Michael run away and become lost. They run into Bert, but do not recognize him initially, as he is covered in soot from cleaning chimneys.