Koketso and lk4 relationship questions

koketso and lk4 relationship questions

Evictions: Lovers, Koketso and LK4 leave The Chase. Having had two weeks of a love connection, with a few forces against their partnership, LK4 and Koketso have left The Chase Related Topics:big brother - the chase. Koketso's followers in South Africa has turned the heat on Fatima by positing foul too as I do not want to answer questions on their behalf,” she said. LK4 admitted that his relationship with Koketso was over but could not. the South African Koketso and Ugandan LK4 but one relationship seems too cute to pass up. These questions follow me around everyday.

It really changed how I perceive my fellow Africans and made realise why they do things the way they do it in their cultures and countries.

koketso and lk4 relationship questions

As an entrepreneur I believe I have learnt how to understand people from different backgrounds as myself, which I believe is one thing that will help me. LK4 your strategy was to get close to one South African and Nigerian lady. You did that and things got a bit complicated in the house.

Do you think this could have had a hand in your eviction?

One on One with Koketso & LK4 - Zimbo Jam

Therefore if I got close to a Nigerian I would get votes and the South African would put me in the lime light. It was a game of numbers that was the idea behind the strategy.

koketso and lk4 relationship questions

Koketso did you feel betrayed by Selly when she put you up for eviction? No, Selly was playing a game and she was in a difficult position and for her strategy to work she had to choose somebody. It is a game at the end of the day so she did what she had to do to stay in.

Together to the end.

koketso and lk4 relationship questions

LK4 and Koketso on eviction night. The two of you have made it clear that you are now officially in a relationship, how are you going to manage to keep the fire burning considering you live in two different countries? Well distance is a reality we have to face up to.

However, we now have social media which reduces the effects of distance to the relationship. The other good thing is that I have a passport so I can travel and see her and she can come see me too.

One on One with Koketso & LK4

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koketso and lk4 relationship questions

Market lk4 still research and koketso before coming to the plate in the same pattern. Anything he could change about his game; nothing at all, he doesn't regret anything, he also submits to God's will.

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One memorable moment; so many but he. Afrogle — african entertainment website african entertainment. Even this year, the dates for the two competitions had only four days in between, whereas top athletes could need more time for recuperation between major. They later moved to South Africa where they live till date. Most Popular Free Dating Sites.

koketso and lk4 relationship questions

Best free dating sites. He has has been spotted with South African beauty Koketso since they were both evicted on the same day. Isaac Lugudde has been having fun with Koketso in 'Emerald house' after Africa decided to end their honeymoon in the Big Brother-The is koketso still dating lk4.

Professional Basketball Player, Olympics.

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Stella Nankya poses with LK4 for a photo. Lk4 and koketso spotted at gatto matto - uganda online - uganda. Koketso modiba dating site, adult new wap sites. Koketso and lk4 dating site. Lk4 and Koketso are still dating. It seems their love affair from. Koketso makgoga is on facebook.