Konata and kagami relationship marketing

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konata and kagami relationship marketing

Lucky Star Manga Volume 1: Kagami Yoshimizu: Books - animesost.info animesost.info: Promo Poster Lucky Star Lyrical Nanoha Konata Kagami BIG A Prints: Posters & Prints. From Max Factory. From the anime "Lucky Star" comes a figma of the most serious of the close friends, Kagami Hiiragi, wearing her winter uniform! The new joint.

It'll be a surprise for my Kagami", Konata explained to her, "I'm going to ask her if she'll marry me". Takao asked, "That's a huge step, though. Are you sure you're ready? The ring I'd like to buy will speak my undying love towards her".

konata and kagami relationship marketing

Muramoto told her as he went to his special stocks in the back room, "Let's see what we can do for you, Ms. About 15 minutes later, Mr. Muramoto came out of the back room with a little box.

Izumi, I think I've found something that will show Ms. Hiiragi how much you love her", Mr. It was a two tone gold ring encrusted with little half-carat ruby diamonds, with a 2.

konata and kagami relationship marketing

How much is it? Muramoto explained to her. But thank you for helping anyways". Konata then sadly turned towards the door, her head hung down. Muramoto felt their own hearts tinge with sadness for disappointing a customer. Takao called out to her. Konata turned her head and asked, "Yes, what is it?

Takao explained to her. Oh god, I'm sure Kagami's gonna love this". Now just head over there, and someone will ring you up", Ms. Takao explained to her handing her the ring. As Konata walked to a nearby register, to her surprise she saw her two of her former cosplay cafe co-workers, Ayaka and Nanami behind the counter. Going pretty damn great here. Things are going very well. We're still new at this", Ayaka told her.

I'm going to ask for her hand in marriage", she explained showing them the ring. Konata paid them theyen in the form of a check and said, "Thank you very much", as she exited the building. As she walked down the road, she thought "I just hope Kagami will accept my proposal". Kagami opened her eyes and whispered, "Thank you, Konata.

And Happy Valentine's Day to you too". This is a real truck in Japan. In Episode 12, after the manager with red cap, voiced by Tomokazu Seki punches the Clerk Sugita voiced by Tomokazu Sugitayelling about how it's important selling the leftover stuffs and telling him to make a recommendation to the customer, Sugita, while looking forward for something to recommend, says "Nanka, buki wa nai no ka? In episode 12, about 6: In Episode 13, instead of the karaoke ending, it has Minoru Shiraishi the seiyuu of Minoru Shiraishisinging a song by the sea.

In episode 13, a figure of Mikuru Asahina is seen on top of Konata's television set. In episode 13, the original comics display before being swapped out with Keroro Gunso by the store clerks shows scribbles actual comic book covers, notably Fruits Basket Vol. In episode 13, when they are talking about jobs and describing being a self-proclaimed manga artist, Konata says, "Megas smoked cheese-nyoro," a reference to 4 koma Chuyura-san mangas.

In Episode 13 In Episode 14, in the scene in which Konata was just about to finish playing games in the morning, a Suzumiya Haruhi figurine in bunny costume with the electric guitar can be seen in her room on the cupboard. In episode 14, the Playstation 2 game Konata plays while Tsukasa and Kagami was watching is most likely a reference to the Super Robot Wars game series. In Episode 14, the segment describing Yutaka and the handkerchief girl is drawn almost directly from the opening of the Yuri manga "First Love Sisters" In episode 14, at 17'49", when Konata is preparing a meal, it can be noticed that close to the spices and the plate she is using to cut the vegetables, there is a dark blue Nintendo DS with a famous "do-it-yourself" kitchen game.

In Episode 15, Konata parodies "D. In episode 15 when Konata is reading a manga around 8: In episode 15, the anime about pets that return as humans Konata refers to is Tenshi no Shippo.

In episode 15, after Konata suggests a solution for her dad's pollen allergy, Soujiro does a Kamen Rider Henshin, namely that of Kamen Rider Super-1's. In Episode 15, the song that plays over Konata's montage sequence is "Sakura saku mirai koiyume", the opening theme to Da Capo. In episode 15 in the Da Capo Parody, you can see the cat of the eyecatch next to konata. The East is burning red! In that show, one of the characters, Master Asia, will say that line among others when he introduces himself as Tohofuhai The Undefeated of the East.

In Episode 15 onward, before the opening sequence begins, Kuroi-sensei shouts "3rd year, group B! In episode 15,Konata was caught sleeping in class by her teacher. From her rude awakening she belts out "Potemkin" Who is a player from Arc System Work's fighting game: In Episode 15, when Konata speaks with her father about remarrying, the bookcase in the background shows a model of Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya in a bunny suit.

The specific pose refers to an ultra rare figure sold at World Hobby Festival on July 30th, Only were sold which only reinforces Konata's otaku nature.

In episode 15 at around 9: The theorem he proved was Fermat's last Theorem, so C is the right answer.

Lucky Star (TV)

As mentioned many times before, Konata and Haruhi are voiced by Aya Hirano, as shown when she quickly changes voices from Konata's to Haruhi's. At the end of her Haruhi voice taking drink orders, Kagami says "Yare, yare" and puts her hand to her forehead, exactly the way Kyon reacts whenever he becomes frustrated with Haruhi In Episode 16, there also is a Yuki, Mikuru, and Kyon cosplayer.

In Episode 16, Kagami is having a hard time at Gamers finding what Konata wants because she is only told "Rurushu", which is the very shortened form of "Code Geass: Hangyaku no Rurushu" Code Geass: In Episode 16, when the Hiiragi older sisters are reading Tsukasa's English homework, they are reading excerpts from what Enma Ai says in "Jigoku Shoujo" In Episode 16, when Tsukasa, Kagami, and Miyuki are about to enter Gamers, Tsukasa is stopped by an otaku who wants to take her picture.

Tsukasa mentions that she's not "Kamigishi". Akari Kamigishi is the lead female character in "To Heart" and looks very similar to Tsukasa. The otaku then asks her to say "Hiroyuki-chan" referring to Hiroyuki Fujita, the lead male character in "To Heart".

In Episode 16, Minegishi mentions that she isn't as good as "that Ajiyoshi boy". She is referring to Ajiyoshi Yoichi in the anime "Mister Ajikko", who is a culinary prodigy. In episode 16, when guy who looks like Kyon is ordering drink, girl cosplaying Yuki asks for permission with same lines as in "The Day Of Sagittarius" episode of Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi.

In Episode 16, Tsukasa tells her father Konata said her cell phone was out of service due to a concentration of "something particles. May also be from "Angelic Layer", referring to one of Icchan's "penalties" if his subordinate is late getting the hot water. In Episode 16, when the girls are in the Gamers store, they bought the manga from a pink-haired girl with a bunny hairpin. In Episode 17, when they are preparing for Konata's birthday, it parodies the show "24".

Sailor Fuku" In episode 17, the "mysterious band of female bandits" Konata was refering to at around In Episode 17, in the scene about job choices, Konata's choices are reviewed by Kagami. Her second choice down is "Nanto Shinken master. Nanto Seiken and Hokuto Shinken. Haruhi Suzumiya is played by Aya Hirano, the voice actor for Konata.

Konata is reading, I believe, volume 6. The battlefield she mentioned is the American Civil War. In episode 17, when Konata told her friends she can't help her self to read her manga and will eventually buy new ones, the scene shows her bedroom with manga on the bed, with one being Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Onisarashi-hen Volume 2 In episode 18, when Konata and Kuroi-sensei were talking about Konata's studies and anime, the scene shifts into the battle animation of a Super Robot Wars game, specifically that of SRW W's style.

It should also be noted that Full Metal Panic! In Episode 18, Patricia mentions "Otome Road", which is the nickname of a street in Ikebukuro that is basically the female equivalent of Akihabara. She then mention "Fujoshi", which basically are yaoi fangirls. In Episode 18, the ending has Minoru Shiraishi singing a song, "Kaorin's Theme", with Kaori Fukuhara, the seiyuu of Tsukasa, walking around in a wedding dress.

The ending of the song has Shiraishi in the wedding dress instead. In Episode 18, Patricia mentions "Takarazuka Revue", which is an all female musical theatre troupe.

In Episode 18, the preview for Episode 19 has a blackboard with two quotes: You are only going to kill a man" by Che Guevara just before being shot In episode 18, when Kagami is forcing Konata to read a light novel, Konata complains that Kagami's face is too close to hers "Kao tikai tte! In episode 18, during the dodgeball game, Kobayakawa Yutaka is attacker semeand her teammate Tamura Hiyori is defending mamoribut starts to say uke meaning "receiving", but with seme, the term takes on the meaning of being the passive partner in a male homosexual relationshipbefore correcting herself to mamori.

Hiyori Tamura's official debut is in episode 18, but she actually appeared as early as episode 12 during the Comiket. She can be seen around minute 8: The illustrator of the series whom Konata likes, according to Kagami is Koin, whose other light novel credits include Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica and Kanokon. In episode 18, Kuroi-sensei mentions "K-1", which is a mixed martial arts confederation whose events are frequently broadcast on TBS and Fuji.

In episode 18, at around 2'44", right after Konata thinks about comparing Kagami to a rabbit, two famous anime posters can be seen on a wall of Konata's room: In episode 18, from 2'58", when Tsukasa compares Miyuki to a sheep, the latter says "Fumoffu", in a surprised but calm voice: In Episode 19, Miyuki's mother is holding a copy of "Ju-On" a.

The cosplayer is also holding an Al keychain. In Episode 19, when Hiyori falls to the ground, she suddenly takes on "Araki-esque" features and the katakana for "GO" and "DO" appear in repetition. Both of these are staples of the artwork seen in the manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. In episode 19 2: In episode 19 In episode 19, around This is similar to what happens to Matsuri in the anime "sola". In episode 19, Konata mentions "Cool Biz" in a conversation with her father.

Konata/Kagami Part 1 of 3

In episode 19, the waitress uniform worn by Kagami during the simulation sequence around In episode 19, at 7'25", there are three famous quotations that Nanako Kuroi has written on the blackboard: However, Miyuki also said she was forced to be more competent or else the family won't be able to function. The fact that she can hold whole conversations with Patty in English. Justified with her general IQ and when she said she did take English conversation classes.

She has pink hair. Younger than She Looks: Sometimes she is mistaken to be an office lady. This has became primary annoyance and woe; her maturity compared to Yukari sometimes make her appear older than her mother. Generally speaking, a frail but cheerful fauxli. Her failure to grow. In Volume 4 Chapterit was revealed that Yui's sisterly love helped her avert problems in social interactions resulting from the years she spent as an Ill Girl.

Of Chiyo Mihama of Azumanga Daioh. This was lampshaded when she introduced herself in front of the class pictured aboveand further lampshaded when she found she unwittingly shouted out to Chiyo, because "[Konata]'s geekiness is rubbing off on me! Overaged, but her extreme case of Older Than She Looks still allows her to have the look of a child. Konata observed she has that same "cute shortcoming" as Miyuki. In-universe assumption of some of her classmates towards her, which is not particularly surprising in light of her associated tropes.

She isn't really comfortable about this. To the more dirty-minded Konata who's brash and a prankster. Of a much lesser magnitude compared to Tsukasa though. Don't You Dare Pity Me! She, surprisingly, has moments of this, especially a Volume 7 strip where, hearing that Minami has been helping her to the latter's detriment in PE, she harshly asked Minami to not help in a long-distance running match.

For actually being cute and innocent. I Just Want to Be Normal: She has streaks of this, which acts as a deconstruction of some of her tropes — her growth deficiencies and poor healthconsidered as her major Charm Pointsclearly brought her social issues and she clearly likes neither.

konata and kagami relationship marketing

Somehow less traditional since she never had any dangerous disease, but her weak constitution makes her succumb to common aliments very easily. She's too innocent for the Izumis to discuss porn in front of her. What does 'yaoi' mean? At least Konata thinks she is. Invoked in-universe by Konata on account of her cute flimsy legs, plus many moe points listed here, including Ill GirlKawaisa and The Ingenue. One of the kindest and most innocent people in the series. Not Growing Up Sucks: Even at tenth grade she found that it sucks being too short to find a boyfriend.

Missing many of her classmates' social activities doesn't help, either. Older Than She Looks: For a fifteen-year-old, she's even way shorter than Konata at cm 4'6". She's very shy and timid, especially when meeting new people. Compare to Yui, below. Minami Iwasaki Voiced by: Good at most subjects, and is childhood friends with neighbour Miyuki since both of them love reading.

She is completely flat-chested — at least Konata and Yutaka have very small ones. Her angsting over this is close to Once an Episode frequency. Has the tendency in unanimated manga, coupled with her Chronic Hero Syndrome. She appears to always be ready to help people. Happens often when she gets into an embarrasing situation.

At cm, she's not that tall. The assumption, however, frequently stems from her association with the extremely diminutive Yutaka. As she's not that much of a talkershe has a lot of this. Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold: Many of her classmates think she wants to be alone, but she's really just a shy and sweet girl. Though she does tend to scare the class because she looks cool and aloof, she's actually a very nice girl.

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Part of what makes the class consider her somewhat creepy is how quiet she usually is. And don't forget, she shares this status with another character with the same seiyu, Yuki Nagato from the Haruhi Suzumiya series. She lives in the same block as Miyuki. She may seem aloof and intimidating, but she's really very shy and awkward around others. Not a tsundere, but almond shaped eyes, a Kuudere with that "death stare. Volume 5 has a single panel of her giggling at Yutaka falling down.

There's also the panel of her cuddling with her dog, which is just as adorable. She has green hair. Hiyori Tamura Voiced by: Her frequent fantasies about her friends indicate this or an overactive imagination.