Kane and undertaker relationship with

6 WWE Superstars you didn't know were close to The Undertaker and Kane in real life

kane and undertaker relationship with

Whether they were together or apart, Kane and The Undertaker a lot that the WWE Universe don't know about the relationship between these. Kane (a/k/a Glenn Jacobs) told the UK Sun that the Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker match is the true main event of the show. "Yeah, I think so. The Brothers of Destruction is a professional wrestling tag team in WWE, composed of storyline half-brothers, The Undertaker and Kane. They feuded and .

He chokeslammed Undertaker into the casket, giving Michaels the win. After the match, Kane and Paul Bearer locked Undertaker in the casket and set it ablaze. In Your Housewhich again Undertaker won by burning his brother.

kane and undertaker relationship with

On the following episode of Raw is War, Austin blamed Mr. McMahon for setting up the attack; McMahon denied it and blamed the attack on The Undertaker, who denied setting up the attack and teamed up with Steve Austin to face Kane and Mankind in the first ever tag team Hell in a Cell match, which ended in no contest as the referee failed to restore order in the match actually, Underaker and Austin won the match but it wasn't shown on TV.

The stipulation was that if Kane lost, he would set himself on fire. In Your Housethe duo were forced to team up together and defeat Kane and Mankind to win the titles. However, Undertaker sent him to the back.

As a result, Austin nailed the Stone Cold Stunner for a victory. In Your HouseKane, Undertaker and Austin competed in a triple threat match for Austin's WWF title; per the stipulation, Undertaker and Kane were forbidden from pinning each other, making it a de facto handicap match.

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At the end of the title match, they pinned Austin at the same time. However, Undertaker and Kane responded to Vince's scolding by breaking his leg with the steel stairs.

kane and undertaker relationship with

In Your HouseKane and Undertaker faced each other for the vacant title with Austin as the special referee; Undertaker turned heel during the match as he betrayed Kane to side with Paul Bearer, thus turning Kane into a tweener. The match ended in a no contest as Austin attacked Undertaker after Undertaker knocked out Kane with a steel chair and declared himself the winner.

Shortly after, Undertaker admitted to setting the fire that scarred Kane's face when they were children, claiming that he had always known that Kane was the weaker sibling.

Their feud continued when Undertaker faced Austin at Rock Bottom: They separated from each other and went on their own.

3 Wrestlers The Undertaker Is Good Friends With And 2 He Probably Doesn't Like

In earlywith Kane now a member of The Corporation and Undertaker now the leader of the Ministry of Darknessthey faced each other in their second Inferno match, which Undertaker once again won. The Undertaker attempted to reunite the Brothers of Destruction, but Kane made the ultimate decision to remain in his team with X-Pac after learning the Undertaker only wanted to use him.

The Undertaker eventually was injured in the fall ofwith Kane going his own way again. They reunited again in the summer of ; at this time, Undertaker had taken on the " American Badass " biker persona instead of the satanic character he had portrayed previously. They challenged Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian for the tag titles on an episode of Raw is War, but they were disqualified, so they didn't win the titles.

kane and undertaker relationship with

This culminated in a match at SummerSlamwhich resulted in a no contest when Undertaker unmasked Kane, causing him to flee the ring. They were granted an opportunity to face Steve Austin and Triple H at Backlashif they could defeat Edge and Christian in a no-disqualification match for the titles. On April 19 episode of SmackDown!

kane and undertaker relationship with

On an episode of Raw is War, Undertaker was told by police officers that his wife Sara had been involved in a car accident; The Undertaker arrived home, only to find out that it was all a set-up by Austin.

The basis of this feud involved Page stalking Undertaker's wife Sara, hoping to get the Undertaker's attention. On the August 9 episode of SmackDown! Richards wanted revenge on the Undertaker for what happened to him on the April 26, episode of SmackDown!

Sporadic encounters — [ edit ] The duo first appeared together in 's WWE draftstanding right next to each other when Undertaker was drafted to Raw. The duo next appeared together during the first few moments of No Mercy as they both respectively had title matches that night, with Undertaker challenging Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship inside Hell in a Cell and Kane defending his Intercontinental Title in a unification match against Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship.

They next teamed up again unofficially at the Royal Rumble inbut Undertaker turned on Kane during the Royal Rumble match and eliminated him. McMahon, costing Undertaker the match. The two would end the feud with a match at WrestleMania XX inin which The Undertaker returned to his " Deadman " character, and defeated his half-brother Kane.

Before the match, Gene Snitskywho was in a feud with the then-face gimmick Kane, told Heidenreich he would help him that night. Due to the interference, Heidenreich was positioned to win. However, when the casket was asked to be opened, Kane emerged from the casket coming to his aid, attacked, and battled Snitsky out of the arena, allowing his brother, The Undertaker to defeat Heidenreich and gain the victory. The last time Kane and the Undertaker would meet in was during an interpromotional match where neither of the men from "Raw" or "SmackDown" were involved.

While Kane, who was helping his partner Big Show against Rey Mysteriopretended to leave when Undertaker entered the arena, he would inevitably receive a chokeslam from Undertaker after a failed sneak attack. Notably, both brothers were faces at the time, however Kane was a member of the Raw brand and Undertaker was a member of the SmackDown brand. Because the match was held on SmackDown and the SmackDown brand was portrayed more favorably in that year's brand warfare storylineKane and Big Show were portrayed as tweeners without ever officially turning in that direction.

Reunions and discord — [ edit ] Kane was reunited with The Undertaker when he returned to SmackDown! Kennedyhelping Kennedy beat down on him [46] before the lights went out and the Undertaker's music came on. When the lights came back on Kane was gone, nowhere to be found. As a result of the interference, General Manager Theodore Long scheduled a tag team match: Despite both men now being very close to retirement and being able to move on to a life without wrestling for the first time. Two decades ago they were just two men trying to make it in one of the biggest wrestling companies in the world, now they are two men looking back on the careers that they had whilst also looking forward to the future and where that might take them and their families.

It's been a long road for two of the best-known wrestlers that WWE has ever created and it seems that they are taking much more than just good memories away from their time in WWE. The Undertaker was married to a woman named Jodi Lynn, while Kane was married to his current wife Crystal.

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Over the past few decades, The Undertaker and Kane have grown up side by side and are now the fathers of two quite big families. Their families know each other very well as The Undertaker and his four children and Kane with his three daughters often visit each other and find the time to see their old rivals outside of WWE.

The Brothers of Destruction

It would have been quite beautiful if it was Kane who finally ended The Streak a few years ago, but seemingly that wasn't the way the script was written. Many of the WWE Universe wanted The Undertaker up against Kane one last time before Survivor Series back inbut instead they were given the gift of The Brothers of Destruction once again reuniting and showing that age is just a number.

When people think of The Undertaker they will remember The Streak. They will remember Brock Lesnar. But more than anything they will remember the incredible rivalry between two men that were easily mistaken for brothers for many years. As fathers and husbands, they need to make the decision to step into a less physical career now they've reached an age where it is now longer feasible to be on the road for days a year.

Even outside of WW,E somehow the former 'brothers' have moved in similar directions when it comes to their jobs. Kane works as an insurer and along with his wife he runs an Allstate agency in Knoxville, Tennessee, while The Undertaker invests in real estate along with his business partner Scott Everhart.