Kisame and itachi relationship counseling

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kisame and itachi relationship counseling

At first, Itachi and Kisame had a hostile relationship, with Itachi deeming Kisame as a common thug and kisame warning Itachi off lest he be. I think that Kisame really liked Itachi, but what did Itachi think of Kisame? they took orders/advice from each other with very little ego involved. . i would say kisame and itachi had the best relationship compared to all the. The first time Kisame had kissed Itachi, it had been a mere impulse. though Itachi had flinched a couple times, Kisame turned to look at the.

This power was called Susanoo and it summoned an indestructible being made of chakra. Susanoo is a powerful ally, but it requires a massive amount of chakra to maintain and its usage damages the body of the user. Itachi's version of Susanoo is unique, in that it possesses items that the other Susanoos lacked. It carried a magical blade the Sword of Totsuka that could trap those it strikes in an endless dream.

It also carried a shield the Yata Mirror that protected the user from all forms of elemental damage. The question of where Itachi found these items for his Susanoo was never answered. How would one go about finding these items and equipping them to an extension of your own will? It allows the user to potentially perform two jutsus at once, or use a weapon while creating seals. Haku and Zabuza were both shown to be able to perform one-handed seals, though this was still early on in the series when the rules of the universe were still being fleshed out.

The other characters who can perform one-handed seals are Naruto, Sasuke, the 4th Hokage, and Itachi. He is able to perform jutsus while keeping shuriken prepared in his other hand, which made Kakashi wary in his approach, as he was worried about leaving himself open to a counterattack.

Fans had suspected for years that he was actually the son of the Fourth Hokage. This speculation was confirmed As time went on, the absence of information about Naruto's parents seemed like it made less sense, considering how many people befriended them and how their influence on the village was seemingly never discussed.

Itachi was the second highest of all time. No one ever brings this up in the story, like pretty much all of the details of the Fourth Hokage's life before the reveal of the fact that he was Naruto's father.

The most we learned was during Tobi's story about the history of Konoha, which eventually led to the planned Uchiha coup. All of the death and destruction caused him to strive for peace, which made him side with Konoha when he learned of the coup.

The Itachi novels and their anime adaptation expanded on his backstory. Naruto nodded and followed right behind him, looking around in the room curiously. It was rather plain; only two arm chairs and a small table between the chairs were placed in the room and one long window delivered light to the room. Naruto plopped down and crossed his arms in front of his chest, frowning a bit. The blond man bit his lip. The bastard doesn't like socializing, so he didn't talk much; but at least he didn't annoy anyone.

His brother is cool, a bit creepy but cool and Deidara is like a brother to me. Sasori is a friend of mine too and Nagato and Konan are cool too. I had to chase him for months before he finally gave in and it costed me a year to get him so far to call us a couple. He's not big on emotions. I mean they don't hate him, but Sasuke is not really the most pleasant person most of the times and he and my friends are like cat and dog.

They warned me to be careful, but they support us. You said it yourself that he isn't the most pleasant person. Kakashi didn't do anything to interrupt the silence, knowing that he had to give the other time to think. I don't know really. He isn't an asshole all the time. It just looks like that, because his father taught him and his brother not to show any emotion that could be taken as a weakness.

Naruto Therapy Sessions Chapter 2: KISAME!, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

I can't really explain what drew me in to him. You have to know him really well to understand why I love him. I know the real him and I like the person he is. That sort of made sense. He didn't completely understand Uzumaki's attraction, because from what he had seen so far they were complete opposites, but wasn't there a saying that told that opposites attract?

Maybe it counted for them. He hesitated a bit before asking his next question. Or maybe the moment he took over the company of his brother? I really don't know. It just started to slip slowly and I never really paid attention to it until I heard some of my co-workers discussing their sex life and I suddenly realized we hadn't done anything for more than a year now.

kisame and itachi relationship counseling

We have to wait and look at the results when you finish these sessions before we can say anything about the future. But don't give up hope. I worked with worse cases before. Will you send your boyfriend in?

One minute later his seat was taking in by a scowling Uchiha, who looked like he would burn something with his eyes if he kept it up like that. They weren't able to change your mind? Is unsure of feelings towards partner. How did it feel to have sex with him?

When I asked him what attracted him to you, he could answer it without problems. You however seemed to just blurt something out. He has accepted it, but he's still disappointed.

My mother couldn't care less who I like as long as I'm happy. He looked like a lion ready to jump. His black eyes were sparking in fury and Kakashi was honestly surprised the man hadn't attacked him yet.

Quickly he glanced at his silver watch. Kakashi ignored him and continued, "I'm giving you another assignment. Because you seem to be a workaholic, I want you to make time each day to spend with Uzumaki-san. Cuddle with him and kiss him properly on the mouth, talk to him, go out… I don't care what you do, as long as you do something that will improve your emotional relationship. It was time that Uchiha showed he was willing to save his relationship. Sasuke would drop him off at their home before returning to his work.

Naruto had two hours free, because his class was now taught religion and that was something he didn't teach. He really wasn't in the mood to fight now. After ten minutes of silent driving, they reached the Uchiha manor. He opened the door and wanted to step out, when he was held back.

He turned back to Sasuke with a questioning look on his face. Naruto nodded slowly, silently urging Sasuke to continue. What do you say that we go watch that? Naruto blinked and gaped at him.

Kisame Hoshigaki

It had been ages that they had gone to the movies together. How come Sasuke suddenly had time? He shook his head inwardly. It didn't matter why Sasuke suddenly had time; he had invited him to the movies and he would accept any offer he made to spend time together. Who knew how long it would take to have another afternoon together with his boyfriend?

Sasuke tensed a big before hugging him back awkwardly. He turned back puzzled. His confused mind didn't catch up immediately with what was happening and when it finally did, a surprised noise escaped his mouth before his lips were forced apart and a tongue sneaked in, curling around his own and stroking it. Naruto began to pant and his hands groped around until they had a hold on Sasuke's black jacket, the only thing holding him upright. He closed his eyes and pushed back hungrily, sucking softly on the other one's tongue, making Sasuke gasp softly.

All too soon it was over and Sasuke pulled back, leaving Naruto breathless and dazed. For a while Naruto was rooted to the same spot, touching his lips that were definitely tingling. He didn't know where that kiss had come from, but he definitely knew he wasn't averse to having more of those. On Friday, at one p. Naruto could be found standing in front of his closet with a frown on his face. He was trying to decide which clothes he should wear on his date with Sasuke.

Naruto laughed nervously when he thought of the date. He hadn't been this nervous since the first date they had. He shouldn't feel this way — he had been together with Sasuke for years, so why should he feel nervous for an afternoon of watching a movie? Maybe because it's the first time in a year he pays a decent amount of attention to you, a small voice whispered in the back of his mind.

Naruto took a deep breath and concentrated on his clothing issue. It didn't matter how long it had been since Sasuke had really looked at him — he was willingly spending time with him now, so he would need to make the most of it. Finally he chose a black jeans that Ino had given him two years ago when she had been on one of her shopping sprees and had dragged him with her — apparently being gay meant he had to enjoy shopping, something which he disagreed with — and a dark blue shirt that Sasuke had bought for him a few years ago for his birthday.

It was Sasuke's favourite so he thought it would win him points if he wore it today. How pathetic that I need to win points to get his attention, he thought and hung his head exasperatedly.

He took a deep breath and quickly pulled on his chosen outfit. I can't be down now, he thought determined. It's obvious that the sessions are helping ,because Sasuke is spending time with me again. He nodded to himself and smiled. The blue shirt brought out his eyes and made them sparkle while the black pants showed his slim legs. Sasuke blinked when Naruto stopped in front of him.

Naruto whined and pouted, but was inwardly relieved that they were back to normal. It felt good to banter with Sasuke without fearing he would set him off and make him pissed off and it was amazing to be able to cuddle up against Sasuke. He would never admit it out loud, but he had missed the cuddling even more than the sex.

Sure, sex was fantastic and nice, but it was the cuddling that gave Naruto the feeling that he was wanted, that he was loved. So when Sasuke brought his arm around him during the movie, he immediately grasped the chance to cuddle up against him completely, pushing up the arm of the chair between them to get into full contact with Sasuke. Naruto couldn't care less that it would seem girly to others to want to cuddle up against another man — he loved Sasuke and he absolutely loved the feeling of having those strong arms wrapped around him.

Naruto buried his face against Sasuke's chest and smiled. Just that I'm happy now," Naruto whispered back contently, tightening his grip on Sasuke's waist. Sasuke grunted, but when Naruto looked up he could see a tiny smile dancing on Sasuke's face and that made him feel giddy. God, he absolutely loved these moments where he had Sasuke all to himself. He wished his friends could see them now — maybe then they would finally understand why he loved the bastard.

It was two weeks later that everything went downhill again.

kisame and itachi relationship counseling

Kakashi had given Naruto the advice to book a small vacation like a weekend away to enjoy each other. Naruto had been enthusiastic the moment Kakashi had proposed the idea and had immediately searched the internet for a place to stay for the weekend. He found it in a village forty miles away from theirs; it was a quiet village, but it had his own spa and hotel, so Naruto had immediately booked a weekend. It was perfect; they could relax at the spa, take walks in the surrounding forests and they could make good use of the hotel rooms.

kisame and itachi relationship counseling

Naruto blushed heavily when he thought of all the things they could do exactly in that hotel room. It had been a while since they got intimate and Naruto couldn't wait until he could feel Sasuke claiming him again.

He had no problems with admitting that he was the bottom in their relationship. They had tried to reverse the positions early on in their relationship and while Naruto had enjoyed the few times he had been on top, he had to admit that it had felt much better with Sasuke topping him.

Besides if he wanted to feel dominant, he could always tie Sasuke to the bed and ride him. His blush got fiercer when he thought of that particular position. He swallowed and rubbed his stomach where he could feel the butterflies fluttering around. He really couldn't wait until they were in that hotel room. He jumped a feet in the air when he heard the front door opening. He glanced at the clock and saw it was half past eight. It had been raining nonstop that day so when he reached the hallway to greet Sasuke, the first thing he noticed was that Sasuke looked like a drowned cat with his wet hair and wet clothes.

Everywhere he went he was dripping on the floor and he was cursing vehemently. Sasuke grunted and began to dry his hair, walking upstairs to change his clothes before he caught pneumonia.

Stupid weather, stupid rain. He really didn't need that. Naruto followed him and leant against the doorpost, watching Sasuke who riffled through their closet to grab a new pair of black pants and a button up shirt. He wasn't sure how Sasuke would react, but with the way things had been going, he would react positive, right? Sasuke had been giving him kisses and hugs whenever they were together so Naruto took that as a sign that everything was going alright and that they were on their way to better their relationship for good.

Deciding that just blurting it out was the best course of action, Naruto said, "I booked us a weekend in a village forty miles from here.

It has a spa and a hotel so we can relax all we want. Sasuke frowned when he looked up at him. I notified the hotel owners that we would be there around ten.

That should give us plenty of time to visit the spa. I'm off to Paris for the next five days. I only came home to change my clothes and grab my suitcase.

My plane is leaving in two hours, so I have to be there on time. This couldn't be true. Sasuke had to go with him on this trip; they needed this weekend to fully bond again. There was no way he could leave to the other side of the world. Sasuke looked at him annoyed. Emotions were raging through him, trying to get the upper hand. Rage, confusion, sadness … The feeling like he was being abandoned. I only ask this weekend. Can't you let someone else go? Sasuke had to go with him, he needed this weekend.

Things were going so well … "No, I can't! Stop your god damned whining, Naruto! I'm going and that's final. Just postpone that trip until a later time when it suits me. Then fucking tell me, Sasuke," Naruto suddenly exploded, his cheeks flushing in fury, "when the fuck you have time to go away with me? It's always your work!

kisame and itachi relationship counseling

You never can make the time for me, because your work always comes first! All I ask is one fucking weekend! One fucking weekend in a whole year and that's it! You can't even give me that? What am I to you?

Naruto felt like he was slapped in the face. Sure, Sasuke had reacted worse to him before, hell, they had had many fist fights, so it didn't make sense that he was caught off guard by that comment now. He should have expected something like that, but for some reason it hurt more than all the former insults.

He had counted on this weekend to make everything right again, he had been anticipating the time he could spend with Sasuke and instead of getting it, he got pushed aside for a business trip. A mere business trip was more important to Sasuke than his own boyfriend.

Fuck you," Naruto hissed. God, you piss me off!

Kisame's REACTION TO ITACHI'S DEATH (Emotional...)

Again and again and again. Tears began to roll down the scarred cheeks and Naruto tried to hold in his sobs desperately, trying to concentrate on the slippery road in front of him. He couldn't believe he got shoved aside for a business trip.

But what had he expected? That Sasuke would happily go to the spa with him? That he would chose him over his work? Naruto snorted harshly and turned right, flipping off the car that honked at him. He really should have been used to getting rejected.

After all, the whole last year had been an example that Sasuke preferred his work over him. How many nights had he laid awake, waiting for Sasuke to come home from another meeting? How many dinners had he eaten alone, because Sasuke was still finishing up some work?

How many looks had he received from his friends when he had to explain once again why Sasuke couldn't join their outings?

A harsh sob tore through his chest and Naruto clasped a hand for his mouth, his shoulders shaking with his sobs. Had Sasuke ever loved him?

It wasn't as if Sasuke had ever told him those words … Naruto had told him that plenty, but he had never received more than a kiss or a smile for his efforts. At that time he had thought that Sasuke didn't need to say those words, because he showed how he felt, but as the years went by, Naruto had started to crave hearing those words, those words that would tell him that he was special to Sasuke, that he mattered to him.

And Naruto wondered if Sasuke had ever felt the same way for him as he had felt for the dark haired man or if Sasuke had just indulged him.

Naruto squeezed his eyes shut at that thought and his heart clenched painfully. The next moment all he knew was a loud crash and pain. The last thing he thought before he lost consciousness was that maybe he should have tried harder to make Sasuke happy. When Sasuke arrived back home Tuesday, the first thing he noticed was that the house was dusty and that the dishes weren't done. He frowned and dropped his suitcase on the bed, looking around the bedroom.

His clothes that he had taken off last Friday were still in the hamper, smelling awfully because they hadn't been washed yet. Naruto's clothes were strewn around on the floor, looking like they could use a wash too. He quickly did the dishes and left them to dry while he went around the house, getting more annoyed when he saw how dusty most rooms were. It looked like it hadn't been cleaned in days.

And where the hell was that idiot? He growled and grabbed his cell phone, blinking surprised when he saw that he had fifteen missed calls from Gaara and Iruka. His phone had been charging all weekend and he hadn't thought of checking it. He had expected a call from Naruto, but he didn't appear in his history list. Frowning, he hit the dial number of Gaara and waited for him to pick up.

kisame and itachi relationship counseling

He wasn't in the mood for pleasantries. The lowest scum of them all. He thought that most of your problems were solved, that the sessions were working, because you behaved decently.

You really know how to crush someone's hope, asshole," Gaara snapped. He didn't pay attention to the road for a few seconds and didn't see the other truck coming.

It crashed into him," Gaara spoke softly. He has a broken leg and a broken arm; five fractured ribs, lost a huge amount of blood and has a concussion. He has been in coma for the whole weekend and just woke up yesterday afternoon. So far everything seems to be okay with him — his head looks fine and the doctors say he should be okay, but they are keeping him here for another week for observation.

Naruto had been in an accident. He could have died and Sasuke wouldn't have known it until now. He swallowed and pushed back the tears that threatened to come out. If he hadn't known that Gaara wasn't one to make a joke, he would have thought this was all an elaborate joke.

Naruto couldn't have been in an accident. He couldn't have gotten hurt. And he could have died. Sasuke felt his legs tremble. He could have died and the last thing he would have remembered was Sasuke saying he was a huge pain in the ass. He closed his eyes; he couldn't believe how much of an asshole he had been.

He shouldn't have said those things to Naruto, even if he was pissing him off. Remembering his last encounter with Guy, Kisame volunteered to keep them occupied while the sealing was completed. Nagato used the Shapeshifting Technique to make a duplicate of Kisame's body that would be remotely controlled by Kisame.

The clone located and confronted Team Guy, but was disappointed that Guy didn't remember him. He converts the surrounding desert into a lake to give him a battlefield advantage and attacks Team Guy.

After numerous attempts Team Guy made attacking Kisame, Guy managed to separate him from Samehada, leading to the rest of his team launching an assault. Kisame swiftly made water clones to block their attacks and immediately used the Water Prison Technique to imprison them.

Guy then attempted to attack Kisame with his own sword but Samehada intervened and returned to its owner. Now that it was a one on one fight, Kisame directed all his attention towards Guy leading him to use his nunchaku. After exchanging blows with each other, Kisame overpowered Guy, launching him to the bottom of the newly formed lake.

Seeing that he had the geographical advantage, Kisame repeatedly attacked Guy until he was forced to open the sixth gate. Doing so, Guy forced away the surrounding water and immediately attacked Kisame, sending him flying into the air, giving an opportunity for him to use his Morning Peacock technique to end the fight, resulting in Kisame's clone being killed.

Ultimately, however, the two accomplished their task of delaying the two teams long enough for the rest of the Akatsuki to extract Shukaku from Gaara. The third time, of course, is the scene you're talking about. Kisame pretends to have been defeated by Killer B, and hides inside his sword Samehada which Killer B takes as his own to infiltrate the Hidden Cloud Village Kumogakurebut he is discovered: Discovered and outnumbered, Kisame took Samehada and tried to escape, but Naruto used the new speed granted to him by the Nine-Tails to stop him.

Naruto was so fast, in fact, that his foot got stuck in a wall, allowing Kisame to continue his bid for freedom.