Kazuma and ayano relationship with god

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kazuma and ayano relationship with god

1/4 blood relation each cousin had his/her own kid. We are talking about Kazuma and Ayano at this point. That makes them blood relatives from 1/4 and. No but Yes, the author focused a greate deal of time on kazumas relationship with ayano, suggesting a slow but promising relationship. "things have changed princess" kazuma said "yeah I know" ayano replied With an apparent connection to Kazuma that he cannot remember, she . now, but the women he loves is no longer here, God decides to give him one more chance.

She and Yukari know about the existence of jutsushi. Nanase is a very athletic student, who is part of many of their school's athletic clubs, and is respected by many of the female students.

He and his partner were sent out to bring Kazuma in for questioning in the matter of the murders of the Kannagi. His partner who was the brother of the Kannagi whom Kazuma had had met and bested earlier attacked Kazuma, who defended himself and knocked the two of them unconscious. Takeya was considered to be a powerful fire user by the family. Kana Ueda Japanese ; Monica Rial English The younger sister of Takeya, who was the only person who was kind to her when she was a child.

Ten years ago, she saved Kazuma from being bullied. Although a kind person at heart, Misao blames Kazuma for her brother's death and makes multiple attempts to kill him, even going so far as to hire a sniper. All of her attempts fail and, lost in despair, she becomes a pawn in Michael's plan to take Kazuma down. She was sacrificed by the head of the Armagest, Erwin Leszaar, to summon a demon.

Rhodes used a spell to gather her remaining essence into a being he called Lapis.

kazuma and ayano relationship with god

Before her sacrifice, she and Kazuma worked in a restaurant and were in love. In the last episode Lapis states that her last thoughts were that she wished Kazuma was dead. Whether this is the truth or a lie meant to cause Kazuma pain is unknown Kazuma notes that she may have said this out of spite towards his inability to save her.

As Lapis, she is trained in anti-mage fighting. Chiaki Takahashi Japanese ; Caitlin Glass English A member of an American family of Enjutsushi, especially skilled in creating and controlling spirit beasts to harness flames.

She originally came to Japan to defeat Ayano and take her family's sacred treasure, Enraiha, but decided to stay after she was defeated. She develops feelings for Kazuma after he trains her for her second fight against Ayano. She manipulates myriads of spirits into a single virtual persona which grants her tremendous power. While seemingly capable of creating different spirit beasts, her favorite is Metatron, an angel-like statue equipped with a sword.

Kazuma has observed and mentioned that her fighting style is similar to Ayano's, referring to their simplistic and direct attacks, which lack finesse, strategy or tactics. As Ayano's rival in Enjutsushi and for Kazuma's "love," Catherine refuses to beaten in either. Lonyue came to Japan to retrieve artifacts stolen from his master, befriending Ren along the way.

After recovering the lost artifacts, he opted to stay in Japan because he was bored. Lonyue, like Kazuma, teases and manipulates others in order to accomplish his goals. Lonyue has the ability to control and manipulate his surroundings at will due his mastery of the way of Tao.

His true powers are never revealed, but Kazuma is shown to be genuinely afraid of fighting Lonyue again, since Lonyue is the first opponent against whom Kazuma has lost a fight since his training ended. Even though he has become a Contractor, Kazuma is not confident in winning against him.

Lonyue has only appeared in the Kaze no Stigma: Despite having quite a pushy and bratty attitude at times, Kanon is shown to have a very caring personality, except when it comes to competing with Tatsuya for Ren's attention. He and Kanon always fight to stay with Ren.

In Tatsuya's case, to do things that friends do, and in Kanon's case, to do things that couples do. Xiaolei Yuan Known as the Yuan Prince, Xiaolei is a Fujutsu practitioner from China belonging to the Yuan family, a famous family of wind mages, and holder of Kokusen, the sacred treasure of the wind like Enraiha is for fire.

How could they even think that? So I said," Even if I love him, which I don't. There is no way that Kazuma loves me. I just know it. There is no place for me in his heart.

kazuma and ayano relationship with god

I shouldn't hope this way. I barely heard my friends ask me why I think like that. I just gave them a smile and shook my head and left after I bid them good bye. I was soon at my home and Ren was there to greet me,"Nee sama how was your day?

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We started walking towards the household. Ren then said," Nee sama Uncle Jugo has asked for me and you. He has something important to tell us. I nodded and then gave my bag to my personal maid and friend Arimi chan and then followed Ren to the meeting. What the hell do you think you're doing here? Where the hell have you been? What the hell have you been doing? For which he replied rubbing his ears," Ow You know Princess one day I'll definitely turn deaf because of your looooud voice.

Don't tell me that you missed me so much that you actually gone mad. Who the hell will miss you! I was so angry that I summoned Enraiha when I felt Ren trying to restrain me and father clearing his throat reminded me that there were three more people in the room and that there was a important task we must discuss. So, I took a deep breath, dematerialised Enraiha and settled down next to the moron Kazuma. I swear I heard Kazuma chuckle lightly. Whatever I turned my attention to my father and said," Forgive me for my rude behaviour Father and please tell us the reason for summoning us.

It seems that there have been disturbing and unexplainable deaths. From what Kazuma has gathered it appears to be a Dark magic user. As I was saying, The person behind the deaths, killings appears to be a Dark magic user but there's something about his magic. According to the traces left by his magic it appears to be a Dark Fire Magic user.

I widened my eyes in shock while Ren beside me responded by saying" What! My father turned to Ren and said,"Yes Ren a Fire magic user. Not only that the person who was found dead had no traces of his own magic. You know that we still have our energy around us for at least 2 to 3 days after we die.

Maybe they found him late. I knew I was panicking,it was bad. Then I felt something squeeze my hand. I turned to look at the person holding my hand. It turned out to be Kazuma. He squeezed my hand again which really calmed me down. I again sat down. I bend my head down and I didn't expect Kazuma to speak for me," Old man you're being too hard on her. This is something she never faced. Through his expressions I could see that he didn't like Uncle Genma's force on me. I didn't expect this that's for sure.

Uncle Genma calmly argued back,"So what! She is the future leader of the Kannagis she must and should learn how to control her emotions.

I didn't understand, it was like he was speaking from experience or something. He's going too far. I could see that Uncle Genma was taken back though he barely showed it. I placed my hand on Kazuma's shoulder and said," Calm down Kazuma. Uncle Genma is right. As future leader of the Kannagis I must and will learn to balance my feelings.

Now I can rectify it. Father I'm alright now continue. So, we must be guarded and we must find the killer before it's too late. We'll all be taking part in this. Ayano, Kazuma and Ren all your other missions have been canceled. Your only priority is this mission. Kazuma is going to work for money again. I turned my attention towards Kazuma to see if he would refuse but that idiot said," Thanks Jugo.

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Well I'll be taking rest for today. It's my fault that I expected any different. I sighed and walked out with Ren and Kazuma. I started saying," Kazuma you are so selfish. Working for money again. I mean the world is facing such danger and you want money. A man's gotta live.

Kazuma Yagami

To live he needs money. This mission is really dangerous. So, I'll be using my powers a lot. I need to feed myself and enjoy other luxuries you know.