Marth and roy relationship quotes

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marth and roy relationship quotes

The appearance of Marth and Roy sparked a greater level of Western interest in .. Outside of his duties, Marth can be aloof and rather shy when it comes to personal relationships; after —Marth's death/game over quote in Shadow Dragon. I thought so of you might like to know what Roy actually says after a match. If any of these quotes is wrong please let me know, they are all from Anyways, Roy ( in Fire Emblem 6) was designed very similarly to Marth, so it's. This suggests that Roy was chosen as the Marth clone relatively late in development. One of Brave Roy's quotes in Fire Emblem Heroes, "Roy's our boy!.

As if to add insult to injury, they then found out that for some really obscure reason he was one of few units to not get an exclusive weapon in the American version, making it so that he has officially been screwed over by the devs thrice. A mutation of the above-mentioned quote "I will protect Micaiah!

marth and roy relationship quotes

And especially in retort to Sothe 's constant Declaration of Protections. If someone quotes "I'll protect Micaiah! Micaiah does not like Ike, since he is partially responsible for the horrible state Daein is in after all, he did kill King Ashnard, and most of Daein's military personneland he and Elincia struck up an alliance with Begnion that resulted in them taking over administrative duties of Daein after the war So after one too many "Ike is awesome" quips from Sothe, Micaiah decides she's had enough and snaps back with this hilariously snarky line.

Tharja, Head Priestess of the Yandere Goddess. It also helps that the Avatar's default name is Robin. Everyone is Frederick for Chrom! Not helped by their Ho Yay and by how some fanboys are If the player is playing as a male Avatar and they have a female Love Interest unit in mind, they must be careful about Chrom pairing up with said love interest, because if Chrom hasn't paired up with any other female units capable of marrying him as much, he will take her and marry her, resulting in an accidental Player Punch.

The shipping lord has come.

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Funnily, you should listen to him, as he usually has some of, if not the, best stat caps in the game for a Lightning Bruiserand he's also capable of being an even better Berserker hard support than the AVATAR is capable of being. Fortunately, the fad seems to have died down.

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On a related note, his Large Ham nature turned his actual in-game dialogue into a Fountain of Memes. His sword hand twitching, which he can't control, were the two biggest ones, but his tendency to reference previous game titles did not go unnoticed, either.

For whatever reason, a popular fanon element and joke in both the American and Japanese fandom is that "Lucina has a cutting board in her chest.

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This has so much related fanon that some think it is canon is that she binds it or has A-Cup Angst. My name is Inigo. You killed my parents!

Baka roughly translates to "idiot", and it's probably the most famous insult used by tsunderes. A semi In-Universe example, most songs in the OST are named after quotes pronounced by characters during the game.

Cherche and her virgin-killing armor. Though Cherche has been wearing an armor that has the same effect since a long time beforeso she's making it cool before the Virgin-Killing Sweater became a thing.

marth and roy relationship quotes

Chrom ate an unpeeled orange. With the assistance of the Ilian mercenaries - ZelotsTrec and Noah - Roy challenged the rebellion and, for the first time in the city's history, successfully invaded Castle Ostia to defeat Legance and rescue Lilina. His victory was short-lived, however, with the arrival of a Bern unit headed by Narcian, saved at the last minute only by the arrival of Cecilia and Perceval from Etruria, who placed Lycia under Etrurian protection and drove Narcian out.

The Western Isles expedition The Etrurian assistance came with a cost, with the Lycian army - now headed by Roy - indebted to them for their protection. On Etruria's orders, Roy's army was sent away from Lycia to the Western Islesan Etrurian colony, to fight the encroaching bandit infestation. Cecilia informed him that the decision to deploy Roy came not from the Etrurian king or military, but from the Isles' governor Arcardo and royal advisor Roartzwithout anyone else's involvement; Guinivere was left in Cecilia's care during Roy's campaign.

marth and roy relationship quotes

While initially determined to complete his set task as quickly as possible, as he progressed Roy instead learned of the abuse and enslavement of the people of the Isles at the hands of corrupt Etrurian governors, including Arcardo, all to fuel the Etrurian mining industry in the region. Roy elected to lead the army on a different mission in the Isles: Elphin of the resistance.

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At the Isles' capital, Jutes, Roy's army fought a Bernese unit as Arcardo fled the Isles, defeating a dragon left behind to defend the capital by the Bernese commander Flaer. Of the Etrurian army, only Cecilia has escaped being forced to serve the Revolutionaries and even she was now cornered with Guinivere in a castle in Missur. When Roy arrived to rescue her, she was confronting King Zephiel himself, who quickly overpowered and defeated her, seizing her castle for himself and finding Guinivere.

After Zephiel's departure, Guinivere was to be taken back to Bern by Miladyher bodyguard, but instead the two rejoined Roy's army at Guinivere's insistence. Roy led his army to recapture the castle and save Cecilia, defeating its defender Flaer; at the castle after the battle, he found Cecilia and Sophiawho had been tending to Cecilia's injuries.

On Sophia's advice, Roy led his army into the Nabata desert to find Arcadiawhich was under attack by Bern.

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Afterward, Roy led a march on Aquleiathe Etrurian capital, and defeated Bern's General Narcian and freed Etruria from the Revolutionaries' grasp with the assistance of the Elimine Church 's influence. Etrurian general Roy receiving the Binding Blade. With King Mordred and the three Etrurian generals now in support of him, the Lycian and Etrurian armies merged into the single "Etrurian Army" with Roy as its commander.

marth and roy relationship quotes

The united army's first mission was to liberate Ilia and Sacaeother nations already conquered by Bern. During the campaign, Roy confronted Roartz and Arcardo - now reluctantly commanding small Bern armies - and challenged traitorous forces within both nations, the Djute tribe of Sacae and a faction of Ilian mercenaries; along the way, Guinivere related to him stories of Zephiel's history, his conflict with their father Desmond and how those events ultimately twisted him into deep-seated distrust of mankind.

marth and roy relationship quotes

With the rest of Elibe free, all that remained was Bern itself. There, he used the Fire Emblem entrusted to him by Guinivere to unlock the Binding Bladeand was "chosen" by the blade as its new wielder to finish the war. With the Binding Blade in hand, the Etrurian army stormed the Bern palace, defended by Zephiel himself. Upon unlocking the throne room with the Fire Emblem, Roy confronted Zephiel, making one last bid to reason with Zephiel and convince him to end the war.

His efforts at negotiation proved useless with Zephiel determined to stay his course, and in a final battle Zephiel was defeated by Roy and the Etrurian army. When all the legendary weapons of Elibe came together in the Bern throne room after Zephiel's defeat, Zephiel's former sword, Eckesachsreacted to their presence in Roy's army and emitted a light beam pointing to the Dragon Sanctuarythe last bastion of Bern's army and the hiding place of the Demon Dragon, Idenn.