Lestat and jesse relationship quiz

Prince Lestat (The Vampire Chronicles, #11) by Anne Rice

lestat and jesse relationship quiz

Lets see if you turn out like Lestat, Jesse, David, Marius or Akasha? (e) Quiz. Jessica Miriam Reeves or Jesse Reeves was a witch and later Vampire who is In the novel, Jesse meets Lestat for the first time at his San Francisco concert. In Anne Rice's "Memnoch the Devil", why isn't Dora afraid of Lestat? In "The Queen of the Damned" by Anne Rice, who gives Jesse the Dark.

Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis by Anne Rice

Most of them being Jesse and Lestat's separate parts of the book, as well as brief Baby Jenks part. I can't possibly compare them as they are both equally awesome.

Not to mention the movie gave me what I wanted somewhat years after first reading the book. Look at it this was I consider movie adaptation of novel seperate but equal Alternate Universes. Some things change, but there are also things that stay the same. They may happen differently but the outsome is no less enjoyable IMO or in my eyes at least.

What WERE the script writers thinking?!: But still I don't understand how can you really like the film's pairing because it's not even the Jesse and the Lestat from the books, but completely different characters who happen to have their names and something practical in their life, in common. And above all - because the film's storyline and chemistry for them makes absolutely no sense and there is no way to validly reason it to start make sense.

At least no one yet has managed to. There is always something in the film to disprove a seeming "spark" or "chance". Barely even seemingly, to those who are actually paying attention to what they see and hear in the film all in all. I liked the look of them together and I enjoyed that Jesse came from this mysterious group, and she goes on adventure tracking him down.

I basically liked everything. That's complete, utter nonsense and completely destroys the storyline in all it's illoginess and unrealisticness. In short; ruins the film. In-depth for why this pairing ruins the film as an adaptation: In the book's ending After Akasha was destroyed Lestat remains in-doors, writing his book "Queen of the Damned" and mourning Akasha's fate.

He did stand on the good guys' side in her destruction but she had captured his heart so it wasn't easy for him. BUT in the movie's ending Lestat doesn't seem to care about Akasha the least bit, though not exactly about Jesse either. I could see the reason why he didn't wish to kill Jesse was because he wasn't on Akasha's side which is true to the books, fortunately. In the book's ending there's no Jesse with Lestat in any way but there's a discussion between Lestat and Marius where it's revealed through Lestat's literal words directly to Marius that he couldn't even think of leaving Marius, not for very long anyway.

And Marius at one point firmly forbids Lestat from meddling with the Talamasca. BUT in the movie's ending In the very end Lestat and Jesse walk out from Talamasca house, hand in hand, smiling happily as if they were in love, and Marius walks into the Talamasca, and they leave us assuming Marius was to turn David Talbot into a vampire. And as lampood above, Lestat would never leave Marius for long, and that Marius would not meddle with Talamasca as he wouldn't allow Lestat to do so either.

And the whole picture makes it seem as if Lestat changed from a brat to grown-up person and "love saved him". And endings are the most important parts of a story. I know they changed the storylines and characters radically all along but all the other stuff in the film didn't make it necessary to change the ending that radically and having at least the ending right, could've made this film much more appreciatable as an adaptation.

Here's even more in-depth reason for why this relationship is fake all the way; the original script also tries to make Lestat into a totally lonely indiividual and Jesse into "the only person who really knows and understands Lestat and loves him for who he is", the one that "Lestat desires".

lestat and jesse relationship quiz

When in fact Marius with who Lestat has a pure father-son relationship was the only person who really knew Lestat and understood him - Marius was the one Lestat desired to have by his side. Marius is the person that comforts him, the one he couldn't even think of leaving, according to his own words, so I'm not analysing it out of nowhere.

What that does make me think is that the loving father is more precious to Lestat than anything else. Most of that is reasoned earlier in thsi article. X Knowing and understanding Lestat: She read his in-depth, heartfelt thoughts from his journal and then analyzed them. Doing that doesn't have you really know a person because it's still just words on paper, no matter how much written from the heart.

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You have to live with the person, and you have to watch their life, their behavour methods, their undertakings, you have to really talk with them - all this for a long time and for real. Jesse did none of that, so Jesse could not have known who Lestat truly is and thus also not exactly either love him for that. He gave Lestat space, yet was always there for him when he really needed. Even though Lestat doesn't love Marius romantically, the point is he does love him.

And if this is the kind of persoanlity Lestat generally taken loves, something like Jesse couldn't stir his love of any tone not to mention make him want to share eternity with her. As said Lestat told he called out for Marius many times since they parted, he noticed and saved Jesse only because she mentioned Marius, he intended to kill her when found out she doesn't know Marius, and the way Lestat looks at Marius in the first moments of the reunion scene Not to mention how Lestat obviously forgets all his worries after that moment.

You see, regardless of the film Marius giving a random, shallow reason for choosing Lestat, it obviously had come clear to Lestat that, that reason wasn't true.

But that Marius had for one thing wanted to be his father. If Lestat had been left in the impression that Marius wouldn't want him but only for some random reason, Lestat couldn't have grown to love the man so deeply. But he had, so obviously the time had shown Lestat why Marius truly chose him and formed extremely strong love and bond between them.

Marius never read all about Lestat and then claimed to know and understand him and all that stuff. Marius watched him, he lived with him and he listened to him, had long conversations and all that stuff. He genuinely loved Lestat for who he is, he knew and understood Lestat and he had all the valid base to do so.

lestat and jesse relationship quiz

Because HE was meant for Lestat. They f-ed up the true father-son relationship and it's strength and extreme significance to Lestat and replaced it with clearly forced, fake mortal-immortal romance and tried to make it into what the father-son relationship was in significance.

The official vision; the film, does this too, only the original script shows the abuse clearly. SO, the original script makes this pairing even worse with all it's desperate efforts to pair them for "the love story of the century", while they just clearly do not fit together and the "relationship" has no genuine base to begin with hence, Jesse cheated and became obsessive stalker.