Lessa and lar relationship quiz

The Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey

lessa and lar relationship quiz

Then there's F'lar and Lessa's relationship. McCaffrey never actually explains this , because that would be, uh, not subtle enough or something, but apparently. Weyrleader F'lar of Benden Weyr and Lessa's mate. From the . from The People of Pern - the-dragonriders-of-pern Photo___Lessa***. Find this Pin and more. Here's a little back-story about my relationship with this book. . The relationship between Lessa and F'lar was hotly debated on the forums as.

He turned to Menolly. I hadn't recalled it being that early Because I know that's when they discovered Cove, and I recall references to Menolly lashing Robinton to the mast to keep him upright or something, but obviously they say nothing about Cove or bondage here.

Had to say it. What fun is it if I can't make jokes in such a seriously fan-wankish post? No real subtext per se--aside from this big open gap where you wonder what conversations and scenes happened during that long period of being lost at sea and slowly sailing from literally the east end of the Southern continent to the west end, which presumably takes more than a day or two. Whatever happened during this time, happend between Robinton and Menolly a turn prior to the events of Dragondrums.

Let's move on to the firelizards-make-sexy-times boat scene with Sebell and Menolly. This scene has a part that I really don't know how to interpret without subtext, because reading it straight doesn't make any sense to me. Oh wait, here's Sebell being something of a bastard, page Kimi was about to fly!

And it was Menolly's bronzes who would fly her. A surge of elation swept Sebell, who could scarcely believe his good fortune. Firelizards will let him do her without the hard stuff like starting a relationship! In his defence, he is apparantly sorry a few sentences later that it's coerced to some extent, due to firelizards.

Dragonflight (Dragonriders of Pern, #1) by Anne McCaffrey

Which is more than can be said for other pairings on Pern. Oh, and in Dragondrums Menolly has sea-green eyes Surprise, then memory, changed the color of her sea green eyes. Ok, here's the quote I'm a bit baffled on, page still: So what the heck does this mean? That they love Robinton in separate ways? If they both just had a strong love of their teacher and mentor, it would be the "same" love, more or less, yes?

How does Menolly's love differ from Sebell's?

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Or is it only different in that Sebell won't get jealous that Menolly cares for Robinton? And if that's the case, that there's the possibility of him being jealous over a platonic love, why wouldn't she feel the same, in that she's not going to be jealous of HIS love for Robinton? Was there something active going on there with Robinton and Menolly that he didn't want to disrupt, or was he just not wanting to spoil any potential between Robinton and Menolly because he knew Menolly had some Unresolved Sexual Tension going on there?

Or, that he knew Robinton had some towards her? I honestly have a very difficult time NOT assuming Menolly's love for Robinton is a bit more than platonic, because if I try to throw that assumption out the window, I really don't know what the heck Anne McCaffrey is trying to convey to us here about these characters. In this instance, it makes more sense to me if we assume that yes, Menolly is attracted to Robinton above and beyond her love of him.

There's absolutely no point in bringing up the possibility that Sebell might have issues with Menolly's love of Robinton if it's the same type of love as his is for Robinton.

That doesn't make sense to me. But Menolly's love for Robinton IS brought up, so there must be something unusual about it. And what has Menolly wished in that cut-off line of dialogue? To do what they just did before then? I don't get it. Stupid Sebell, cutting her off. Here's some more "I don't get what's happening" quoteage on the next page, pagea few sentences after the above quote, which they are referring to: Uh, they'd been kept apart?

And they just spoke of it now? So, uh, what exactly kept Menolly from acknowledging Sebell's earlier advances?

lessa and lar relationship quiz

Was she afraid that her existing love for Robinton would drive Sebell away, hurt? Dragonflight is a fast read, and it is sparingly written.

We get a taste of the main characters -- F'lar and Mnementh, Lessa and Ramoth, F'nor and Canth -- but we aren't given much time with them, not enough to get to know them deeply. McCaffrey races us through the story, spanning many Turns the Pernese year in a very short time. There is a clear goal to her plot -- save Pern from the threat of the Threads -- and McCaffrey is ruthless and expedient in getting us there.

I can understand how many readers see this as a narrative failure. After all, we like getting to know characters in the books we read, and we seem to prefer saving our breathless action driven stories for the big screen. If this is our preference, a story which focuses on the latter rather than the former has failed on some level, and that failure is generally considered the writer's failure and, more specifically, a failure of their writing.

I wonder, though, if this is always the case. Way to defy convention before it was even cool, McCaffrey. You are my hero.

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So what about the not-so-good aspects? After I reread this book, I was all, hell yeah, that was awesome, McCaffrey, you are a legend… but then I had to grudgingly admit that there were some things that bothered me, things that left a sour taste in my mouth. Like many readers, I felt there were some serious problems with gender, sexuality, and classism.

And the class thing was so exhausting. However, as much as these two things bothered me, when I really sat down to think about it, they both make sense, in a strange way. Pern may have been colonized in the distant future, but Pernese society, as we are introduced to it in Dragonflight, had regressed, not advanced. If we use history as a guide, sexism, adherence to traditional gender role, and an emphasis on class and ancestors is actually to be expected.

Does it ever really make sense? My biggest pet peeve, though, has got to be the wretched names.

The Dragonriders of Pern

Oh, those freaking contractions. Dragonflight is considered both a science fiction and a fantasy classic, and it deserves all of its accolades. McCaffrey was also the first woman to win the Hugo and Nebula awards for the short stories that would eventually form this book.

lessa and lar relationship quiz

Read it, be amazed, and then read the next 23 novels in the series. You know me; I looovve me some vengeance. Four out of five giant gold dragons.