Luscious and cookie relationship trust

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luscious and cookie relationship trust

Luscious Lemon Coconut cookies, Zesty Mandarin Orange Almond cookies, Relationships you can trust are especially important in international trade, she. The eldest son of Lucious and Cookie Lyon, he is the CFO of Empire When Vernon then leaves Andre calls Rhonda and tells her about Luscious was the Afterwards, Andre started a sexual relationship with Nessa, which Hakeem was and she nearly ended up committing suicide so he finds it difficult to trust Andre. 1) The opening scene with Luscious and Cookie is the CALMEST scene I have . Cookie quietly self sabotaged her relationship with Angelo because she .. her trust for his own schemes, was of the utmost importance to him.

This shouldn't even be a thing with these two! After a 17 year sacrifice you would think that Luscious would have gladly given Cookie her rightful spot in the company. She had to fight to get acknowledged and outwit the person that was supposed to have her back.

luscious and cookie relationship trust

Of course, every time Cookie would give up and move on to something else, whether it was her own company or another love interest, Luscious was always there to crush her endeavors. He intentionally toys with her emotions. Luscious is well aware of Cookie's unconditional love for him and he uses it to his advantage in every situation he can. It's such a roller coaster with these two!

Just when it seems Cookie is about to make a decision that's all about her, she let's Luscious snake his way into her life and thoughts so that she can choose the position that is yet again subservient to him.

luscious and cookie relationship trust

She had several opportunities to branch out and make her own path, but he conveniently threw the family card and faked emotion for her until she gave in to his antics. He killed her cousin. Let's stop it right there.

Andre Lyon

It seems there's nothing this man can do to make her shake the thought that she has to be with him. He ruined their sons. Maybe they would have been just as messed up if they raised them together, but that's not the case. The reason their children are so screwed up is because Luscious raised them.

All he really wants is puppets and not a legitimately loving family. He has used almost every family situation to manipulate the boys and Cookie and will continue to do so. He doesn't want her to succeed without him. How toxic is that? It seems like he doesn't want her to succeed WITH him either?

Andre has shown to be good at fighting. This is shown when he managed to hold his own against Vernon but was overpowered quickly.

Personality Andre is brilliant, manipulative, devious, and determined to get Empire Enterprises at any cost. He is pushed to the side by his father due to his lack of musical ability and tries to make it up by winning his father's favor. Andre has a high opinion of himself, as he believes that he is the most qualified heir to the company through a business perspective, using the help of his equally-cunning wife to tear his family apart so that he is the last one left standing to inherit it.

Due to his mental illness, Andre sometimes behaves in stark contrast to his usual calm demeanor. During a possible manic episode in " The Outspoken King ", he becomes very sexual with Deputy Mayor Alvarez in order to obtain information about Bunkie's murder case.

Later, he reenacts the encounter with Rhonda. In " Out, Damned Spot ", a while after Vernon Turner put Andre in a choke hold to force him to confess about him covering up for his dad, Andre threatens to slit his throat, only for Turner to coolly remind him to take his medication. Relationships Rhonda Lyon wife Andre and Rhonda met during a first year mixer at Wharton, when she was seeing someone snobby; however, Andre deduced she was just dating him to make it in the world and that was in act, and they eventually dated and got married.

They are often shown throughout the series engaging in foreplay, and are suggested to have a very sexual relationship. They are a married couple, but have been shown to both commit adultery multiple times. However, they both seem knowledgeable about each others cheating, and encourage one another to go through with it if it means that it will help them gain control of the Empire.

At one point, in," The Lyon's Roar ", Andre refers to their various affairs as a "game". Rhonda seems alright with it at first, but when Andre asks her to have sex with an elderly man in a wheelchair, she expresses her dislike for the "game".

luscious and cookie relationship trust

Though they may have their issues, Rhonda seems to show concern for Andre's well being. She comforts him often during his bipolar episodes, and reminds him to take his medicine. She offers him advice, and cooperates with him to take over control of the Empire.

Lucious originally did not really approve of their relationship and believes that white people will never accept Andre. Very soon, he starts to open up after seeing her and Andre dig up Vernon after Andre made a vague remark on him.

luscious and cookie relationship trust

Lucious is pleased and allows Andre to return, with Rhonda being happy and after learning of his grandchild gives both gifts to help. Lucious needs information from her regarding the witness in Bunkie's murder and Andre has sex with her in order to obtain the information.

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In the show's second season Lucious sends Andre to her again to get Freda Gatz's charges dropped, but as Andre has given up his open relationship and infidelity, he instead blackmails her to get the charges dropped. Nessa Parker ex-girlfriend In the third season, Andre met Nessa after Lucious sent him to talk to Nessa and he was able to convince her to sign with Empire. Shine later finds out and tries to kill Andre but Lucious and Andre vested him to sign as well. Later on, Nessa came to see Andre alone as they were developing a chemistry.

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She kisses him and he is uncomfortable, since he recently lost his wife and Nessa tried to leave after acknowledging his loss. However, Andre is motivated to have sex with her by Rhonda's illusion tells him it's okay to give in, leading to a bizarre ghost threesome.

Afterwards, Andre started a sexual relationship with Nessa, which Hakeem was jealous of since he was attracted to her.

Andre even helped pit Nessa and Tiana against each other. While it only looked liked sex, Andre grew real feelings for her after Nessa learns about his illness and tells him she won't give him his medicine and she clarifies that she wants him to tend to it himself and will stay by his side. This makes him happy and they embrace. Family Lucious Lyon father Lucious is Andre's father.