Laura ricciardi and moira demos relationship tips

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laura ricciardi and moira demos relationship tips

Yet Making a Murderer directors Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi felt relationship to the people who are supposed to be keeping us safe. Aug 16, Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, “Making a Murderer” In many ways we think these new installments can address both of those responses. When Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos first started working on Making a Murderer, Netflix wasn't a thing and any legal trouble could have.

In the last two years, two things have happened. We sometimes joke, it was a good thing it took us this long to lock picture.

But that said, the things that inspired us to make this, and the things that influenced our style of filmmaking go back so much further.

laura ricciardi and moira demos relationship tips

Over the course of your work on this series, something else changed in documentaries. And that is the means of distribution evolved dramatically. I mean, we owe everything to that evolution. Inwe discovered that this was more than a feature. And inwhere were we going to bring something that was more than a feature?

laura ricciardi and moira demos relationship tips

But that was one of our greatest challenges, when we think back over the struggles of the past decade. Staying true to the knowledge that this story, in order to be told properly, needed a long format. And we needed to not go for the two-hour time slot, or the four-part series. That we really needed to tell this story right. Because one of the things that kept us going was, when we were out there filming, we were seeing not just a lot of the story being missed by the news, but we were even seeing history being rewritten, as they would talk about the past.

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We started to feel that if we did not get this story out that it would be lost. So, it was two years ago that we connected with Netflix. So we actually had three episodes cut. And we had the outline of the whole series. So by the time we brought it to them, they could see what it really could be. The entire part series, "Making a Murderer" premieres on Netflix December 18th.

Avery was freed, and it appeared that a long injustice had finally come to end.

Over 10 Years, 2 Filmmakers Documented The 'Making' Of A Murderer : NPR

In the 10 years Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi spent making this part series, they came to know Avery and his world in rural Manitowoc County, Wis. They were sort of the marginalized folk from the wrong side of the tracks. Netflix As a teenager, Demos says, Avery made a series of bad choices — for example, burglarizing a local tavern with his friends. But the accusations against Avery were about to get much more serious.

A feud with his own cousin escalated to the point that she was spreading nasty and humiliating rumors about him. Avery had had enough, and one night he ran her off a country road and pointed a gun at her.

laura ricciardi and moira demos relationship tips

He says the gun wasn't loaded, but she was the wrong person to intimidate. Not long after, a prominent woman in the town was sexually attacked and badly beaten while jogging along the lake.

Avery was arrested just hours later.

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The documentary follows in great detail how detectives went about making the charges stick, even ignoring the suggestion by one officer that a known violent sex offender was responsible. When Avery was exonerated by DNA evidence inhe returned home to a crush of cameras and a family who always believed he was innocent. A series of damning news reports detailed how Avery had been railroaded, and he sued the county sheriff's department.

laura ricciardi and moira demos relationship tips

Kim Ducat — a family member — believes that came back to haunt him. Something in my gut said: They're not done with him. Something's going to happen. One of the most compelling elements of the series is how quickly Avery goes from being a local celebrity for his long-overdue release to someone who — just two years later — goes on trial for a grisly murder. We were trying really to explore the extent to which history might have been repeating itself here.

laura ricciardi and moira demos relationship tips

Steven in the first case was arrested the very same day the victim was attacked, in just a matter of hours. He had a pretty ironclad alibi — he was accounted for every minute of the day before the victim was attacked all the way through the time that law enforcement arrives at his house to arrest him. So there was an interesting parallel between the arc of the first case and the arc of the second case and how law enforcement arguably handled both cases.