Maria sama ga miteru yumi and sachiko relationship

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maria sama ga miteru yumi and sachiko relationship

Anime/Manga: Maria-sama ga Miteru fanfiction archive with over stories. A death forces Sachiko to contact Yumi for the first time in Ten Years. . crosses a major boundary with Rei that unintentionally transforms their relationship. hmmmmm i actually Like almost all couples in MariMite Yumi and Sachiko are So great - well, they are the main focus of the anime.. Rei/Yoshino are cute to. Maria-sama ga Miteru ("Maria Watches Over Us" [i.e. the Virgin Mary] or Clockwise from top left: Shimako, Sei, Yoshino, Rei, Eriko, Yumi, Sachiko, and Youko. Many of the other relationships are subject to the same trope as well.

She calls Yumi a cute angel, and asks her to visit next year. In the second OVA, Yumi sets up a casual meeting with the Yamayuri Council and the Hanadera Council to discuss the upcoming festivities for both schools. Yumi did not inform Sachiko of the meeting, because of her hatred for men, and planned to trick her into attending.

However, Yumi felt she was betraying Sachiko and confessed her intentions. Yumi felt that Sachiko should attend on her own free will, because she will find herself in similar situations in the future. Sachiko noted that Yumi has learned to handle her well and that she happily complies with her wishes.

We also learn about Yumi's "type" through a conversation with her brother. She describes ones who are pretty, smart, who at first seem like they have warped personalities but on the inside are warm-hearted. By then, she has already an increasing involvement in the Yamayuri Council. Haru When Yumi first runs into her in the student council room, Sachiko is portrayed as someone who is a far cry from the perfect lady that Yumi pictures her to be this might not be apparent in the anime and manga, as the novel has a more detailed account of the incident.

In the novel, Sachiko somewhat knew Yumi is her fan and was overconfident that Yumi would never refuse her. Though prim, elegant, and somewhat aloof, Sachiko has both a rough the novel and manga affectionately terms this as her "hysterical side" and a very sweet side. She is also afraid of heights and dislikes men, to the point where she will do anything she can to avoid interacting or being near one.

She is very protective of Yumi and cares deeply about her. This is proven during Hanadera's school festival.

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After agonizing over Yumi's disappearance during an event, when Yumi appeared in a panda costume, Sachiko climbed down a tall ladder and ran through the crowd of men to reach her. This also proved a statement that Sachiko had made earlier; that even if Yumi and a thousand other people were wrapped up like mummies she could still find Yumi on her first try.

This has caused her some distress since, because although she initially cared deeply for him, he did not reciprocate. They now have a complicated relationship. Sometimes, Yumi must teach Sachiko how to live informally, for example, helping her select her first pair of jeans and eating in a fastfood restaurant. Despite her sometimes stern appearance, Sachiko has her own share of insecurities regarding her relationship with Yumi, not to mention emotional insecurities rising from her home life; both her father and grandfather openly have mistresses, unabashedly dividing their time between home and the mistresses, which apparently led to her general disdain for men, as illustrated in the OVA series during a meeting with the student council members of Hanadera, an all-boys' high school.

After Sachiko enters her third year, she is now the new Rosa Chinensis. Sachiko goes absent from school which makes Yumi worried. Yumi finds out that Sachiko's grandmother recently died, which causes Sachiko to go into depression. Sachiko says that she apologizes for the past few weeks, and asks for Yumi's forgiveness; Yumi says that she loves her very much.

At the beginning of the summer holidays, Sachiko takes Yumi to her summer home. Given their social class upper middle class at leastwhy is it that out of all the main characters only Sachiko has to contend with an arranged marriage? Times they are a changing even in Japan. A lot of arranged marriages still happen there for sure, a hell lot more than over here but they are steadily decreasing as the divorce rate rises.

Because using the same plot point twice would have been boring. It's also a sign that Sachiko's family is ultra-rich and ultra-prestigious. Note that Suguru is Sachiko's cousin and their engagement is largely to ensure the family business remains in their hands.

Why is it that, apart from Sei's lesbian affair and that other girl dating that handsome teacher from Hanadera, none of the girls seem to take any interest in romantic love? Obviously all their time and attention gets consumed by their mutual relationships.

Why are there no immensely popular girls outside the yamayurikai? At a school that size, that is highly unlikely.

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It's very likely that there are other popular girls - we just spend most of our time following the girls of the yamayurikai.

For instance, Shizuka Kanina's candidacy in the election was cause for genuine worry on Yumi's part. Then again, Shizuka lost to the residing boutons. Shizuka wasn't really running in the election to win it, but just to get Sei's attention. Even if she had won it, she would have left the school next year and been unable to fulfill the position. Why does Yumi put up with the abuse from that rich, spoiled, arrogant brat Sachiko? Is she a masochist? Obviously she is smitten. And Sachiko is a Troubled, but Cute Ojou.

Sachiko isn't nearly as awful to Yumi in the manga—not so sure about the original novels. This troper couldn't watch the anime because she was so horrified at Sachiko's characterization. Sachiko has mellowed out a lot in the fourth season, to the point that one wonders whether she takes prozac.

Touko appears to have stepped up in her place in the 'let's lecture Yumi' role. Well, she is voiced by Rie Kugimiya Because that's how Japanese matriarchs act. Sachiko is actually very kind, relative to the extremes of this character type. Why does Sachiko's phobia for males apply so inconsistently? And why is it not recognized as a psychological disorder that should get proper treatment?

It is, but all the psychiatrists were male. Yeah, but were there any therapists? The only real exception is Yuuki, who Sachiko trusts because he's Yumi's brother.

maria sama ga miteru yumi and sachiko relationship

Furthermore, she can stand to be around most males as long as they aren't touching her or acting like they're posing for a muscle magazine. Remember, she was canonically in love with Suguru until she realized he was a bit of a jerk.

How big is this school? There are, what, about half a million Roman Catholics in Japan? Girls between fifteen and eighteen probably make up about one per cent of that, which gives us five thousand Catholic girls of this age in Japan. And if that's the case, the Church in Japan is doomed since its entire younger generation seems to be lesbian. They don't actually need to be Catholic to go to Catholic school Shimako's father is apparently a Buddhist priest, judging by his robes.

Most likely they go there because it is a prestigious one. Besides, there is no evidence of there being particularly many students, there are probably no more than a few hundred for the upper secondary stage.

Yeah, but Shimako's treated as a unique case.

maria sama ga miteru yumi and sachiko relationship

Fine, a few hundred. It's actually like that in the U. This troper's brother wasn't baptized until about first or second grade. From Sachiko's cold and reserved personality, she became open and warm to Yumi and the Yamayurikai.

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She smiles more often, became funnier and a bit of a joker that somehow surprised the others. She is very protective of Yumi that she even loses her anger to anyone that tries to badmouth her petite soeur.

She states in one of the OVA that she doesn't care if she's being embarrassed by others, she also says that she could never be ashamed of Yumi.

She was just worried that Yumi might get hurt because of her. While Sachiko was throwing off her tantrums, Yumi thinks that she is surprisingly calm that she even wonders why. Although she does not realize it, she is actually very happy that her Onee-sama is mad.

It was also seen earlier in the episode, while Yumi and Sachiko were arguing about their promised date in the amusement park, Shimako and her soeur had asked Rei and Yoshino if they were supposed to stop them.

Rei and Yoshino says that they were merely having a "Harmless-Sisters-Quarrel" and that they are just joking around. By the time Sachiko had emptied her cup, Yumi stands and offers another cup as if they were back to normal again. Shimako and Noriko were surprised at the sudden change of their behavior, not understanding anything. Edit She is most jealous of Sei because of her closeness to Yumi as seen in the first and second season.

Whenever she comes inside the Rose Mansion, she sees Sei hugging Yumi or even kissing her on the cheek making her quietly mad at them and even scolds both of them. Even though Sachiko is known to be a person with self-control, Sei can easily provoke her by teasing Yumi which was a kind of entertainment to Sei.