Koyomi and hitagi relationship test

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koyomi and hitagi relationship test

As for Hitagi hassling Koyomi when they're in the car with her father, well, given name far longer in any kind of relationship than in the West. Posts: Well, i ship him with Senjougahara but i like his relationship with Shinobu too. . As much as I like Araragi, she's too good for him. I've been busy with a lot of things right now. Midterms, tests, you already know those. At least I was able to make my next entry of my in-depth.

Her Animal Motif is the smallest animal from all the animals who the other heroines represents, yet she is the tallest out of them all. She Cleans Up Nicely: Koyomi admits that she looks stunning in a miniskirt. Her yellow tracksuit is an obvious one to Bruce Lee. She is pretty and is the tallest heroin of the series. Even Koyomi finds her atractive. She and her sister are very easy to trick, needing only to bring up words like 'justice' or musing about how someone needs to be defended within earshot.

Even without that obvious glaring weak point, they tend to believe some pretty silly things. Karen, for example, seemingly believes Senjougahara when she says she doesn't know what a school is. Tomboy and Girly Girl: Tomboy to Tsukihi's Girly Girl. Until Episode 9 of Nisemonogatari.

As of Tsukimonogatari, it's grown back a bit. Tsukihi Araragi Voiced by: Unlike her sister, she prefers indoor activities and really has no idea of what justice even means, so she trusts Karen to handle finding proper targets for them while Tsukihi just wants to run wild. She's very malleable, fickle, short tempered and lacks a sense of consistency, which is most easily seen with her hair being in a different style during every appearance. She is the focus of Tsukihi Phoenix, during which she attracts the attention of an exorcist due to her nature.

She always wear colourful yukatas, which are supposed to represent Phoenix feathers. She also tends change hairstyle very often, which is supposed to represent a Phoenix 'rebirth'. Additionally, in episode 11, her yukata actually has a phoenix-print pattern. Tsukihi is also referred to as a cuckoo or cuckoo's child, because the Dying Bird is a "supernatural variant of the lesser cuckoo", and follows the pattern of merging into human children and turning them into supernatural beings, which parallels and is compared to a cuckoo laying its egg in the nest of another bird.

In real-life nature, this behavior involves killing the unborn other bird the cuckoo child is to replace; additionally, when the cuckoo is born, it will kill its foster siblings. Sometimes, even the foster parents end up being killed as well.

This presumably did not help Yodzuru's belief that the Dying Bird is an evil being. Her answer to seeing Shinobu in the bath with Koyomi? Slamming the door, than returning a second later with a knife and a pan cover.

koyomi and hitagi relationship test

Has a similar reaction when finding Koyomi and Karen in bed together ; she goes to the store to buy a great many awls, which from the Koyomi-shaped outline in the bed, seem to have been employed. And later, when Yodzuru and Yotsugi are incessantly ringing her doorbell, she storms out wielding what appears to be a screwdriver.

Her reaction to Koyomi oversleeping she tries to impale him with a crowbar.

koyomi and hitagi relationship test

Doesn't really understand the concept of justice, and just uses Karen's moral compass as her guide to make sure she's beating the right people up. She just likes running wild in general. When Nadeko admits that she's worried that people only like her because she's cute, Tsukihi responds that that's probably because there's nothing else to her with an attitude of 'Well, duh. It's most notable when she's eating something she likes.

She was possessed in her mother's womb and has never been truly human. Does Not Like Shoes: She exclusively wears short yukata and plain wooden geta with no tabi. But as she is almost always indoors, she is almost always barefoot.

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Her hair grows inmensely fast, so she changes her hairstyle constantly. In Nekomonogatari Kuro, she has a Hime Cutbut at the start of Nisemonogatari, her hair has the style of her profile page. At the start of Tsukihi Phoenix, her hair has grown into a long bob. And by the time of Nekomonogatari Shiro, it has reached Rapunzel Hair.

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This is played with in her opening, showing her various hairstyles. Good Thing You Can Heal: Her true nature is revealed when Yotsugi suddenly blows off the top half of her body. She has fully regenerated in ten seconds or so, being perfectly fine though unconscious the next time Koyomi looks at her.

koyomi and hitagi relationship test

It may count as foreshadowing or an attempt to invoke Animal Motifsgiven that she's an immortal bird and all. See Beware the Nice Ones above. Hidden in Plain Sight: The Dying Bird is in hiding due to constantly being hunted, and so it hides in plain sight by merging with a human fetus. Since it is immortal, if the host dies of old age, the bird just moves on, hides and merges with another fetus.

As is the Araragi family trademark.

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Also a Dancing Theme. During the lyrics about Tsukihi's sadness, the backup dancer versions of her appear cutoff from the waist up; in episode 10, Tsukihi is killed by Yotsugi by way of having her entire upper body blown clean off. The song is very happy and upbeat.

However, the later lyrics make it seem as though Tsukihi is having a breakdown: She and Karen got boyfriends similar to Koyomi to try and make him jealous. And in Tsukimonogatari, when Koyomi wrenches her head towards him to keep her from noticing his lack of reflectionshe assumes he's going for a kiss and purses her lips, telling him, "It's okay.

Affects an even more stereotypical Kyoto-Ben than Yodzuru upon walking in on Koyomi and Karen's infamous toothbrush scene. Though Tsukihi wears a yukata near-constantly, it often falls open and doesn't restrict her movements in the least. It's definitely still fanservice, but it subverts the trope.

In Mayoi Jiangshi, an alternate timeline, Shinobu or rather, Kissshot turned everyone in the town into Jiangshis, in despair over the death of that world's Araragi. Koyomi asked Shinobu what happened to Tsukihi since she's already a supernatural birdbut never got any direct answer. To the point her brother claims she has hysteria.

While she won't live forever, she cannot be killed by any means other than old age at which point she will reincarnate in another woman's womband will recover from any illness or injury. This is powerful enough to restore her within a few minutes of having her entire body from the waist up obliterated by Yotsugi. Tsukihi, for example, completely falls for Koyomi's completely monotone ramble about how he is just.

However, unlike with Karen, it's implied that Tsukihi is generally aware of when she's being tricked and is simply playing along with her brother. This is apparently the procedure for dealing with a Dying Bird. Once Tsukihi steps into view, Yotsugi abruptly blows her entire upper body clean off. Girly Girl to Karen's Tomboy. What Measure Is A Nonhuman: Technically speaking, Tsukihi has never been a real "human" at all, merely a phoenix in the shape of one.

Forming Bonds: Analyzing Araragi Koyomi [Part 2]

But if she herself doesn't know that, and her own personality is all that anybody else has ever experienced of her, does that really make her anything but? Naoetsu High School Hitagi Senjougahara "My harsh remarks are made by transmuting 40g of copper, 25g of zinc, 15g of nickel, and 5g of hiding my embarrassment along with 97kg of spite. Chiwa Saito Hitagi is a classmate of Koyomi's and has been for three yearsthough they have never spoken before the story begins.

She slips and falls down the stairs one day, and Koyomi, who is climbing them, catches her—only to realize that she barely weighs anything. Though Hitagi attacks him in an attempt to make him keep quiet about her secret, he offers to help cure her, leading to the events of "Hitagi Crab". Nonetheless, Hitagi decides to help out with Mayoi's problem, showing an alternate route that is supposed to confuse the oddity by introducing roads that Mayoi has not seen before.

Hitagi, Araragi and Mayoi soon reach the remnants of the former Hachikuji residence, now simply an empty lot, and the two witness Mayoi's fulfillment of her final objective before moving on. After the accomplishment of their mission with Mayoi, Hitagi admits that she loves Koyomi, and she subsequently enters into a relationship with him. Suruga Monkey Edit To prepare for the school's midterm examinations, Hitagi prepares a group study session with Koyomi. In one of those sessions, she prepares the money she owed Meme after curing her of her unusual condition.

However, Araragi forgets to take the money with him, so Hitagi goes to catch up with him. She later happens across Araragi who had been badly wounded by an attack that he tried to explain as "a bike accident gone horribly wrong" and helps him recover in her own unusual way. Hitagi soon hears about Araragi facing her middle school friend Suruga Kanbaru from Meme himself and, seemingly as Meme planned, intervenes with the Rainy Devil's relentless attacks against Araragi.

After scolding Araragi for dealing with things without her knowing about it, she confronts Suruga, telling her that she will not forgive anyone who would kill Araragi before reconciling with her friend.

After the Rainy Devil leaves Suruga behind, the two become friends once again. Nadeko Snake Edit Senjougahara decides to give Kanbaru some time together with Araragi so that the two can be friends after the events involving the Rainy Devil. She even allows Kanbaru to choose a necessary punishment for him if Araragi ever gives her trouble, much to Koyomi's worry.

Hanekawa will do anything Araragi wants

Tsubasa later considers this move by Hitagi as rather alarming, as it would force Koyomi into a situation wherein he would end up helping others at the expense of hurting another's feelings. They find out that Oshino has left, and Araragi realises that Oshino never liked goodbyes, so he had said goodbye to Araragi the day before without him realising it.

The final scene of the arc shows Senjougahara, Hanekawa and Araragi in front of the cultural festival, most likely running it and enjoying themselves. Koyomi Water This section contains content from Koyomimonogatari. Karen Bee Edit This section contains content from Nisemonogatari. Hitagi captures Koyomi under the excuse of "protecting him" and detains him inside an unknown location.

During this time, Hitagi provides food and drink to Koyomi while he is chained up to the wall, but later allows Koyomi to get away from his restraints after she relays a message concerning his sister. She later reveals that she has been "working for" Tsubasa in confronting Deishuu Kaikithe first of five conmen who had swindled away much of the Senjougahara family's earnings, after his arrival in town and his influence on the middle school where Koyomi's younger sisters are studying in.

Initially, she planned to take Kaiki down herself and refuses any help, even from Koyomi. However, after a short talk with Koyomi, who shares Hitagi's feelings against Kaiki due to Karen's oddity -related sickness, she allows Koyomi to join her. The day after, Hitagi and Koyomi meet up with Kaiki on a nearby amusement park, where Hitagi first confronts the conman and Hitagi in a long time.

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During their conversation, Hitagi is unable to defend herself against Kaiki's deceitful words, but was able to negotiate Kaiki's departure from the town, finally curbing the spread of supernatural charms between junior high school students in the area. Tsukihi Phoenix Edit Hitagi leaves town with her father during Tsukihi Phoenix, spending much of the summer vacation in a beach elsewhere. It is shown by the end of the arc in the anime that Hitagi has cut her hair short. With her hair cut short, it became a turning point for Hitagi.

She had the same hairstyle ever since grade school so she decided to go to a hair salon to finally change it. It makes it so satisfying when this perfect pair actually gets to flourish together. Araragi selflessly runs after her to attempt to assist the crabby girl. Koyomi shows Hitagi how the wound in his cheek has already healed, and explains that he had a similar problem to hers, that he can introduce someone that would help her out with this unnatural bind.

So begins their twist of destiny. She even flirts with him a little to get a rise out of him, perhaps to test the boy to see if he would take advantage of her in such a situation, as she begins changing her clothing in front of him for the sake of wearing light clothes for the ceremony of removing the crab spirit. This two episode arc concludes with Hitagi begging the crab to give her weight back: Senjou is very pleased with the result, gaining her natural weight back, and tells Araragi they will become friends for him assisting her, which surprises Koyomi greatly: