Kazehaya and sawako relationship quiz

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kazehaya and sawako relationship quiz

So how's she going to react to the news that Sawako and Kazehaya are dating? And I approve of how Shiina dealt with Kurumi and Sawako's relationship. Kimi ni Todoke - Shota Kazehaya and Sawako "Sadako" Kuronuma. Find this Pin . sweet couple-kazehaya shouta x kuronuma sawako please support them. She thought about her own relationship with Ryu and wondered if Sawako spent some time grading quizzes for her class in her living room.

She had just been reminded of how little time she had spent with him lately and she felt a stab of loneliness in her chest.

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She had been so focused on Ayane - Chizu had been too - that she hadn't really thought about what Chizu had on her mind.

I feel a little… ignored? Maybe she was just being a baby and whining? Why don't you talk to him? Chizu had lost some of her usual spirit. She was the kind of girl, who wore her heart on her sleeve, and it took no genius to figure out that something was bothering her. Truth be told, she had no idea how to tell Ryu how she felt. He was usually the one who picked up on how she felt, and she was actually embarrassed at how bad she was at communicating with her boyfriend.

Chizu was looking so looking lonely; it broke her heart a little.

kazehaya and sawako relationship quiz

When will you guys be leaving for your trip? I really can't wait, it's going to be wonderful. She had gotten back into the swing of work, but she was already looking forward to spending a couple of days with Shouta by herself. She and Chizu talked some more, before the blonde had to leave.

Sawako spent some time grading quizzes for her class in her living room. Sawako had the liberty of giving the students pop quizzes, and she loved how excited they were at the prospect of being challenged.

kazehaya and sawako relationship quiz

Sawako just laughed at him and returned to her work, but was soon distracted by her husband placing tiny kisses on her shoulder. Sawako shivered slightly and put her pen down, turning towards Shouta. Shouta had been a more affectionate than usual lately, and Sawako guessed it was because of his lightened workload.

They kissed some more, but spent most of the time talking and catching up. They had finally chosen the destination for their trip was, and were both excited. They had decided to spend some days at the Inunakiyama Hot Springs in Kansai. Inunaki was surrounded by forests, waterfalls and mountains and the couple thought it would be rather refreshing to visit. So the days went by and they ticked them off in their calendar. They worked, spent time with each other and their friends and family and suddenly they were at the hot springs.

He had just returned from the outdoor hot spring bath and flopped down on his futon. Sawako, who had opted for the indoor bath was toweling her hair dry, agreed.

kazehaya and sawako relationship quiz

They were both enjoying having time for themselves, like when they were bathing or soaking, but it was also nice to be so carefree together. Neither of them had to think about work or friends and they could spend as much time together as they wanted to.

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She felt they were teenagers again and was amused he would speak like an old man. They had been intimate for years now, but it felt so new and exciting to make love in the room they had rented. There was something special about being far away from home with the person you loved the most, Shouta thought to himself that night when Sawako had fallen asleep.

Her head was snuggled into his chest and he had an arm around her. He lost count of how many times he had done this. Just holding Sawako, the love of his life, while she slept peacefully and he was left to his own thoughts. He prayed that he would always be able to hold her this close to his heart, like now, and moved some of her hair away from her face. She looked so beautiful in the dim light.

His only wish at that moment was that Sawako truly knew how much he loved her. He wasn't very good at expressing himself, although improving, but he was certain Sawako knew. She had always had this way of sensing other people's thoughts and feelings, but he couldn't help but wonder if she was really, truly happy with him. Deciding he wouldn't sow doubt in his mind, Shouta fell asleep after a while.

He awoke next morning to Sawako smiling sleepily at him, caressing his face, just like he had done that night.

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Their plan for that day was to go into the city and do some sightseeing, and return to the inn after doing some shopping. Ayane and Chizuru are suspicious of this eternally-cheerful girl. Support Sawako finds herself unable to avoid Kurumi, who pops up around every corner to offer support or ask for something. An unfamiliar feeling surrounds Sawako and Kazehaya, who grow too flustered to speak with one another like they used to.

Special Kurumi has told Sawako her big secret, but Sawako apologizes and says that she cannot help. Kurumi reveals her true colors, but Sawako remains undeterred and promises to remain her friend. Romantic Feelings During a school event, Sawako finds a mysterious note in her shoe locker. Apparently, Ryu has something to admit to her. Kurumi and Kazehaya intervene with the worst possible timing for Sawako Romance Kurumi's ultimate plan backfires, as Kazehaya pulls Sawako away in private when he finds her alone with Ryu.

The misunderstanding is cleared up instantly, but the feelings stirring within both Sawako and Kazehaya only get more confusing. Kurumi The girls confront Kurumi, who has done everything in her power to pull Kazehaya away from Sawako and toward herself.

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Despite admitting to it all, Sawako forgives Kurumi and continues to treat her like a friend. She had no friend. Until Kazehaya asked her if she was okay, on that faithful day. He knew there was something wrong without even looking into her eyes. He might've just been himself, but to Kurumi, that meant the world. She fell in love. Nothing would change her mind about that. Unfortunately it wasn't reciprocated by Kazehaya.

A tragic one-sided love. I still think they're cute friends. We have very similar personalities except for liking sports! Then again, this anime has too many clueless people when it comes to love. We also share similar taste in men. When I first heard Chizu had a crush on Toru, I knew it wouldn't happen.

Not because I didn't believe in her love or anything, but because I knew Ryu was the perfect guy for her. She just didn't know it yet. Ryu is exactly what she needs. He's a "fool for baseball", and very airheaded - in a cute way! Everytime I see Chizu correct him or punish him for forgetting someone's name, all I can do is sigh in content and think, man, they belong together. It was a match made in anime heaven. I feel like Sawako everytime I see them together!

I'm a sucker for cute anime couples. Ryu can seem carefree, or emotionally lazy, but he isn't. It's quite the contrary. Ryu is very selfless - so he doesn't want to force his feelings onto Chizu. Especially since he knows about her crush on his brother. He wants to be sensitive. Yet at the same time he's selfish. He can't tell her about his brother's visit because he doesn't want her to see him. Let alone with his fiancee. It's very conflicting - but for him it's as clear as daylight - he loves Chizu.

Chizu on the other hand is very boyish and friendly with Ryu. She doesn't mind walking into his room while he's undressing. She treats him similar to what an older sister would treat her younger brother. She really cares about him. The only problem is that he wants more than brotherly love from her. Unfortunately she's too boneheaded to process that. At least at the moment. She'll soon realize they compliment each other wonderfully. Chizu-chan Honestly this one isn't a real pairing, but I meantioned it because Chizu deserves it.

She had actual feelings for Toru - and I feel like she wasn't properly consoled for those rejected feelings.

She wasn't even rejected! He didn't even understand what she meant! Chizu deserved a proper response, or at least a proper rejection. These two have a very cute and sibling-like relationship. Chizu was very excitable as a little girl, and she couldn't help but project those feelings onto the person she most admired.

Children can be easily impressed, and with a cute and kind guy like Toru around, a little girl can definitely find herself with a crush. Especially with the way he treated her. He was very sweet to her - as a brother - and little Chizu misinterpreted it as something more. Toru of course was only doing what he thought an older brother should do. He saw Chizu as his little sister, and it wasn't his fault she saw him as more than a big brother.

Girls can sometimes romanticize things without even meaning to, believe it, I would know. Sometimes the simplest things can seem like the world to some people.

kazehaya and sawako relationship quiz