Len and rin kagamine relationship

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len and rin kagamine relationship

But despite of that, I still watch and listen their songs, doesn't matter their relationship. To be honest, I can also see Rin in love with Len even. Kagamine Rin & Len sometimes referred to as Rin & Len Kagamine, are humanoid personas After seeing many works that depict their relationships differently, Crypton announced on a magazine interview that those would meet their ideal. I think that Kagamine Len is a big brother and Kagamine Rin is a younger sister ; since their ever - popular song in my opinion is none other than Childish War.

Although all this could be explained with them just being mirror images of each other so them being siblings can't be simplified so easily.

Kagamine Rin/Len

I have no freaking clue. Yes they can be mirrors of the same person.

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  • What is rin and len kagamine's relationship?

Yes they could also be lovers. They could also be twins, we just don't know, and that's fine.

len and rin kagamine relationship

The point of the Vocaloid songs that they sing is that they do not have a set relationship which is why they can be molded into whatever the creator of the song feels like. You can give them whatever relationship you want or you can just use them in whatever the song portrays them as. What makes Rin and Len such interesting people is that they can be in any type of relationship you want and it's not wrong.

They can be viewed as anything and it's perfectly okay. So have fun with it! In my personal opinion I do see them as siblings, but I also see them as idols. Think about it this way: Actors have to portray all kinds of different characters. Some are siblings, some are lovers, all are the same person but different characters and roles that the actor does.

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This is how I feel Rin and Len are. They are siblings, twins even, but they are actors who play different roles for whatever music video they must be in. This is my personal opinion though so if you don't agree with me that is fine.

len and rin kagamine relationship

So I can see them as all three and even more different relationships than the ones I listed. Seeing them as loving siblings is adorable, but also seeing them as a shippable pairing is just to cute beyond words so honestly I can see all points.

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I'm really sorry about that. Things have been crazy lately and I haven't had time to really sit down and do a blog like I usually do.

I just wanted to show you guys that I'm still active and I'm trying to work around my schedule. I might do Vocaloid character analysis' in the future so let me know what you guys think of that in the comments.

len and rin kagamine relationship

Also please comment on what you think Rin and Len are to each other. As always thank you guys so much for reading and I swear I will do a more in depth blog soon.

Rin's top was changed in the introductory image between versions around the armpit area. Frills were added to the bottom of her top in Act2.

Her shoulder was not correctly drawn in the original version. All of the yellow bands on her outfit were made bigger on Act2.

len and rin kagamine relationship

Her fringe was made thicker above the left eye. In Rin's original artwork, her left knee was thicker and her right leg was too short. KEI corrected this in her Act2 version. Her right leg and left foot positions changed. Forearms were shortened in Act2.

The cyber-on-normal clothing design on her detached sleeves was changed from a green bar to a blue one.

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Kagamine Len's introduction artwork: He has "Act 2" on his headphones. The cyber-on-normal clothing design on the detached sleeves were changed from a green bar to a blue one.

His fringe was reshaped and other strands were adjusted. Len's face, particularly around the cheekbones, was reshaped. His left knee had a minor tweak.