Kalinda and nick relationship poems

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kalinda and nick relationship poems

And Kalinda, of course, has her big allegedly scandalous scene, .. Temple quotes one of his Harvard professors: “You can never have too many From one fraught relationship to another, let's talk about Kalinda and Nick. more or less shocking than Kalinda and Nick's dirty dessert encounter? .. writers and the mess up Angela & Hodgins relationship nonsense. #Hurt #Quotes #Love #Relationship warned so tough to lose a loved animal / a part of the family. Facebook: animesost.info Google+ animesost.info

I didn't know that. Naomi should call it a cunt and be done. She'd never heard Kalinda swear before, but apparently when she did - she went large. You have that in common with Naomi - just hearing the word caused writer's block for six months. She tried to soothe the irritation with another mouthful.

Seeing Alicia pink with embarrassment over the subject harked back to better times between them. Back when she could say outrageous things and watch Alicia enjoy being shaken out of her propriety. She couldn't resist pursuing the subject further. It's all about transcendental vaginal orgasms, medical quackery and telling everyone else they're coming the wrong way. The notion that Kalinda had any thoughts on childbirth was startling. Kalinda just raised an eyebrow and reached for her glass for the second time.

How the fuck do you know that? Kalinda was smirking now. No doubt she knew how to, but You would have wanted to do it yourself. I bet you even tried to do it without pain relief. Given how few women have them - kind of judgemental.

It's all part of the same bunch of nerves. She reached for the bottle again. Kalinda kept skimming the pages. It's not how I've had most of my best orgasms. She probably ought to stop, but Alicia was still gamely in the conversation. Was she really discussing secretions with Kalinda Sharma? Alicia topped up her glass again. Kalinda kept looking at the pages. I guess the name 'Central Nervous System' was too vague. Alicia couldn't even imagine how appalling that might have been.

Then chided herself for being surprised about Kalinda's reading habits. Thus, if you "bully a woman by insulting her vagina," you are committing an act of physical violence. Wolf claims that vaginal slander - referring to the vagina by its "awful" feline moniker, for instance - "apparently affects the very tissue of the vagina. The experiment did not, however, entail researchers yelling "Rat pussy! Wolf's interpretation of the science is, as usual, rather free.

This had been a good idea, this was what they'd both been missing. Alicia was just getting herself back under control when Kalinda hissed "Rat pussy! By the time Alicia managed to settle down, Kalinda was smiling at her, obviously pleased with herself. Alicia realised she needed another refill. I'm pretty sure Jane Austen wasn't fucking that sister she shared the bed with.

She took another sip in wonderment and hoped her face was not too flushed. Had she really consumed the entire thing except for the one glass that Kalinda had drunk? She shook her head as she manipulated the corkscrew. Apparently Naomi Wolf's vagina had the power to push the usually elliptical Kalinda into a rant. Although - Alicia tipped her head as she picked up the bottle and returned to the living room - if anything was going to do it, someone else telling Kalinda what to do with her own vagina was probably it.

Alicia sat down, filled Kalinda's glass and handed it to her. Then she topped-up her own and turned to sit sideways, feet drawn up under her, facing Kalinda. The other woman seemed to have run out of ammunition. The book was resting on the padded bench in front of the sofa, she was sipping her wine and looking serenely in the direction of the fireplace.

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Kalinda turned to look at her, surprised at the probable meaning of Alicia's question. She told herself it was more comfortable than having her knees drawn up.

Straight women had played this game many times with Kalinda, the touches that pretended to be innocent, the curious inquiries, then either the courage to find out or a retreat back to known territory. She never would have expected to play it with Alicia Florrick, which meant tonight was no game.

With anyone else, she would have jumped in and seen where things led. Normally it didn't matter. Everything about Alicia mattered. She realised she hadn't answered, she had turned her head to look back at the fireplace - away from Alicia. Kalinda made her decision. She turned her eyes back to Alicia's. She watched Alicia inhale, tried not to look at the movement of her chest. She could feel Alicia's eyes upon her. She sat up again, took the throw pillow from behind her and offered it to Alicia who looked uncomfortable propped against the armrest.

She managed to swap it for Alicia's wineglass, putting it at the farthest corner of the tray. Then she lifted her calves to rest on the bench before the sofa and leant back against the sofa cushions. Alicia looked at her wineglass, at Kalinda now reclining uncharacteristically supine. She accepted the terms. She let herself sink into the pillow at her back and slid her feet more firmly against Kalinda's thigh, toes wedging underneath. Neither of them had looked away.

You can't do it in an hour over lunch - not properly. Alicia quirked her lips and made an amused sound in her throat. Kalinda dropped her hand to rest on Alicia's ankle and felt her react. The tension was palpable.

But this was deliberate, even more so as Kalinda's palm pushed an inch higher under the cuff of Alicia's jeans and her thumb began to stroke over the bones of her ankle. Alicia's awareness had narrowed to Kalinda's hand on her leg and eyes on her face. Alicia's gaze was steady and told Kalinda to continue. When sex between women isn't even considered real sex, there's no script to stick to.

Plus the fact that both partners get off. On the other hand, Alicia had been the one to start it tonight. And wasn't that why she'd started it? To do things 'properly', as you put it. She could just feel the start of soft regrowth on Alicia's shin, meaning that Alicia waxed or epilated instead of shaving.

And like absolutely everything about Alicia, it mattered that she knew this now. If I know she can come again, there's no need to stop and wait, I just keep going Or sometimes, having an orgasm isn't the point and no one pretends it is. To me it's more honest. Women don't fake it with each other? And then it's really awkward. You have to talk about it. She strongly suspected Donna was being referenced there, yet the advice was unexpectedly relevant for herself. She was also finding this surprisingly easy.

The wine was helping certainly, but maybe just because it was Kalinda? The real Kalinda, the version Alicia had come to realise only she got to see and even then, mostly in her peripheral vision.

Alicia had watched Kalinda deploy endless variations on seduction, both sexual and emotional, during their work together. Kalinda wasn't doing any of that tonight. Just Kalinda's touch, her words and the steadiness of her gaze had Alicia aroused. Alicia knew she was about to ask what would be her penultimate question? Alicia was actually considering it. This talk wasn't just something to joke about every now and again. Every time Kalinda saw Alicia exercise it, her response was involuntary and compelling.

Kalinda knew there was potential for her to relate to Alicia in a way she would never be able to with another person. Kalinda's words were surprising to Alicia. She'd imagined Kalinda guiding her, being the one in control and things staying that way. Now she wondered if that was force of habit from the way she'd consciously set her life on a different path to her mother: Thinking about it, from almost their beginning, Kalinda had let her be in charge.

Even when urging her to act in her own self-interest at work, Kalinda had positioned it so that Alicia had to make the moves herself. And the few times Kalinda had tried to steer their relationship she'd realised her mistake and returned the reins to Alicia. That Kalinda's leather-clad persona was actually for public consumption, and not the person she was at all, or at least not the person she was with Alicia.

Alicia had realised nearly a year ago that she held all the power in their relationship, but she'd never drilled down to think just what that could mean. And she'd never allowed herself to feel the responsibility or the allure of it like she was now. There was no way for Kalinda to refuse. Not when Alicia voiced it directly, and not when she looked like that: Alicia wasn't sure exactly what she expected to happen, but it wasn't Kalinda hiking her skirt up and swinging a leg over Alicia's thighs to straddle her.

Well, she hadn't specified how she wanted to be kissed, and this was certainly more comfortable than twisting to the side to find Kalinda's mouth. Kalinda swallowed and knew her hands were shaking even before she saw the evidence of it as she touched Alicia's face. She traced the lines of Alicia's beauty: Alicia's eyes closed before one hand gently took hold of Alicia's jaw and the other slid into her hair.

Then Kalinda met Alicia's mouth with her own. But this was Kalinda, so it didn't stay that way. Alicia had expected Kalinda to draw back, to give her a look, so? But she didn't stop. Instead she kept going. Kalinda's lips caressed hers over and over It was all so tender, demanding nothing from her but pulling arousal from deep inside her despite that. Alicia responded without thinking.

Will and Alicia of course object, and Kalinda and Cary profile the jurors based on their perceived reactions. Judge Temple excuses the coroner, calling him Mr. This time Lionel Deerfield has no objections. And the question is this; did Lidera screen for anti-depressants? And now Lionel wants to ask some follow up questions on that topic. Lionel spears Will with a knowing look. Unfortunately, Will cannot say that.


Temple drags everyone into his chambers. So Tyler was on anti-depressants? The judge is livid. Well, I guess the question is, was he still taking them? Not cool, us, not cool. So which is it? Was that us prevaricating, or everyone else leaping to conclusions? In a cold fury, Will sidles up to Lionel outside in the hall and asks about a settlement.

kalinda and nick relationship poems

Or do you just like making Alicia lie? He certainly ought to know that Kalinda would want him gone.

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He slouches through the office, knocking over a small sculpture as he goes, still wiping his mouth. Dude, do you really care that much, or is it just that you think no one should ever say no to you? As he walks on to the elevator, he sees Kalinda, smirking, her hip thrown out at a sassy angle, proclaiming herself the victor.

He blows her a kiss using only two fingers on his right hand. The comment about the ring suggest a woman duh! Something she probably would have notice while in court, but whatever. There are no doctors or spouses of doctors to know about the anti-depressants. So is Will being paranoid? Juror 5, Emma Hannahan say that five times fast! And why are they so sure the two questions came from the same person? Will sics Kalinda on 5, a woman perhaps in her 70s.

In the hall, Kalinda bumps into Alicia. Both meetings were fine. Could we please get on with the good times, then? Throw us a bone! No bones for you! Instead Diane calls Alicia into her office to beg for scraps about Maddie Hayward.

Was she open to the proposal? Seemed to be, I hope, Alicia replies. I gave her my number in case she wanted to call. Can I just steal him for a minute, Bobby, he asks the female reporter, and then he flaps his hands in excitement.

Peter looks ready to fall over. Do you have another wife?

kalinda and nick relationship poems

Admirably, Peter refrains from drooling. Thankfully Eli is off screen; I can imagine all too easily what his face would look like. The truth is always the better course; I love it when Peter remembers that. For a fraction of a second, Peter stares at her, aghast, and then laughs his big, Joker laugh. If she supports him, will she have anything to worry about on that score?

And what assurances does she have of this? What guarantee can you give for the future? It turns out that he only saw Tyler briefly three years ago. Hi there, Juror 5. The therapist prescribed a SSRI for anxiety over job loss, not depression. And, ha ha ha ha ha. How much do I love the continuity on this show? How did Will not know this? Will objects thunderously and is sustained far too late. Kalinda comes home to find Nick sitting in her white wing back chair, waving a gun at her.

She tries to laugh. Correctly downplaying his threat, she leaves the door open and goes to the bathroom instead. Somehow, to my shock and disgust, this has the desire effect. She comes out of the bathroom, he sits on her bed, moaning, and she tends to his bloodied hand like Belle in Beauty and Beast. Are you kidding me? You would be the stupid one in this scenario!

Kick him OUT, Kalinda! That was not romantic. Oh, he loves me so much he hurt himself breaking my stuff! Snap out of it, girlfriend. We see reflections off stretches of skin and curved edges of clothing. Shut up, she replies. Oh how I wish he would! Instead, he declares his love, and grabs her by the back of her neck. He does, acting as if it were physically arduous; she climbs on top of him and kisses him.

Are you going to tie him up? Shackle him to the bed and call the cops? Kalinda, what is wrong with you? Yack yack yack yack ick. Is that the Imperial March from Star Wars? Just as she said, it was Brianna who was really involved, not Tyler. Carl points to a round red sticker — like what you get when you buy milk at the grocery store, only a little larger — on the back of his cardboard sign. They called it extraction.

Sounds like a smoking gun to me! The slightly embarrassed Carl had to buy his, but Tyler definitely got one on his backpack at the protest. Back at the office, Kalinda sits in the conference room seriously, why does she not have her own private space? Kalinda makes up for being out of it before by noticing three things. And finally, when we see the backback again, the button is gone.

Smoking gun, no doubt about it. If possible she turns a shade paler; all three lawyers are from Family Law. Clarke raises his head. And what position is that? All three people that you mentioned, I like them. Would you like to have a drink sometime? Alicia apologizes, citing the general weirdness of her day. No problem, Maddie says. There, I said it. Alicia can definitely relate. I wonder if the single minded pursuit of a business career prevents you from making friends, or make you particularly uncertain about your old ones?

kalinda and nick relationship poems

Would you like to have a drink with me sometime? And I would be delighted. Not that I want you to stop drinking with Kalinda, that is. Also, do people not just go out for coffee anymore? Still, and despite all the weird obligations between them, this is a lovely development.

The two women blink happily at each other, giggling. Was this protest your first time on the riot squad? Ah, poor Lionel, sitting down in defeat. You were so close. But you see it now? Good luck with that, babycakes. Lionel clears his throat and waggles his mighty eyebrows at the video. Oh, on the screen! Of course on the screen. Yeah, he sees it. Deerfield can clear his throat twice for yes.

Can you see that there, you see the smile? Yeah, Maylin can see it. After you pepper-sprayed Terry and after you sent volts through his body and after he died, there, look. Maylin bites his bottom lip. Why does it matter if it was there then? Not a total buffoon, then. And is there a single member of the jury without a question to submit? Clarke Hayden accosts Alicia in the hall back at the office. Why did you drop Nick Saverese as a client?

We need his business! Without revealing anything, Alicia tries to explain away her objections to Nick as just revolving around the legal issues hiding his status as a felon but Clarke will have none of it. Clarke just repeats himself, patronizing. I certainly would have put up more of a fight. Did Maddie tell her that, or did Eli? There must have been an easier way to get an introduction.

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Oh blessed interruption; Will sticks his head in the door. Lionel Deerfield wants to talk. Huh — back in court so quickly? First he offers 2. Will Clarke the trustee be pleased, do you think, or still peeved that they continued the case at all? Still chuckling, Peter tosses a clip board onto the coffee table yes, the bus has a coffee table — nice bus!

Home, Eli says, though we could do one more meet and greet. Okay, what have I not said while I was writing? Which I suppose is a way of the Law winning even if law enforcement lost. I like twisty mysteries, but sometimes I can disengage from cases on this show, because we get sent down too many paths. This was one of those cases. I can see where he got that, I just felt like it muddied the narrative.

No, forget I said that. Is Clarke right that he should have played it safe?