Lola and narcisse relationship test

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lola and narcisse relationship test

The relationship between Mary and Lola. Mary and Lola are reunited in the Pilot, their friendship almost immediately tested right after. soften to one another after Mary teams up with Lola to help Estelle escape from Stéphane Narcisse. Reign 3x02 “Betrothed”- Lola and Narcisse Analysis Ok fellow Lola: “But as long as Francis reigns, our relationship will be forbidden. Explore Karen Eggers's board "Lola & Narcisse" on Pinterest. | See more ideas Reign Personality Quiz: Which 'Reign' Character Are You? Karen Eggers.

But Narcisse wants to go the distance with Lola. He wants all or nothing with her. Of course, Lola as stubborn as she is, gives the cold hard facts, albeit halfheartedly Lola: I want you Stephane, so I can get past my fear of Catherine.

But if you want me, you need to stop holding out for an impossible marriage. Do you love me enough to meet me halfway? Were they just canoodling halfway? Or did they go the distance? Why did you have to cut that scene!?!?! The next important scene we get is with Mary and Lola discussing her affections for Narcisse. Of course Mary is extremely against the idea but Lola says this about Narcisse: That fierceness, how he takes what he wants and gets what he needs.

That aspect is not lost on her. In fact she wants to use that to her advantage against any potential threats. It would be logical to think that Narcisse would be the man to protect and secure her future and not die on her leaving her alone and with nothing again. Next Mary tells her that Francis is dying and advises her that she needs to think hard about her future and make a decision.

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She weight the facts. Finally we get to Lola meeting with Narcisse and telling him this: Stephane, I love you too. And I want it all. She finally lets her fear and reservations go, which were the only things that were holding her back on this issue. In an aftermath cut. We see Narcisse walking into a chamber and telling his servant to stop writing the messages to Lola.

Wedding of Lady Lola and Lord Narcisse

Why did he do it? What was his endgame?

lola and narcisse relationship test

If anything those messages drove Lola away from him. Though it seems illogical to actually make Lola even more frighten at the thought of Catherine coming after her. Perhaps he wanted to prove to her that he CAN protect her by staging these events and win her over. Though in reality I feel like the news of Francis dying was the actual push to accept his marriage offer.

lola and narcisse relationship test

I believe Narcisse wanted to bring the issue to the forefront of her mind. With the rat issue she had to face it head on. Though I have a bit of hope since he says: And when Lola had doubts about his commitment to her, and Mary fanned the flames of their discord, driving her to England.

Reminding him they met in France. Gideon said he know why Narcisse was refusing to speak, he was afraid of being implicated in his wife's crime. But he could trust him.

Mary and Lola

Gideon knew he wasn't involved and neither was Mary. Insisting Mary would never put a friend in danger like that. Narcisse argued Mary would if her country were at risk. Elizabeth was on the edge of taking Scotland, and Lola would never have done it unless the order came from Mary. However it is soon realized, John's nanny, Renee might be involved. Narcisse left little John with her in hiding waiting to flee. But if Renee betrayed Lola, and her own Queen, they wondered what she might she do to a child left behind, a complication.

Queen Elizabeth informed Narcisse, Lola's son was safe, and he was at the castle. Narcisse told her John Knox was responsible. Lola thought she was following Mary's orders, but she was following his. Elizabeth did not want him to assassinate Knox, not until she got proof, as the nanny was her only witness and now dead.

There was no proof of that crime, so she needs Knox to plot another. Promising if he could entrap Knox, she'd give him his freedom, and after he could have Knox. Lord Narcisse confided to Gideon Blackburn that as much as it pained him to admit, Lola was part of an assassination attempt, and Elizabeth had no choice. Catherine thanked Narcisse for returning John, and promises to protect him, to honour Francis and Lola, and as his stepfather, he would always be in his life.

But Narcisse didn't want that, John had Lola's eyes and he coulnd't look at him. However she was upset Narcisse didn't love her back, and called off their arrangement. Narcisse apologized, claiming Nicole had come to mean something to him. Narcisse and Catherine meet up again. Lord Narcisse tells her how he played Nicole masterfully. And all it cost him was the desecration of Lola's memory. Gideon stated his Queen executed Lola, and he understand the bitterness, but not letting his grudge push their countries to war, Elizabeth had no choice, and she suffered from the loss of Lola too.

Admitting he had lost his wife and daughter, Agatha. Narcisse and Catherine were in bed together. Queen Catherine mentioned how after all they've been through, all they've lost, the two of them were still here, keeping the kingdom from falling apart.

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Together they really are a force to be reckoned with. But adds when she told him to get over the loss of Lola, she didn't mean for him to sleep with every woman in the castle. Gideon and Narcisse prepare to say goodbye. Narcisse thought it'd be nice if both men would claim a victory. Gideon for his queen, and himself to ensure France remains independent from Spain. Gideon adds he's an exemplary statesman, setting aside his personal feelings for the good of his country.

Lola would be proud.