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Kunimitsu & Yoshimitsu - Tekken via Pixiv: Kunimitsu And Yoshimitsu Monster Characters, Manga Characters, Gamer 4 Life, Bandai Namco Entertainment. Yoshimitsu, Kunimitsu, and Dr. Bosconovitch had escaped the Japanese The ticket person stared at this bizarre couple: an eighteen-year-old girl and this .. " Well, Fury-san, if you had followed Xiaoyu's advice and wore. "Great-grandfather come on Xiao and I don't make some sort of a relationship. Jinpachi said giving him some advice. "Marriage would have a Yoshimitsu said as Kunimitsu escapes to the roof telling him. "I'll beat you.

Are you going to confront the guys who're after Kunimitsu? I mean, I have a lot of school work to make up for, but I'm sure it won't take too long. Oh hey, did I tell you a friend of mine is going to take me to the amusement park next week? I'm going with Chiteki; you remember him, right?

He's-" "-nothing to worry about," interrupted Kunimitsu, seeing her opportunity unfold, "I've known Chiteki for a while now. His uncle may be a shady character, to say the least, but young Chiteki is harmless.

However, as curious as he was, that would have to wait. He had much more pressing matters to deal with. Kunimitsu stepped aside, letting the two pass, but when Yoshimitsu took just two steps down the hallway, he turned back to look at her. You and I both know that Chiteki could very well be our key to getting Aikuchi off my back. We could use this little Chinese girl to get close enough to him to-" "We don't kidnap innocent people for our own gain," interrupted Yoshimitsu, his voice, although firm, not reaching any louder than a statement of fact.

We just have to… persuade him to help us get into his uncle's office so we can all… have a little chat. But look at you," he motioned to her slender figure, "You look the same as you did twenty years ago, and it seems like you're still up to no good. She uncrossed her arms, letting them fall to her sides as she took a few calculated steps towards Yoshimitsu.

He couldn't deny that it was great to see her, to have her back in the Manji Clan, even if for a moment. He had missed her. I have a lot of work to do," he muttered, turning away. He tried not to look back at her, taking longer strides than usual. She grinned, hopeful for a chance to ease her boredom. Once outside, Yoshimitsu found Xiaoyu surrounded by a small group of refugee children, all waiting for their daily rations.

They were all laughing and playing with one of Xiaoyu's chunky bracelets, fascinated by it's glow and color. Xiaoyu, trying to talk to the children in both Japanese and Chinese, was too distracted to notice Yoshimitsu standing next to her.

They're North Korean," explained Yoshimitsu, entertained by Xiaoyu's effort. You just appeared out of nowhere!

So, all of these kids are from other countries? He looked around at all of the different stations, all full of activity. There were people everywhere- mostly refugees and a few Manji ninja scattered about, trying to help. We're strapped for funds, but we get by. It's becoming more and more difficult with each new year. This world, Xiao, can be a cruel place. Xiaoyu saw that there were faces everywhere, and they all seemed to be tired and worn. Even the children, with their innocence, showed the wear that comes with a life of struggle.

Xiaoyu could see their hunger, their pain, and their loss. She had never witnessed anything like this before, and it seemed to waft all around her and fill her nostrils and eyes.

All at once, Xiaoyu's admiration of Yoshimitsu increased tenfold. He looked so courageous as he made his way through the crowd. He saw everything, everyone. These people weren't just nameless numbers to him. He was compassionate, strange, and ferocious all at once, and Xiaoyu was more aware of it now than ever before.

Just as she was about to say something- anything- to him, Yoshimitsu looked back at her and said, "Follow me; there's something I want to show you. It looked very European in design, she noted, with its stone-wall exterior and high angled roofs.

Xiaoyu counted three stories, including the attic, and she grew more and more curious about who owned this expansive, imposing house in the middle of the forest.

Yoshimitsu, despite his familiarity with both the house and its owner, politely rang the doorbell and stood patiently until it was opened, revealing an elderly gentleman in a lab coat.

Yoshimitsu, so nice to see you on this fine day," Dr. Bosconovich adjusted his glasses and moved his gaze to Xiaoyu, "And this must be the lovely Xiaoyu Ling that I've heard so much about. Welcome to my home, young lady. Please," he opened the large oak door wider and motioned to them, "come in.

Bosconovich, smiling as he looked over at his long-time friend, Yoshimitsu. The three were sitting in the doctor's nicely decorated living room, with it's cozy atmosphere. Certainly, with your busy schedule, it wasn't just to drop by and give this old man a visit. I think it would be good for her to see what we've been working on. It would give her a… better sense of the future.

Bosconovich, after a slight pause. She was certain that this doctor had all sorts of inventions he was working on, which were probably hidden in a secret laboratory somewhere. Xiaoyu beamed at the possibility. Bosconovich and I have been working on something for the past decade that will completely change the type of protection we can give to the world's displaced refugees.

Bosconovich as he led them deeper into his expansive house, eventually leading them to the door of his laboratory. Xiaoyu, eager to see what sort of exciting contraptions were on display, was a bit surprised to see that the laboratory was extremely clean, almost bare. Bosconovich, walking deeper into the laboratory. Yoshimitsu leaned against a lab table while Xiaoyu looked around the room she was currently in. There were a few exam tables neatly lined up, each being flanked by carts with trays of medical supplies.

Bosconovich made me into what I am now," Yoshimitsu answered her while making a fist with his robotic left arm, hidden underneath the sleek armor of his beetle suit.

Xiaoyu nodded, showing she understood. She then resigned herself to sitting on one of the tables, where she kept busy by playing with the hem of her pastel yellow-colored skirt. She suddenly noticed how quite it was in the lab, the shuffling of Dr. Bosconovich in the other rooms muted by the thick walls. She wondered why it was taking him this long to find the blueprints to whatever it was they were going to show her.

She continued to pull a thread or two from her skirt, and then she noticed a loose thread on the sleeve of her top. Yoshimitsu, having been distracted by his thoughts and staring into nothing, snapped out of it as he noticed Xiaoyu pulling something from her shirt.

He watched her aimlessly, thinking it was foolish of him to ask a girl like Xiaoyu to help him… and that he was really glad he did. Her quirky charm and inherent inelegance was somehow therapeutic. In the silence, Xiaoyu's focus unexpectedly turned from her clothes to Yoshimitsu, who was halfway across the room.

Upon meeting her glance, Yoshimitsu grew unexplainably uneasy, and he quickly looked away. He suddenly wished Dr. Bosconovich would hurry up with those blueprints.

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Xiaoyu smiled, and broke the silence with, "You're funny, Yoshimitsu. At first glance, you look so scary! But, after what I've seen, you're a nice guy.

I'm glad I was able to become your friend and help you find Kunimitsu. I dunno…" Yoshimitsu was growing increasingly aware of his anxiety, and he kept glancing at the door Dr. Bosconovich had disappeared behind. He wasn't quite sure where Xiaoyu was going with all of this, and he really wished she'd stop looking at him so much. I wasn't able to talk to Heihachi, while he was alive, but maybe I could find Jin and Kazuya. I really think that, if I can talk to them, maybe this whole family feud will end and-" Xiaoyu cut herself off, not wanting to reveal her deep feelings for Jin Kazama and risk looking like a wishful little girl.

Yoshimitsu's eyebrows furrowed a bit behind his mask as a strange feeling crept over him. He didn't want to talk about Kazama, especially with Xiaoyu.

They're all far too consumed with hatred to move past their mutual disliking of each other. You should steer clear of them. I'm all about helping people, believe me, but that sort of beast is too big for someone like you to tackle. No one ever treats me like a woman Kunimitsu spits fire as Jin blocks it with the sabre as she attacks him but dodges. Therefore, Yoshimitsu interrupts their fight as he clashes her with his Fumaken.

Yoshimitsu, I knew you come? Fair enough, you don't know that my sword "Yoshimitsu" is now cursed. If you use that you as a user will completely gone insane. As for you, Jin Kazama I thought you exchange for your devil hood.

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But I was wrong You still have good left in you. But once the tournament is underway, I will defeat you with my Fumaken. That's a powerful sword. It will be useful as your defense if anyone attacks you with any weapon, do you understand. I'll treasure this as always. The next day the beginning of the tag tournament, all people in the world are watching worldwide for the eliminations of the tag tournament. I'm looking forward to it. Xiaoyu then saw the list of the eliminations as it turn out that they will fight against Paul and Marshall.

Sounds pretty easier to beat them. I know Jin is tough. We're going to take a trip around the world. The eliminations of the tag tournament is about to begin and the mystery still unfolds. Jun is seen watching her son fighting as she smiles as her eyes changed to yellow while she grins.

Jun and Marissa Panganiban makes their appearance as a cameo in which how his one-year future self involves in the story The Secret's of the Pandora's Box and also meets Jin in the end of it's story. Paul brought the case so both men could hold it. In unison, they shouted, "1, 2, 3! The coffin floated, and it was floating along the shore. The glow seemed to dim while on the water. Kazuya nodded in agreement, and the two split up, agreeing to meet at the Great Dragon. Paul ran straight for the restaurant, but Kazuya took a round-about route back to his limmo.

Xiaoyu was watching Jin as he awoke. Jin asked, "What's going on, Xiao? Jin and Ling stepped out of the car and gave Miharu a goodbye; afterwards Miharu sped off. Unfortunately for the two lovebirds, one disaster would happen after another.

The two were about to kiss, but Jin noticed something behind Xiaoyu. A coffin floated ashore. Upon hitting the shore, the coffin's runes began glowing white. The two nodded to each other and walked cautiously towards the coffin. When they got within five meters of the coffin, the white runes began glowing red. Jin and Xiaoyu bravely touched the coffin, but nothing happened. Jin sighed with relief. They looked back at each other. Smiling cockily, Jin said, "Come on, what's the worst that could happen?

The lid would not lift. Jin went to the other side of the coffin and tried to pull the lid open, again to no avail.

Jin now had his feet on the side of the coffin and pulled the lid with all his might. A moment later, the red runes disappeared completely and the lid suddenly was no longer sealed. Jin fell back with tremendous force and the lid slammed on his legs. Xiaoyu looked in horror as the contents of the coffin began to come alive and climb out.

The first thing she saw move was what appeared to be the creature's right arm. This arm was large, brown, gnarled, shell-hard, and had a hand with only three fingers; large and monsterous fingers. From the torso up, the creature suddenly sat upright. Its armor was a bluish silver. Its helm, which only revealed its eyes, had two projections from the top shaped like the wings of a bat. Xiaoyu could barely see the long expanse of bloodred hair hanging out and under the helm in the rear.

The creature's left arm, which appeared normal and incased in a gauntlet, was grasping the handle of a bizzare weapon. It appeared to be quite-hefty sword made mostly of flesh. In the middle of this unusual weapon laid a closed lens of some form.

The creature switched the sword to its larger right arm and used the left to check his face for something. The creature grumbled to itself in a low, manly, German-accented voice. It was mumbling in German, and Jin was the only one of the two who had taken a course in German. Jin whispered in reply, "Stuff about how long he's been in that coffin The creature got up and walked away from the coffin a few steps, ignoring them. He looked around a bit.

He then raised his 'sword' up in the air and laughed meniacally; the lens on the blade snapped open, revealing an eye. The eye looked around. The 'knight' lowered his blade.


He said malevolently, "Now all shall fear the name of Nightmare once again! He then turned to 'Nightmare' and said in German, "Why do you want people to fear you? He then turned around to see the two that were here. His orange-red eyes widened when he saw Xiaoyu.

Taking this as confirmation that this little girl was, indeed, 'Xianghua', Nightmare lifted his sword and charged with a battle cry. The two began running, not bothering to see how strong this guy was.