Louis and harry relationship tumblr

louis and harry love each other | Tumblr

louis and harry relationship tumblr

Harry and Louis' relationship “Briefly, they have been fooling around since the Xfactor At the time Harry knew he liked boys where as Louis was still unsure. boys (Lou & Haz) aware of all the Larry Stylinson supporters and all the Tumblr's ?. I genuinely believe Louis and Harry are in a relationship. LOUIS HAD A COLD AND HARRY PROMPTLY GOT HIM THROAT LOZENGES TO. Some who feel that Louis and Harry are not in a relationship, when presented with 'couple tattoo theory' say that the tattoos are friendship.

Harry and Louis are sitting next to each other, and Louis is talking. Harry is very focused on Louis, with a fond smile. I mean, just look at them. These subtle grabs and touches are so natural for them.

louis and harry relationship tumblr

Louis is pretty much putting all of his weight on Harry to begin with. This entire gif is just so flirty. They just look so comfortable and happy. Harry responds with the most fond grin possible and leans back into Louis.

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Who wants to bet Louis is whispering something to Harry? This is so coupley and flirty. The rest of the boys are spread out, but Harry and Louis are walking together. These gifs never fail to make me laugh. They are literally in the middle of an interview when Louis gets an idea. He moves his hand behind Harry, out of sight as a mischievous grin grows on his face. You can see that grin in the end of the first gif, and throughout the second.

louis and harry relationship tumblr

Louis looked at him for a moment, smiled, and then looked down. This gif is just so intimate. This small gesture is so telling. A small interaction between Harry and Louis. No one suspects a thing. This definitely looks like it could be a quick kiss or even just a chance for Harry to be close to Louis for a moment.

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How are either of those things even remotely platonic? The answers to both questions can be found on the link. Hmmmm, well, for starters, Louis is literally reaching across the couch just to touch Harry. Unless Louis actually says words from his mouth, nothing else can be considered as worthy. It is all speculation. Therefore I feel the need to speculate. We can not know who wrote this tweet, why it was written or how for certain. And it reminds me of this: When Louis tweets Eleanor for her birthday: The other things is like the structure, starting with happy birthday, then adjective and girlfriend, then the love part at the end.

louis and harry relationship tumblr

Both are that way. But anyway, like the birthday tweet, the structure is similar. It is not specifically saying we got together one year ago today but it is suggesting that they have been together for a year ish perhaps…. Which is an interesting insight, I discuss here in another post. It is interesting the things Rebecca has tweeted. She paints the picture of a management company which is not there for the best interests of its clients.

But it shows that the speculation around Louis is well known.

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It was nasty and homophobic. But to pick up on that specific point in that manner though. Louis has also dealt with similar, in August I sense a strong feeling of sarcasm when I read these. And just this gem: Obviously friends can go out to dinner together, but considering they have barely been seen together or near each other, going out together is a really interesting factor.

Now what is interesting is how they used to tweet each other all the time and gradually as their fame increased the tweets lessened. Now this is true of all the boys, except that they others do tweet each other, even now from time to time, but the last tweet between Harry and Louis was a birthday tweet from Louis to Harry in Feb And prior to that it was birthday ones.

They ended their twittering in when the pressures changed and their career took off worldwide. Anyway some of my favourites are: Now obviously this does not mean that they are together. And again, so domestic. The tweets from Louis to Harry for his birthday: The following year for his 18th Louis only tweets the above, about the record. The one from is really interesting because he says dude, which is my mind is sarcastic.

harry styles and louis tomlinson | Tumblr

So the tweets from Harry to Louis for his birthday: At the time of the one was all the Haylor stuff. Pal and dude are similar and it seems like some kind of inside joke and an F you to their management. The first two just seem more them, like jokey and sweet at the same time. Also, Harry has tweeted about equality and re-tweeted about gay marriage. He wants to be considered someone who is not homophobic.

All it can be is speculation.