Jumba and pleakley relationship poems

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jumba and pleakley relationship poems

The two had a bitter relationship at first, but following the events of the original film, Jumba and Pleakley became the closest of friends. Ironically, for an evil. "Pleakley: [Nani sees Pleakley and Jumba arrest Stitch] Don't interact with her. [ They turn their backs on Nani] Nani: Where's Lilo? Jumba: Who? [Pleakley hits. That evening, at the restaurant where Nani works, Jumba and Pleakley try but fail to capture Stitch. The resulting chaos is blamed on Stitch.

jumba and pleakley relationship poems

When fighting Stitch, he ripped off a dish cabinet off a wall than threw several dishes at him like projectiles only penetrating the roof. Jumba is astoundingly tough. During his fight with Stitch, he was thrown out a window and hit with a Volkswagen Beetle three times, but comes up a little shaken.

Also, he, along with Stitch, survived an explosion caused by a plasma cannon entering a meltdown sequence that was powerful enough to destroy Lilo's house. While not having much terms in strength or combat, Jumba's greatest asset is his abnormally high IQ. During his college years, Jumba graduated from Evil Genius University. He was also the lead scientist of Galaxy Defense Industries. He also created Tantalog, a language that is native to him, his species, and the illegal experiments he created.

This was demonstrated again when his age was reversed by Babyfier, as he already looked up an antidote to reverse the effects. Though, his intelligence can be hindered only by a few small and occasional lapses in memory. Even when exiled on Earth, Jumba is able to use materials on Earth to further his research and experimentation, showing his capabilities are nearly unrivaled.

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Given his self-proclamation of being an "evil genius" and college years at Evil Genius University, Jumba has a high degree in science. For the past years, Jumba created experiments mixed with various alien DNA.

The experiments are destructive and complex, even Jumba would have a difficult time capturing them. He stated Stitch, also known asis proof of his genius. Though, the experiments he created do have their own flaws, some even are useful for Jumba only.

Jumba can even use material on Earth for his research and further experimentation. He was able to createan experiment that's stronger than Stitch with no flaws and impossible to be rehabilitated, and Leroy, another experiment that has the same powers as Stitch, only with a few extra abilities the latter doesn't have.

Jumba is also capable of creating complex and destructive machinery. With his high knowledge in alien technology, Jumba can created weapons even out of materials found on Earth.

His capabilities are proven when he created the X-Buggy and various gadgets to benefit Lilo and Stitch's experiment hunting. He'd even created an container for the experiment pods and a laptop with all the details about the experiments.

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He was also able to fix the red police cruiser that was obliterated in the crash when Stitch took it and was even able to create a fusion chamber out of household appliances to recharge Stitch's molecules.

In his first appearance, Jumba was on trial for creating illegal genetic experiments. While Jumba was imprisoned, Stitch escaped his craft that would have sent him to a desert-like maximum security penal asteroid for life imprisonment. The Grand Councilwoman then commanded Jumba to search the island of Hawaii to find and capture Stitch, granting him one of her warriors' plasma cannons in an attempt to stun Jumba and his new sidekick Pleakley tried numerous plans to capture Stitch, but always failed.

Once Jumba and Pleakley were fired and scheduled to a prison sentence, Jumba decided to play by his own rules. A battle between Jumba and Stitch occurred at Lilo's home.

Due to the battle, a blaster exploded and Jumba and Pleakley fled from the home. Stitch managed to escape, but was chained up by Jumba. Lilo's sister Nani asked Jumba and Pleakley if they knew where Lilo was located, but the duo had no clue. Stitch convinced Jumba rather easily to help save Lilo.

Nani, Stitch, Pleakley and Jumba set off to rescue Lilo. Once everyone was saved and Gantu was defeated, Jumba helped rebuild Lilo's house and becomes a part of Lilo's ohana along with Pleakley and Stitch.

Stitch has a Glitch. Jumba reappears in this off-shoot sequel. Before either of them ever met Lilo, Jumba was putting the finishing touches on Stitch known as Experiment thenbut before the doctor could release him, 's molecules had to be charged. While the little experiment was charging, intergalactic police officers intruded into the lab and arrested Jumba, leaving incomplete.

Finally, those past events catch up to Stitch and the consequences begin to unfold. In order to save his life, Jumba must build a fusion chamber to recharge him, but when it was finally "finished", it broke down, Jumba sheepishly revealing to Pleakley that it was just an order from a catalog. He believes he cannot actually make the machine on his own, but is given the will to try from a word from Pleakley. In the end, not only did the machine save Stitch, but Jumba also gained Lilo's gratitude and love.

The Movie Jumba in Stitch! Jumba reappears in the franchise's second film.

jumba and pleakley relationship poems

In the film, Jumba is kidnapped by Gantu and Dr. It is revealed that Jumba created a far greater amount of experiments other than Stitch.

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Nevertheless, Lilo and Stitch managed to save both Jumba and the experiments, though they are accidentally set free. Now residing with Lilo and Stitch in Hawaii, Jumba goes under the guise of Lilo's uncle and plays a major role in the series. He will quickly justify his love of female clothing by reminding everyone that it is for his disguise.

Pleakley is holding a pair of long dangling earrings. Has anyone seen the duct tape? Lilo, Jumba and Stitch all realize at the same time that because Pleakley has no ears, he will be perfect to help them catch the cousin.

They all simply stare at Pleakley in silence. He becomes nervous about this, assuming the silence is them being judgmental about his want to wear earrings. S, and the name winks at older audiences with it's reference to Wonderbra.

Pleakley becomes flustered and unconvincingly denies having ordered a girdle since it's an undergarment for women This movie also shows a conversation between Nani and David, in which Nani confides that she believes Pleakley has been secretly trying on her clothing he has. He is also into fashion and in an alternate timeline episode is shown as being a very flamboyant world famous fashion designer Season 2, Episode 7.

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Pleakley sitting on Gantu's lap, throwing shade. Pleakley clearly enjoys his disguise, and enjoys playing the part of wife to Jumba.

jumba and pleakley relationship poems

She ends up hosting her potential boss, Jameson, for dinner in order to show her aloha hospitality. The cousin of the episode is Nosy, a gossip who likes to tell everyone's secrets. Trend setting Pleakley serving Bulletproof Coffee, before it was even invented.

jumba and pleakley relationship poems

Pleakley is excited to get to try out his hosting skills. Predictably things go poorly, ending with Nosy revealing everyone's secrets.

jumba and pleakley relationship poems

Nosy loudly proclaims that "Aunt" Pleakley is not a woman. Pleakley runs into the house upset, leaving everyone else to sit outside awkwardly. Jameson ends up offering Nani the job based on the fact that she must be a caring person to have such a diverse makeshift family. Keoni, Jameson's son, talks to Lilo about Pleakley not being a woman, and then shrugs the whole thing off as not a big deal. However Pleakley personally identifies within the show, Keoni and his father would be left to naturally conclude that Pleakley is trans or somewhere on the spectrum and is in a relationship with Jumba, and everyone is fine with this.

Jumba- Jumba is more emotionally distant then Pleakley. Unlike Pleakley he has female love interests mentioned well, two. He had a wife he divorced at some point before the franchise started. In an alternate timeline episode he mentioned having made himself a robot wife Season 1, Episode 34but this is also the timeline in which something terrible happened to Pleakley that Jumba won't talk about.

Alternate timeline Jumba gives regular Jumba the advice to never built a robot wife, so presumably this doesn't ever happen in the real timeline. Jumba and Pleakley's room Jumba has top bunk His friendship with Pleakley is domestic, but at times dysfunctional. Jumba and Pleakley live together in a shared room, but sleep on bunk beds. In only one episode are they shown to have shared a bed Season 1, Episode 8when on vacation in a shared room with Lilo and Stitch.

Pleakley does things like bringing Jumba his favorite meal when he is having a bad day Season 1, Episode 19but in this same episode Jumba threatens Pleakley if he tells Lilo or Stitch that he has created a new evil experiment. Jumba takes pride in being an evil genius and, particularly at the start of the series, this can cause tension in his friendship with Pleakley.

Jumba and Pleakley- In the first film they are forced together, and share a mutual dislike, bound together by circumstance.

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Their overarching character development though the franchise is about their friendship, and building of an ohana together. In Season 1, Episode 14 we are introduced to Pleakley's family. Lilo is woken up by Pleakley's phone going off in the middle of the night. Jumba explains that it is Pleakley's mother calling to try and pressure her son to find a wife. Like a lady to marry? There will be no wife. But it is exchanges like this which are very interesting. Pleakley's emphasis on not wanting to marry a lady, and specifying the gender neutral "relationship" does give nods to a queer reading of this episode.

This episode makes it clear that Pleakley's family wants him to always present male, and marry a woman.