Marth and roy relationship trust

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marth and roy relationship trust

IkeXLink IkeXMarth MarthXRoy PitXLink Rated M for a reason. With whole- hearted trust, Link believes every single word. Marth wants a fully committed relationship with Ike—tired of hiding it—and he will do anything to get it. Roy and his lover Prince Marth Lowell waited for a few moments in front of . Someone that you can relate to, someone that you know you can trust but that's what strengthens and tests the real love of a relationship. Trust me that's the point lol they claimed one of the said characters was so OMG weird ass incestual relationships) and apparently among Female players Owain Marth and Roy are popular because of Super Smash Bros.

Roy is the main protagonist of Roy's Roster Quest, and is responsible for setting the entire story into action.

marth and roy relationship trust

As a quick summary, Roy is great friends with Marth, he has killed other characters in cold blood before, and is the leader of the group whom everyone listens to.

All cut characters go to live there. But when Mewtwo was called to be brought back and soon after him - Lucas, Roy decided that he has had enough waiting for a callback, and he is going to force his way back onto the roster in any way he can Beat Mario - The leader of the entire smash cast.

History Roy was born to Eliwood and he has yet to mention who his mother is. But before his game was released, Marth called him into smash to see if that would help young Roy get off his feet a little. The fans seemed to be neutral about him until they realised he had the best crowd cheer in Melee. But after around-average game sales and no localisation for some reason, Roy was forced to give his room in the Smash mansion to Ike and was sent to the newly-built Cut House along with Pichu, Young Link and Mewtwo.

There were 10 bedrooms just incase more cuts came later. And more cuts did come later. Wolf moved in along with a super-sad Lucas close to Smash 4's release. The Ice Climbers came before them along with Snake. RRQ Then after a few months of the game being out, Mewtwo was called back, Everyone seemed really happy for him too, but Mewtwo was just glad to leave the place.

And a few months after that, Mewtwo came to take Lucas back He retired to his bed well past midnight, and it was there that he lay awake in complete darkness, assuming the worst… What if Pit left him?

Did he leave him already? Was that why he couldn't find him?! What about their baby? Would he have to do everything the doctor mentioned on his own? Wouldn't that be difficult?! But… But he needed Pit! It may sound quite desperate, yes, but it was true.

He can't abandon him now! Not in his greatest time of need! The man was told less than twelve hours ago that he was pregnant! And as if he needed more stress and anxiety, his lover bails on him! They'd only been together for four months… That'd probably make it easier for Pit to just up and leave since their so-called feelings for each other weren't exactly as strong as they needed to be in a situation like this.

marth and roy relationship trust

No, Link did not ask for this… But it was neither his fault. He didn't know that if he and Pit made love on Valentines Day of all days that he'd get pregnant. Who was he to turn to, now? His friends would more than likely supply him with all the comfort and support that he could ever need, but he couldn't bring himself to tell them… Not at this particular point in time, anyway.

Sure, he would have to eventually, but it would be best to keep his surprise pregnancy a secret. He and Doctor Mario discussed that a little after Pit's "great escape". There were days that he could go without having that first, important meal of the day, and he often ate a simple muffin with a cup of milk and that would be just about all… But—as the doctor mentioned—he could not miss or skip any meals.

It was now important that he'd receive proper nourishment, for he was not eating only for himself, but for his child, too. But, he didn't feel hungry… His overriding feelings outweighed hunger, but in this predicament he'd have to eat something for the good of the growing being inside him.

That idea still had him shaking in his boots. Should he be excited about being perhaps the only impregnated male in history? Well, he did like children; he couldn't lie about that. He has a blast playing with the five children that resided within the Smash mansion.

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But he wasn't expecting to have his first child at nineteen-years-old. He didn't know when he wanted to have his first child, in truth. But he was having one, and he could say that he was a bit… ecstatic. Although he wasn't looking forward to "becoming the size of a blimp" as Doctor Mario illustrated, and the many hours of labor pains that he'd have to endure.

He and Pit—who were two males—created something together.

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Such a thing would be envied by other homosexual couples who wanted a child of their own. In their situation, they would have to adopt someone else's infant.

An infant that contained neither of their DNA. Perhaps one male partner's DNA if they decided to go through with the surrogate mother option. But for Link and Pit, their child would inherit their traits, their DNA, genes, physical features, etcetera… It would be their child, not someone else's, or partially someone else's… But theirs… Their own little replica.

Link dragged himself into the shower, dousing his aching body with warm, comforting water… Why was he getting ready? What was he getting ready for? He couldn't participate on the rough, vigorous matches; it was far too risky, and he didn't want to put his baby in any danger whatsoever. He figured that he'd be a little upset with him for running off on him, but again, sixteen?

What sixteen-year-old wouldn't do that? Shortly after his shower—the angel chose to wear his red toga for that day—he ascended back into the heavens and plopped onto a new, much plumper cloud to go into greater depth and tweak his "Baby Prevention" plan… and so far, it was going quite well.

Link cringed as the sharp sound waves bounced around the walls of his sensitive, Hylian ears… that voice would definitely contribute to making his growing headache worse than it needed to be.

marth and roy relationship trust

He and his tray—or rather truckload—of food and fruits made their way to the prince's and Roy's table. His tray carried three, mammoth-sized waffles, toppings included strawberry, blueberry and raspberry, a ladle full of fluffy, yellow scrambled eggs and a small bowl of various fruits. Link pulled out a chair and took his seat, "Hello. He noted Link's depressing pupils and the lowering of his readied knife and fork as he watched his body language intensely, "No… I did not find him.

He'll pop up somewhere.

marth and roy relationship trust

You didn't listen to me; I told you that you needed someone more mature. Someone that you can relate to, someone that you know you can trust… Someone like—" "—Marth, darling? Prince Marth rolled his eyes, very disappointed that his lover didn't give him the opportunity to let him finish, as he muttered something underneath his breath, but turned to his redheaded lover with a shining grin on his fair lips.

Both Link and the redhead saw him off to the beverage counter, Roy deciding when it was safe enough to talk with when his cobalt-haired lover was clearly out of earshot range… "Forgive him… obviously, he still doesn't approve of you and Pit…" "…I can tell," Link sadly responded, spooning a small portion of his strawberry waffle into his mouth. Anyhow, back to what's really important. How'd the visit with the doctor go? What about the results?

Did he find anything? He severed eye contact with the redhead, "Nope… Um… He didn't find anything. Surely he would've found out what's been bothering you about now… I still think its Marth's gingerbread cookies.

Don't tell him that I said that, though, he'd probably murder me… But I see you're not wearing your battle gear… Are you sitting out today? Link was dressed in a baby-blue polo shirt, capris and sandals. How do you solve them? Marth's really easy to please, but whenever we have our, I guess… epic fights, I make sure that I make it up to him as best as I can.

What is the relationship between Roy,Marth,and Ike from Fire Emblem?

I give him dozens upon dozens of his favorite flowers, I take him out shopping; I buy whatever he wants, which burns big holes in my pockets… Prince Marth sure has expensive tastes, but that's understandable… Gah… I'm rambling. Occasionally, I'd cook up a little something for him… But most importantly, I let him know that I still love him. Sure, we disagree on many things, and there are going to be times when we fuss and fight and have our episodes, but that's what strengthens and tests the real love of a relationship… And over the past two years I've learned that you have only two choices when faced with a dilemma: And—somehow—Marth and I have lasted this long.

Are we destined to be together?

marth and roy relationship trust

That I do not have the answer to… But anyway… In a nutshell, there are many ways for you and your lover to recover from a fight… But always remember that love must be present.

Did you ask for extra chocolate sprinkles?

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Link—a tad bit envious of his two friends—grinned weakly at the happy couple… He didn't believe that there was a power in the universe that was strong enough to come between them; that's what a two-year relationship would do for you. You wouldn't dare catch one without the other conjoined somewhere at the hip.

They spent the majority of their days with each other: But the sooner either of them apologized to the other, all was well, and you'd find them violently sucking each other's faces off just about anywhere in the mansion. Secretly, Link hoped that he and Pit were to become as happy and fortunate as the inseparable pair seemed to be two years from now… Pit… Himself… and hopefully, their little child.

That's all he desired… A big, happy family… …Right. Did you get the test results back from Doctor Mario?! N-Not yet…" "Aww… that can't mean good news! Yuri Lowenthal will voice him in the game's North American release while Hikaru Midorikawa will reprise his role in the Japanese release. Marth's name is romanized as 'Mars' and he is given the surname of 'Lowell'.

The anime ended production after only two episodes were finished. Typical of most Fire Emblem "Lords" in successive games, he is a swordsman with a slim build and wears a cape; he shows nobility and justness in both of the Fire Emblem games that he appears in, though he also shows himself to be somewhat single-minded in his pursuit in Shadow Dragon. He also has difficulty in expressing his romantic feelings for the character Caeda in that game's epilogue if she survived. His nobility of character has carried over to the anime, in which he is fighting against villains.

Once Medeus was resurrected he rebuilt his land of Dolhr, readying himself for an invasion of Archanea once again. After the attack from Dolhr, Marth was forced into exile on the island nation of Talys. His father, Cornelius, was killed battling Gharnef, an evil priest and a devout follower of Medeus; his elder sister Elice was taken hostage.

With the help of the Altean knight Jagen, the Talysian Princess Caeda, and other characters, Marth embarks on a quest to defeat Medeus, reclaim the kingdom of Altea, and rescue his sister. Marth meets Nyna, the princess of Archanea-the most prominent kingdom—who gave him the country's national treasure, the Fire Emblem.

Marth later obtains the Falchion sword, which was stolen from his father by Gharnef. He uses it to confront Medeus.

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After the defeat of Medeus, Marth was engaged to Caeda and spent his days peacefully in Altea. It wasn't until rumours had it that Hardin—a former ally and friend of Marth—had begun to conquer various countries in Archanea with the help of the Manaketes [31] that Marth was forced to leave his rule of Altea to investigate.

When Marth and his men gathered at Grust, several of his former allies were fleeing, or some were murdered during the pillages of Hardin. Marth then travelled to Macedonia where he reunited with Linde, a mage of Archanea, who had been keeping the Fire Emblem safe from harm.