Lioness and cub relationship counseling

Lioness kills the father of her 3 cubs at Indianapolis Zoo : MGTOW

lioness and cub relationship counseling

The Lion (Panthera leo) is one of the four big cats in the genus Panthera and a member of the family Felidae. Lion males exceed See more. lions http://www. Lion Couple, Cat Couple Maybe it's time for some couples counseling?. This lion and cub are feeling safe and secure; unusual to see a male holding a cub Siper couple of the year❤❤ Animal Leao, Lion Couple, Lion And. Together we win love quotes couple relationship lion. Lion with a cub Lion Family, Lion Pictures, Animal Pictures, Wild Animals, Counseling. See more.

Defassa Waterbuck are being seen again in the Marsh, male bachelor herds are scattered.

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The large troops of Olive Baboons can be seen in between the camps, and there are still more young infants being born, seemingly to increase the number of mouths. Female baboons stay in the same troop their whole lives and male baboons leave the troop when they are mature enough to search for a mate. Warthog and sows with two or three piglets that are 9 months old now can still be seen throughout the grassland plains of Bila Shaka and Musiara.

Although the shorter grass plains of the reserve and conservation areas are better places to see them. Sows have up to 4 piglets at birth. Giraffe will be seen through the open plains and a good sight is a herd of them crossing a wide open plain on the skyline. Two females have been seen to give birth and this is where the calf drops from quite a height, the mother stands while giving birth and calves at birth weigh in at about kg.

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Females have a gestation of months and usually have a single calf. Male herds can be seen together. Bohors Reedbuck can be seen in long grass areas that are close to water and have coarse grass cover. Good places to see them are in the Musiara Marsh and the Bila Shaka river bed.

lioness and cub relationship counseling

Thomson and Grants Gazelles will be better seen on the shorter grasses of the reserve and conservation areas, such as Rhino Ridge and Paradise Plains. The social structure of gazelles consists of several types of groups. Male gazelles are territorial throughout their adult lives, though not usually before years of age. During the non-territorial periods males usually spend their time in bachelor groups or as part of a mixed herd.

As the female groups pass through, the territorial males will try hard to herd them to prevent them from leaving and one can see this vividly. Spotted Hyenas are being seen more frequently, with clan numbers rising to over 20 to 30 members as they congregate when hunting and feeding. Topi Plains is a good place to see them and early mornings are a good time for it and also to get a glimpse of them hunting prey.

On the 10th at 1. This activity was probably the removal of a queen who has had her time by a daughter takeover. Serval Cat sightings have improved this month.

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Two male Black Rhino have been seen near the crossing points on Paradise Plains often and the younger male had fought with the older one and suffered a few scratches around the face and horns. On the 18th the KWS vet had a look at him and cleaned up his wounds which were more superficial.

Cats Photo courtesy of Patrick Reynolds Marsh Pride — There are up to 21 lion in this pride to include the four males. The four young females are also being seen spread out. With the long grass they have all been seen recently between the Marsh and Topi Plains.

lioness and cub relationship counseling

They have been feeding off the resident buffalo, Grants Gazelle and two wildebeest that had come in from the conservation areas. On the 4th they killed a male buffalo near Bila Shaka under a Balanites tree and another one again on 11th near the airstrip area of Musiara Marsh and ate off it for three days.

On the 28th early in the morning the four males and four females had killed a male buffalo on the eastern side of Bila Shaka, 4. This topi they were eating was chased for them by a group of Spotted Hyenas that came in from Topi plains. On the 30th six females including Modomo lioness with lip ulcers were seen eating a wildebeest near the windmill area of the Marsh. The next day on the 31st they killed a warthog near the Musiara airstrip.

lioness and cub relationship counseling

Photo courtesy of Bernadette Simpson Notch and the four males are being seen on the Talek River and the double crossing area. On the 9th near the Talek river crossing on the north bank they had killed a large male buffalo and were with three females. They had killed a large male hippo on the 15th near the Olkiombo sundowner tree and ate off it for three days with the Olkiombo pride of 8 lion. They kill hippo and male buffalo frequently. They are often seen on the south bank of the Talek River near to fig tree camp.

Notch the old male is looking his age now and is often seen on the Talek River below the Olkiombo airstrip. Nyota is often seen on the west side of Rhino ridge at a place called Miti ya Nyuki. Joy and her 5 cubs were being seen near Topi Plains and in the conservation area.

She crosses between here and the conservation areas often. Two of the older male adult cubs have moved on. With long grass in the reserve lion are struggling to feed themselves, when their main prey species is well dispersed.

Another great shot from Bernadette of Joy and her cubs at 8 weeks old Below! On the 1st July at The Olkiombo pride was also feeding off it at a later stage and we understand that one of the young sub adult males who were feeding on the buffalo was killed by the Notch males a few days ago. Two nomadic males at least 3 years old have been seen near Governors Private Camp and as far as Paradise Plains. These two are suspected to be the two males that were originally with Joy. On Paradise Plains near the main crossing points seven females are often seen.

Cheetah Malaika and her two cubs that are approximately two months old are very active; with Malaika regularly getting onto cars and with the young cubs looking on. She is seen feeding off Thompson Gazelles and impala females. Almost every child achieves much more than what their parents did.

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They belong to the tomorrow and have to learn from today, whereas we belong to a yesterday, trying to adjust to today for a better tomorrow. We are yet to get a grip over the way times have changed, whereas they are already of this generation.

They are planning and dreaming of a tomorrow which we may never see. Is it fair to drag them backwards in time, to our times and force them to think our way, do our way, live our way?

We can be like the lamp post guiding and throwing light on the path, we cannot walk that path though. They have to walk their own path and discover their destiny.

lioness and cub relationship counseling

You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you. For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday. I initially never agreed with this line, why should the parents be like the children?

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My parents always wanted me to emulate either one of them and that is exactly what I have done. Why should we not ask him to try and become like his father or mother?

The next line has the answer though; because, life has never gone backwards and time does not wait or depend on a yesterday. It is today and then tomorrow.

I woke up to the fact that if I expect my son to become like his father or me, I would be asking him to move backwards, live in a yesterday. As a parent I should be asking him to look at his tomorrow, move on the road ahead and achieve his dreams.

Is it fair on my part to ask him to live my unaccomplished dreams and achievements? You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. The parents are the bows from which the children of God as living arrows are set forth in search of their destiny.

The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far. The archer or God has already marked the path over which the arrow, the child, will fly.

lioness and cub relationship counseling

God simply wants that the Bow, parents, also to bend, yield, string themselves just so much so that the arrow, child, can reach its destined goal. It is the strength of the bow and the flexibility of the string which allows the archer to set forth the arrow swift and far. He has assigned us the job of taking care of His children and entrusted us with the big responsibility of raising them happily and with joy.